The idea of selecting a local rehab clinic will either motivate you or scare you. Which end of the spectrum do you fall when thinking about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kenilworth?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kenilworth

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Motivation is common for some, as an easier process is perceived, as comfort and handiness offer greater admissions into rehab, and that familiarity helps to combat one unknown aspect of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Feeling scared is also common, which may deter your inclination to recover, down to anxieties linked to drug and alcohol exposure and overfamiliarity.

Both ends of the spectrum are highly understandable, where rehab is in fact a personal preference. The most important factor is to select a drug and alcohol rehab programme which works for you, whether that’s in Kenilworth or not.

A key benefit that you’ve stumbled upon, by visiting our website at Asana Lodge is the location of our rehab clinic. Based in Towcester, we offer the benefits of both localised and residential rehab, providing you with distance, yet familiarity while committing to drug and alcohol rehab.

This benefit, alongside our evidential approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, sets us apart from other treatment centres, providing you with a realistic, personal and sustainable way out from addiction.

Let our rehab programmes motivate you, whilst providing opportunities for both physical and psychological addiction recovery. Find out the necessity of both, along with our unique rehab offering, below.


The Benefits of Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kenilworth

As we’ve voiced above, localised recovery does commonly receive negative associations. People believe that remaining close, on physical and psychological levels, to their current life will deter their opportunities to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

This is in fact a reasonable association, as for some, even by residing from a drug rehab clinic, cravings, triggers and influences can be strong.

However, by selecting a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Kenilworth, where planning for this type of concern is already made, there are significant benefits ready for you to experience. Familiarity is a reassuring factor.

Having peace of mind of the rehab clinic you’re visiting, having knowledge of the approach, and feeling a sense of convenience is highly comforting. Through comfort, you will warm to rehab easier, which will benefit your admission and encounter of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Another benefit of selecting a local rehab clinic is that you will complete a comprehensive programme by residing from there. This will set you up for an easier post-rehab transition, as you’ll already be comfortable with your surroundings and relationships.

This will benefit you on an aftercare basis, helping with your return home to Kenilworth.

Yet, one of the greatest benefits of hoping to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Kenilworth or the surrounding area is that you’ll have access to our specialist approach to addiction treatment, where following the evidence on recovery is emphasised.

Understandably, you may experience a sense of worry. Yet, through a private, residential rehab, specialising in drug and alcohol addiction recovery, you can feel secure and distanced from potential obstacles.


Following the Evidence here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we are the only private rehab clinic where evidence within addiction recovery is a focus. Through research, we understand the significant link between pre-existing brain activity, with newly emerged responses, and with drug and alcohol abuse.

Through this understanding, we have a clear guideline to follow through drug and alcohol rehab, ensuring that physical and psychological recovery can be achieved, on a restoring level.

Thorough assessments
We make use of scientific evidence by completing thorough assessments on a pre-admission basis. We assess common associated factors of addiction, including health, wellbeing and influential stimuli, such as environments or stress.

However, to truly understand underlying causations, we assess cognitive functioning and weaknesses, in place to provide a clear understanding of your addiction makeup.

Through confidential assessments, we can secure the safety, ethical status and the effectiveness of addiction treatment, against your makeup and experiences.

Personal rehab programmes
By understanding the complexities of your addiction, we can provide an accurate, personal rehab programme which will direct you through your stay. Your programme will begin at the withdrawal stage and advance you to a point where sober living van be normalised if that’s your intention.

Traditional and contemporary addiction treatment options
Within your personal rehab programme, you’ll complete both traditional and contemporary forms of addiction treatments. Anything from cognitive behavioural therapy, to art workshops, to exposure therapy and to support group sessions should be expected.

Holistic long-term healing
On your return to Kenilworth, you’ll again be provided with a personal programme for aftercare purposes. Here the results that you’ve achieved via residential rehab will be used to form a reliable aftercare plan, catered around your needs and necessity of support for long-term holistic healing.


The Necessity of both Physical and Psychological Addiction Recovery

While drug and alcohol abuse may be a physical action, their presence influences psychological side effects, withdrawal symptoms and associations. Down to this, it is necessary that both physical and psychological recovery are strived for, in order to overcome an addiction.

By focusing purely on physical withdrawal, psychological associations with drugs and alcohol will remain. This will feel like mental torture as your body tells you to remain sober, while your mind influences drug and alcohol cravings.

Ultimately, over time, your mind will win, controlling your decisions and behaviours. This is the risk of completing a standalone drug and alcohol detox, where psychological repair is also necessary.

Through our holistic approach to rehab, both forms of recovery will be worked towards, ensuring that withdrawal can be achieved, that restoration can be achieved, and that a clean slate is waiting for your return to Kenilworth.

Understandably, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kenilworth itself may worry you.

Throughout this, those worries can subsidies as we’re located close enough, yet far enough away to help you benefit from convenience, yet privacy.

Encounter our unique approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, offering reliable routes towards long-term recovery.