Have you found yourself subject to the vicious cycle that an addiction imposes? Have you tried your best to reduce your drug and alcohol consumption on your own but find it almost impossible to do so?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stratford upon Avon

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Attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford-upon-Avon will provide you with the support you need to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

It is important to remember that addictions are psychological disorders that control an individual’s every waking moment. Contrary to belief, it is virtually impossible to overcome an addiction without the support provided by a drug and alcohol rehab.

With this in mind, we ask you to refrain from attempting to treat yourself at home. Instead, we would advise that you contact a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford-upon-Avon. We also welcome you to contact us here at Asana Lodge to see how our residential rehab can support you in your recovery.


Overview Of The Treatments Offered At Asana Lodge

As you search for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford-upon-Avon, you may have come across our residential rehab. Although we are located a few hours from your hometown, we are confident that we can provide you with the treatment you need to overcome your addiction.

At Asana Lodge, we offer a wide array of treatments to individuals that are ready to commit to a substance-free future. Our treatments not only focus on physically overcoming an addiction, but they focus on psychological overcoming an addiction and restoring brain health.

Below, you will find a list of the various treatments that we administer.


Irrespective of the treatment that you are provided with, we will always go above and beyond to ensure that you have the knowledge required to make appropriate changes to your daily life in order to make a long term recovery.

Much of the treatment we offer will see you come to terms with your addiction, uncover the factors that have contributed to your addiction, identify triggers and develop coping strategies that will assist you in the future.

When considering which treatment you will likely require, it should be noted that we will only administer treatment that we believe will contribute to your recovery goals. We will never administer treatment that we do not think will help you in the long run.


Overview Of Our Facilities

At Asana Lodge, we do not just offer leading treatment programmes. We also provide a home away from home for our patients. Our facilities have undergone various renovations to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible for those in recovery.

To offer insight into what you can expect during your stay with us, we have listed just a handful of the facilities that we offer below.

  • 25 private en-suite bedrooms
  • Spacious lounge and dining areas for patients to relax and socialise in
  • Private medication and examination rooms
  • One-to-one therapy rooms
  • Large group therapy rooms
  • A library
  • A visitor’s room for individuals to spend time with family members
  • On-site chef that prepares nutritious meals
  • Large external grounds set on 1 acre of land for those in recovery to enjoy


Overview Of Our Admissions Process

At Asana Lodge, we understand that many defer seeking treatment for their addictions as they are unsure of the treatment that is available to them. Many will also postpone treatment due to lengthy and strenuous admissions processes.

In order to ensure that we can help as many people as possible, we have ensured that our admissions process is stress-free.

When the time comes for you to make contact with us, your admissions process will consist of the following;

  • You will make an initial enquiry
  • We will conduct a pre-admission assessment
  • A deposit for your treatment will be required
  • You will be provided with an admission day
  • On your admission day, you will become an inpatient
  • Medical staff will conduct an additional assessment and paperwork will be filled out
  • Treatment will commence


Why Is A Pre-Admission Assessment Conducted?

In order to determine the treatment that you will require, we will complete two admission assessments. The first admission assessment will be conducted over the telephone when you initially contact us. This is otherwise known as a pre-admission assessment.

This assessment will see our admissions team ask you several questions to determine the severity of your addiction and the impact your addiction has so far had on your physical and psychological health.

While the thought of discussing your addiction may be daunting, we would ask that you are completely honest with us. The answers that you provide will form the basis of the treatment that you are offered.


Why Is An Additional Assessment Carried Out?

As you enter our facilities, a second admission assessment will be carried out. Unlike the pre-admission assessment, this assessment will be conducted by medical professionals, including a doctor and member of our recovery team. They will ask you further questions that will enable them to finalise your personalised treatment programme.

Again, it would be best if you answered these questions honestly as the answers you provide will determine the treatment that you are offered. Failure to honestly answer our questions could see you provided with treatment that is not entirely beneficial to you.


Overcome Your Addiction With Asana Lodge

If you are committed to obtaining a future free from the shackles that drug and alcohol addictions impose, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Although you may have set out to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford-upon-Avon, we are confident that we can help you achieve your long term recovery goals.

Simply call us today on 01908 489 421 and take the first step in securing a substance-free future.