If you are in the Warwickshire area and are serious about overcoming the disease that is addiction, then it is imperative that you start getting the correct addiction treatment by attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Warwickshire, or further afield — such as the rehabs available through Asana Lodge.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Warwickshire

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Addiction in its multitude of forms is far from a simple condition.

Additionally, the American Psychiatric Association explains drug addiction or alcohol addiction as an illness that resides in the brain, and one that is “manifested by compulsive substance use [in spite of the] harmful consequence[s].”

The American Psychiatric Association elaborates that addicts “have an intense focus on using a certain [substance], such as alcohol or drugs, to the point that it takes over their life. They keep using alcohol or a drug even when they know it will cause problems.”

Addiction essentially rewires an individual’s brain, and it is this facet that means it can be extremely difficult to break free from on your own, or even with the aid of family and friends for that matter.

However, as bleak and disheartening as this may seem, professional drug and alcohol treatment can help you to overcome your drug addiction or alcoholism.

Asana Lodge’s professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment is here to listen and help you out of this bleak situation regardless of the obstacles that you are currently facing.


What Is The Process At Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centres?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres across the length and breadth of the UK will often vary in regards to what specific treatments that they offer to those using their services.

However, a well-structured detoxification or withdrawal program is frequently amongst the most important aspects to treatment.

Detox/withdrawal is the procedure by which the negative toxic substances leave your bodily system.

And, while this is a positive thing at its core, drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal is often a difficult and dangerous period.

Withdrawal side-effects, be it in regards to alcohol detox or drug detox, can be severe — and they can vary wildly from person to person.

This can often be dependent on the substance you are addicted to and the individual’s physiology and medical history.

Side-effects of withdrawal may most commonly include the likes of:

  • Seizures
  • Headaches and bodily pains
  • Lethargy
  • Nauseousness
  • (Extreme) anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Erratic mood swings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

In certain instances, an individual’s physical and psychological issues may perpetuate long after the initial detoxification time period and can become incredibly arduous and difficult to cope with.

The healthiest and most efficient approach to detox that a person can take is with the aid of a specialist detox clinic — such as that which Asana Lodge offers — that provides round-the-clock supervision and medical support.

However, detox clinic treatment is not the only treatment that you will need to experience on the road to recovery.

Once you have detoxed completely and safely with the help of our detox clinic, you will go through a series of intensive psychological and physical treatments which will complete your recovery journey.


The Treatments That Will Complete Your Recovery

Reaching a place of complete recovery in terms of living a healthy life doesn’t occur in a single night — and detoxification is simply one of the many stages on a long and tricky road to recovery.

When it comes to a truly successful recovery, an individual suffering from addiction not only has to become clean and sober, but it is also crucial that they have to be able to maintain this sobriety once they are back in their daily life — and this sense of long-term recovery is something that we at Asana Lodge really focus on.

Our professional drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation centres aim to help a person achieve this long-term recovery is by providing a person with an array of tools, techniques, and knowledge that helps an addict to win the long-term battle over addiction.

Treatments that our drug and alcohol treatment facilities typically employ to achieve this goal involve such treatments as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is a structured therapy which helps you to manage your attitude towards addiction by altering the way in which your brain behaves in relation to addiction.

In the past, CBT was most commonly employed in treating anxiety and depression; however, CBT has also proven in being effective at treating addiction also.

Additionally, we will often include one-to-one counselling sessions and group therapy sessions are incredibly helpful in identifying motivations, triggers, and additional factors in regards to the development and management of your addiction.

We can also offer family drug support sessions for those who may need help with rebuilding familial relationships as a result of your addiction.

Finally, we also encourage all of those who attend our residential rehabs to take advantage of our wellness therapies, including stress management classes, art therapy, and making sure that you are getting appropriate exercise.

By healing your body and your mind during your stay with us, a holistic recovery will make sure that you get the best possible benefits and results from your recovery program.


Don’t Put Off Getting The Help That You Need

If you are prepared to start getting your life back on track, and to once more begin living a life that is free from the throes of addiction, then all you need to do is reach out to Asana Lodge.

However, if you are still unsure of whether you are ready to attend rehab, you can still call us for free to ask questions or simply talk through your situation, as our dedicated staff are ready to help anyone and everyone.

Call Asana Lodge today on 01908489421, email us at info@asanalodge.com, or contact us through our website to begin your journey of recovery.