Across Warwick, various drug and alcohol rehabs can help those in need to overcome their addictions and live a healthier, happier and substance-free future.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Warwick

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If you find yourself searching for the treatment and support that is available to you as you decide to put your addiction in the past, but would prefer not to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick, Asana Lodge is on hand to support you.

As you determine that rehab is in your best interest, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick has probably crossed your mind. However, you may have come to realise that attending a rehab elsewhere may be more suitable. If this resonates with you, you are not alone.

A more significant number of people that require support and treatment for drug and alcohol addictions are opting to attend a rehab away from their hometown due to the benefits associated.

From giving you the space and time you need to truly focus on your addiction, to enabling you to remove yourself from the factors and triggers that surround you daily, residential rehab is an ideal solution.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment At Asana Lodge

Coming to terms with the fact that an addiction is present can be somewhat stressful. It can also leave you feeling anxious about what the future holds for you. Paired with searching for and attempting to understand the various available treatments may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

However, at Asana Lodge, we strive to ensure that individuals searching for support can easily uncover the treatments that we administer.

Here at Asana Lodge, the treatment that we provide is entirely bespoke to an individual’s needs. Understanding that no one addiction is the same, we create personalised treatment programmes to ensure that we can effectively cater to the needs of those that seek treatment at our residential rehab.

In order to gather the information needed to create personalised treatment programmes, we conduct a pre-admission assessment over the telephone before completing a further admission assessment as and when an individual enters our rehab.

When the time comes for us to carry out your admission assessments, we will ask questions that will allow us to determine the severity of your addiction and the way in which it has impaired your physical and psychological health.

Based on your answers, our team of recovery staff and medical professionals will work together to determine which treatment you would benefit from and create your treatment programme.

Typically, all of our rehabilitation programmes consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Detoxification will see you withdraw from the substance that you have become addicted to in a safe space. You will be provided with around the clock care and support to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. You will also undergo one-to-one therapy to enable you to discuss how you feel and navigate any emotions that surface. Although detoxification is usually medically administered, the treatment provided will depend on your physical and psychological well-being.

As you complete the detoxification stage of your treatment programme, you will commence rehabilitation. Rehabilitation will see you undergo various forms of therapy, each of which will be handpicked and recommended based on the psychological impact your addiction has had on you.

Therapy usually consists of talking therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and bereavement, trauma and abuse counselling. However, as we focus on restoring brain health, we may also offer you art therapy, well-being therapies such as meditation self-help sessions, NAD+ therapy and Satori Chair Therapy.

Regardless of the therapy that you are provided with, please rest assured knowing that each of the therapies has been personally recommended based on your personal circumstances. We will only ever administer treatments that we believe will be beneficial in supporting you in making a long term recovery.

As you complete your treatment at Asana Lodge, we will ensure that you are provided with further support through the employment of an aftercare support programme. Our aftercare support programme will see you obtain 12-months of free aftercare support.

Designed to help you progress through the first year of your recovery, you will have the tools needed to give you the best possible chance at obtaining a long term recovery.


The Facilities and Amenities Available At Asana Lodge

While the support provided by a drug and alcohol rehab will quite rightly be at the forefront of your mind, the facilities provided by a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick must also be taken into consideration.

This is because as you progress through your rehabilitation treatment, there may be times when you are left feeling slightly uncomfortable and homesick, especially after a day of treatment. With this in mind, having the ability to take advantage of outstanding facilities will offer you comfort in your times of need.

At Asana Lodge, we have ensured that our residential rehab centre acts as a home away from home. We have undergone various renovations to ensure that our rehab provides comfort, a space to breath and bright and vibrant spaces for those in recovery to relax and recuperate.

We have listed just a handful of the facilities and amenities that we provide below.

  • 25 private en-suite bedrooms
  • Spacious lounge and dining areas
  • Private medication and examination rooms
  • One-to-one therapy rooms
  • Large group therapy rooms
  • A library
  • Visitors rooms
  • On-site chef


Contact Us Today

If you have come across our residential rehab in your search for a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwick and would like to refer yourself, please give us a call today.

Our admissions team will listen to how your addiction has impaired your life, the signs and symptoms that you experience and any requirements you may have.

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding treatment and our residential rehab.

We would encourage you to contact us as soon as you realise that your life has become impaired by an addiction.