Here at Asana Lodge, we are addiction and mental health recovery specialists, offering personalised rehab programmes by following the latest scientific research.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Solihull

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We’ve helped thousands of people overcome behavioural addictions and mental health issues, by tailoring progressive treatment programmes, offering a lifeline for many.

If you’re based in Solihull and unfortunately suffer with any form of addiction, we can also help you through the same approach

If you’re considering all of your available treatment options, we recommend reading our below breakdown on visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Solihull or alternatively calling our team.

To rehabilitate from a drug and alcohol addiction, the most effective, personal and realistic plans must be in place.

Commitment from yourself must also be present, increasing your readiness to diminish your dependence on drugs and alcohol.  

Combined with our approach to addiction recovery, you’ll have a realistic chance of slowly diminishing your relationship with drugs and alcohol, for the long-term. Heal your mind through rehab, soon offering recovery benefits for your whole being.  


Why select a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Solihull? 

When hoping to recover locally, in Solihull or the West Midlands region, you’ll likely have a number of options to consider. In order to ensure that you encounter the most productive and beneficial experience, it is important that you consider likely success rates, your budget and your desire to recover.   

Your first option is selecting free treatment services through the NHS. Available in Solihull, from a local health centre, addiction treatment will be available, commonly after a referral process. This option is great for individuals with a limited budget.

However, it is important to note that the referral process can take some time, along with a disjointed and delayed experience in between treatment sessions. This can be very difficult to deal with when attempting to recover from an addiction.  

Your second option is selecting outpatient treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Solihull. Favoured for its flexible and independent approach to addiction treatment, high success rates can be achieved through outpatient treatment.

However, before considering this treatment option, it is important to understand that success rates are mainly experienced by those living with substance abuse.

As a drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to recover from, influences or triggers, likely to be experienced in between sessions can unravel recovery efforts.  

Your final and most valuable option is residential rehab. Again, available within the area of Solihull, here you’ll have the opportunity to reside from your selected rehab facility, while completing a structured and comprehensive rehab programme.

For individuals living with a drug and alcohol addiction, residential rehab will offer the most realistic recovery rates with longevity in mind, providing a lifechanging return of investment.  

With this in mind, before starting any form of addiction treatment, evaluating your options and discussing the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, with addiction specialists will be encouraged.  


Opting for Residential care here at Asana Lodge  

If you’re truly ready and committed to overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction, opting for residential rehab, through our treatment centre will be highly beneficial.

Here you’ll have the chance to recover from our Towcester based rehab centre, while also working on your overall physical and mental health.  

Rehabilitation is a time to detox, learn, adapt, recover, prepare and transform. We can provide you with all the tools you require, through residential rehab, with the aim to recover holistically from a drug and alcohol addiction. 

Although returning to Solihull, detached from drugs and alcohol may currently feel unrealistic, through commitment, hard work and the completion of suitable addiction treatments, it can become a realistic goal for you.

To benefit from visiting our rehab facility, conveniently located near Solihull, reach out today to begin your pre-admission evaluation.  


Why is evaluating brain activity important? 

Mental health evaluations and addiction recovery may be new to you. However, here at Asana Lodge, we specialise in evidence-based addiction treatment, by analysing brain activity, susceptibility and functioning.  

Before starting your rehab programme, a thorough assessment of your mental state is required. This step sounds very daunting. However, it is an easy process to complete, yet provides significant data surrounding your addiction.

Any weaknesses in your brain can be gauged, commonly associated with stress, mental health issues and increased susceptibility to addiction development.  

Evaluations will also measure how blood flow impacts your response to drugs and alcohol, while measuring whether any additional biological, social, spiritual or psychological factors have contributed to your addictive behaviours.  

This evaluation is vital, helping our team form the most suitable and results-driven treatment programme, catered around your personal comfort and requirements to recover.

As addiction is a brain condition, vast cognitive repair will be required, especially to reach long-term recovery. This is the true value of visiting our residential drug and alcohol rehab facility, providing this level of treatment as a standard.  


Treating a Dual Diagnosis through Rehab  

Commonly for many clients, mental health issues will also be present when living with a drug and alcohol addiction. In this instance, treatment for a dual diagnosis will be required, ensuring that both conditions can be suppressed and worked through.

It is important to remember that both addiction and mental health issues can fuel one another, significantly aggravating side effects. With this in mind, when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Solihull, ensuring that a dual diagnosis can be treated is a must; something we offer here at Asana Lodge.  


Effective Addiction Treatment Options  

Through our residential programmes, we offer personalised treatment plans. However, physical and psychological withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is required to kickstart long-term recovery.  

With this in mind, a group of effective addiction treatment options will be encouraged, including a drug and alcohol detox programme, influencing physical withdrawal symptoms, along with group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, therapy for family members, and brain and body restoration.  

Please keep in mind that treatment options may deviate depending on your cognitive evaluation and underlying causation.

To support your transition home to Solihull, a relapse prevention plan will be provided, along with access to localised support groups and aftercare services.  

To benefit from high recovery rates, consider residential treatment via our clinic, followed by aftercare services through a drug and alcohol rehab in Solihull.

Offering realistic opportunities, holistic recovery routes, personalised treatment plans and longevity, this is your most suitable rehab option to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.