Are you from the Rugby area? If you are looking for help with a drug or alcohol addiction, Asana Lodge are here to help you. By calling us today on 01908 489421, we can help you to take positive steps to turn your life around.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rugby

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We offer you a free initial consultation with advice and there is no wait for access to our treatment programmes, we can admit you straight away.

We will not judge you; we assure you complete discretion and we want to help you.

The longer an addiction remains untreated, the harder it is to overcome. So, if you are looking to break free of the shackles of a drug or alcohol addiction, please call Asana Lodge without delay on 01908 489421.


Residential Rehab in Rugby

People who suffer from an addiction are more likely to recover with a period of residential treatment. By staying in a rehab clinic, you can take time out of your life to reflect on your situation and to allow your body and mind to heal. It also allows a perfect opportunity to stay away from temptation and share your recovery journey with fellow recovering addicts.

Regrettably, residential rehab is extremely difficult to get via the NHS and you’re more likely to be treated on an outpatient basis. This is generally nothing like as effective as inpatient treatment like you would receive at Asana Lodge. Therefore, going private is your best option if you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in the Rugby area.

After your initial consultation, we will admit you to our luxurious, safe treatment centre and perform a full physical and psychological assessment to gain a full picture of your health and to begin to establish the root cause of your illness, which is something that we will need to resolve for your treatment programme to be completely effective.

Our science-based treatment works alongside a holistic approach to rehab.


How does Detox work?

When you are checked in and you’ve been assessed, you will need to undergo a period of detox. This can be anything from 3 to 16 days depending on the severity of your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This is a very important step for those seeking to get clean as you cannot make the most of rehab if you are still being affected by substances that control your emotions and judgement. A detox will allow you to flush all toxins from your body and prepare yourself for the rest of your treatment.

In the past, doctors have been able to prescribe medication for home detoxes but this is now rarely the case. By electing to have a residential rehab with Asana Lodge, you have the option of having a medicated detox should you wish to do so. The use of medication can speed your detox up and eliminate the worst of any withdrawal symptoms – a detox is not a pleasant experience.

We ask for a 28-day commitment to our rehab treatment programmes. This is much better than a short stay, as it allows you to spend lots of time with our addiction counsellors. We firmly believe this will give you the best chance of recovery and of avoiding a relapse when you leave our care.


Completing your Rehab

Every aspect of your treatment programme will be created with you in mind as an individual. Every person is different, and every addiction is different. We will tailor your drug or alcohol addiction treatment to your personal circumstances and with your long-term recovery in mind.

You will undergo intensive therapy as part of your rehab. This will either be a one on one session or as part of a group. These sessions will help you to discover a lot about yourself and help you to understand the root cause of your addiction.

You will also learn how to handle your emotions in a better, healthier way without the use of drugs and alcohol. Our holistic approaches, such as exercise and yoga, will also help your body to heal from the ill effects of drug or alcohol addiction.


The Benefits of Private Rehab

Many people researching drug and alcohol rehab in Rugby are unsure of where to turn for help. Getting help from the NHS for a drug or alcohol addiction has become increasingly difficult over the last decade due to addiction services having funding scaled back due to government cuts. And waiting lists for NHS treatments are extremely long.

The inaccurate stereotype is that private rehab is something used by only the rich and famous when the reality is that people from all walks of life are using private rehab clinics for help with their drug or alcohol addiction.

When you contact Asana Lodge, we can discuss our immediately available and reasonably priced services which includes residential rehab.

Cost is a concern for many of our clients, private, residential rehab is not cheap, but is statistically the most effective form of treatment.

During your initial assessment we’ll match you to the best service and you can be admitted immediately.



Once your treatment has been completed, you will probably be wondering about the next stage.

You will leave Asana Lodge with a support plan in place. You will have a year of free aftercare which will allow you to stay on the right track in this difficult period – you are at the highest risk of a relapse during the first year after your rehab. We will also direct you to local support services for you to continue your recovery.


Call Asana Lodge today

If you are concerned that you or a loved one have an addiction, please don’t delay – call Asana Lodge today. As soon as you realise that you need rehab, you need to seek out help and consider your treatment options.

The longer an addiction is left unchecked, the harder and more complicated treatment becomes. Please call us straight away on 01908 489421 and we can begin to help you immediately.

We understand that this call will be tough but it gets easier from there – when you let us know you need our help, we will give you everything you need to live your life free from the dark clouds of a drug or alcohol addiction.