If you have recently come to realise that an addiction is controlling your every waking moment, locating a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedworth is essential.

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Although the thought of attending a drug and alcohol rehab may seem somewhat daunting, it could essentially save your life.

Each year, thousands of people across the United Kingdom are reported to be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Sadly, only a fraction of people will reach out for the support and treatment required to overcome an addiction.

From the stigmas surrounding drug and alcohol addicts to the unknown regarding treatment, various reasons cause individuals battling addictions to defer or reject support.

However, as an addiction escalates, you will find that substances control your life. You will find it difficult to cope without drugs or alcohol and will constantly crave your next fix. Your relationships with others will suffer, as will your physical and psychological health.

If you have come to recognise that an addiction is present, you must seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedworth as soon as possible. Delaying treatment could have irreversible consequences.


The Types Of Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Available Across The United Kingdom

As highlighted above, many individuals will defer and reject support for their drug and alcohol addictions due to little understanding surrounding the available support. Many will also believe that they will never be able to overcome their addiction.

However, if you are ready to commit to a long term recovery and a substance-free future, you can and will overcome your addiction with the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedworth.

If you have found yourself searching for treatment, you will have likely uncovered that various rehabs can support you. Many of the rehabs you encounter will be operated by the NHS.  Others will be privately owned and could include residential rehab.

NHS treatment is widely available to those struggling with addictions. In a bid to help those struggling, the NHS provides free outpatient treatment which typically includes detoxification and rehabilitation.

Should you decide to obtain NHS support, you will find yourself provided with counselling. This counselling will help you address the cause of your addiction and will also enable you to devise various coping strategies to ensure that you overcome your addiction. Although NHS treatment is highly beneficial, it comes hand in hand with extensive waiting times.

Unlike NHS treatment, private rehabilitation treatment provides almost instant support. For example, at our residential rehab, we offer support, advice and guidance over the phone and aim to ensure that those in need can commence treatment within days of contacting us.

The treatment provided at a private rehab is somewhat similar to the support available via the NHS. However, private rehabs mostly offer in-patient support. Furthermore, private rehabs generally have more advanced treatment methods and offer a wealth of amenities.


Why Choose Residential Rehab Over Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bedworth

As discussed above, there is a wealth of treatment available for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. As you may have come to realise, referring yourself to a private residential rehab as opposed to attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedworth may be a wise decision.

In addition to providing advanced treatment programmes and reducing the time you are left waiting for treatment, residential rehab will enable you to remove yourself from your everyday life and focus solely on recovering from your addiction.

Although attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedworth may have been more desirable, many find that obtaining support in their local area or hometown hinders progress.

This is because the factors that have contributed to your addiction will continue to surround you. You may also find it somewhat challenging to relax and focus on your recovery when you know that your home, family, friends and even work are nearby.

With this in mind, attending a residential drug and alcohol is often favoured. Not only will attending our rehab will enable you to leave your daily routine behind, but it will provide you with the ability to remove yourself from the factors that have contributed to your addiction and reflect on these.

We understand that leaving your loved ones behind for some time may be daunting.  However, seeking the treatment that you need to overcome your addiction is in their best interest too. As your addiction gradually becomes worse, it has the potential to impair your relationships with your loved ones.


Our Treatment Centre

At Asana Lodge, we offer private residential rehabilitation to individuals struggling with addictions. Our advanced treatment methods combined with our tranquil settings and comfortable facilities provide patients with the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction and making a long term recovery.

Located in the picturesque Yardley Gobion, we provide our clients with a serene surrounding that truly helps them relax and reflect on the struggles they have faced as their addiction has taken control of their life.

Inside our treatment centre, en-suite bedrooms, spacious communal lounge and dining areas, bright therapy rooms and a library can be found.

To ensure that our clients can take the time to press pause on their day-to-day lives, we offer cleaning and laundry services. We also have an on-site chef ready to prepare nutritious meals throughout the day.


Contact Asana Lodge Today

Regardless of whether you are hoping to find out more about our treatments, or would like to refer yourself for treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

When you make contact with us, our admissions team will provide you with the support and guidance you need.

They will answer any questions you have and will inform you of the various treatments that are available based on the way in which your addiction has impaired your life.

If you are ready to commit to a substance-free life, our admissions team will also provide you with a suitable admissions date and discuss the next steps with you.