Down to the hazardous chemicals found in most drugs, their addictive characteristics are very high and cause significant adaptations in the brain. There is a wide range of recovery programmes and treatment services are available for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, so finding the right service for your needs will be the most important step right now.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Polesworth

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For someone with pre-existing mental health issues, cognitive weaknesses will already be found, which if combined with the changes occurred through substance abuse, an aggravated dual diagnosis is likely.

For someone who’s managed, emotionally and psychologically this far, yet through drug and alcohol abuse has started to experience mental health side effects, weaknesses will occur over time, chipping away at the brain’s optimal functioning.

With this in mind, whether mental health issues are already experienced, or not, drug and alcohol abuse can adapt responses, resulting in the likes of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. The worry is that a dual diagnosis can be very difficult to live with and overcome.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Polesworth will be necessary in this case, offering dual diagnosis treatment, focusing on dual forms of recovery.

Your mental health state can help or hinder your ability to overcome drugs and alcohol, making it one of the greatest obstacles through the tests of both the reality of addiction and rehabilitation aims.

If you’re struggling, it’s important that you reach out, as ignoring your symptoms, relying on drugs and alcohol, and justifying your mental health state will not get you anywhere fast, resulting in a long-term addiction.

Reach out here at Asana Lodge, specialists in addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis recovery.


The impacts of Mental Health on Addiction

Both mental health conditions and addiction are brain illnesses, which are known to intensify one another. While very different when considering causations, symptoms and recovery programmes, down to the impacts that both have on the brain, on outlooks, on quality of life and on emotions, alone, they are harmful, but together they are life-limiting.

Living with pre-existing mental health issues, for some, will lead to the use of drugs and alcohol, as coping strategies. In some situations, mental health treatments and prescriptions will not do the job, where self-help is desperate action.

However, by combining the presence of drugs and alcohol, with pre-existing mental vulnerabilities, this is here both illnesses can entwine. Unfortunately, any degree of mental health side effects can aggravate the development of an addiction, can make withdrawal very challenging, and can reduce personal capacity to recover.

When considering the full relationship between addiction and mental health issues, cognitive weaknesses can arise from excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Their addictive tendencies and pressures can cause changes in the brain, which control mood, outlook and the production of dopamine.

All of these changes can cause severe depressive feelings, which if enabled, can intensify into a mental health diagnosis. Again, this showcases how complex the pairing can become, requiring specialist intervention.

If you’re suffering from a habit, from a mental health illness, or a dual diagnosis, reaching out for support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Polesworth will therefore be wise. This step will help to ease the correlation of a dual diagnosis, while providing suitable treatment, with the capacity to promote recovery.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment and its necessity

Suffering from an addiction will require a degree of treatment in order to recover. Treatment services will focus on both physical and psychological recovery, to help withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and restore brain functionality.

For those suffering from independent mental health issues, specialist treatment will again be required, commonly with a significant emphasis on talking therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy and the potential of prescription medications.

Singularly, treating each can be complex. With this in mind, when a dual diagnosis is present, there is a necessity for a carefully structured treatment programme, where the greatest options are combined.

While each illness will follow a tunnel vision when considering treatment, the combined effort will help to treat a dual diagnosis.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Polesworth will therefore be necessary, in order to source high-quality treatment, capable and suitable to work on cognitive functioning.


Recovering via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Polesworth

While a significant step to take, prioritising rehab and it’s offering is encouraged. Without this outlook on recovery, it will be very difficult to tackle such a complex diagnosis.

With this in mind, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Polesworth will be the most feasible option, especially in comparison to the wide range of detox clinics and recovery centres out there.

At Asana Lodge, we are located outside of Polesworth, yet offer residential rehab for locals, providing necessary forms and levels of care, in place to even tackle a dual diagnosis. As we’ve mentioned above, moving away from home and dedicating yourself to a 28-day programme may seem like a big ask.

Yet, impactful changes must be made to your environments, your lifestyle, your outlook, and your overall health if you’re aiming to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Residential rehab can facilitate that change for you, providing a safe setting for you to truly immerse yourself into rehab.

There’s significant stigmatisation around both addiction and mental health issues, which we understand may be holding you back when considering rehab.

However, please be reassured that we are a team of non-judgmental, leading specialists, passionate about promoting recovery efforts for those uncontrollable illnesses.

Feel secure and confident in your choice by selecting our rehab clinic, offering respite from your life in Polesworth.


Addiction Treatment Services, based around brain activity

A key offering here at Asana Lodge provides significant scope when considering both addiction and mental health recovery, making us stand out from other rehab clinics.

We offer some of the most innovative forms of treatment, in combination with traditional forms, helping to truly heal the brain.

Restoring brain activity is very important when aiming to treat habitual behaviours. We must understand how the brain responds to the presence of drugs and alcohol, and then recommend treatment services to revert the change and restore optimal functionality levels.

Through our approach to rehab, this is possible, touching on physical, psychological, social and spiritual healing, ultimately holistic recovery. This is possible through utilising treatment services including art therapy, sauna therapy, detoxification, and group therapy.

Our approach not only treats addiction but also strongly supports dual diagnoses, making it possible to also recover mentally via rehab.

You can experience our specialities by considering our offering when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Polesworth.

Suffering alone through either addiction or mental health issues is tough. Provide yourself with the support you deserve by turning to our expert team here at Asana Lodge.