Are you living with a drug and alcohol addiction? Are you based in Coventry, hoping to recover locally? If so, you will be pleased to know that this is possible through our recovery centre here at Asana Lodge.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coventry

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Asana Lodge can provide rehab treatment for people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions in the Coventry area.

If you are from any area of Coventry, such as the City Centre, Foleshill, Earlsdon or Daimler Green, our rehab clinic is only a short 1-hour drive away.

You can contact us via telephone to discuss if a stay in our private rehab is the best choice for you or if it would be better for you to access some local resources that can assist you with addiction issues.

If you decide to visit our private residential rehab, we can have you in detox within 24 hours.

If you decide to find treatment in the more immediate vicinity, treatment may take a whilst longer, but we will advise you on where to seek treatment.


Accessing Drug Addiction Treatment In Coventry

If you are alcohol or drug dependent or feel like you are on the verge of a dependency, It is best to reach out as soon as possible.

You can contact us directly and admit yourself to our rehab as an inpatient, or you can find other resources in the local community for treatment as an outpatient.

Inpatient treatment at a facility such as ours entails you staying in rehab for a period of time, anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

Outpatient treatment entails detoxing and recovering at home, with help from support groups in the local community.

You can discover what addiction treatment services are available in the local community by finding your local GP and booking an appointment to discuss outpatient services.

Find Your Local GP

Access Inpatient Treatment

If you wish to be admitted to a rehab for urgent medical assistance, you can call us on 01908 489 421 and speak to one of our drug addiction specialists in admissions.


Addiction Issues in Coventry 

According to the National Drug Monitoring System, Coventry has had slowly falling rates of alcohol addiction over the last 10-year period.

Drug Statistics Coventry

Unfortunately, we have also seen a rise of people in treatment for opiate and crack addictions within this 10-year period.

Opiate and crack addictions can lead to premature death and are very serious addictions for which you will need urgent help.


Should I Go To Rehab In Coventry?

If you are a resident of Coventry and are looking to stay in a rehab, you may ask yourself, is it better to move out of the area?

Our rehab is a 1-hour drive away and ideally situated for people wanting to stay in rehab in Coventry.

If you are going through a rehab programme and staying in your local community, this brings additional factors which can encourage relapse.

Access to drugs or alcohol is easier when you do not leave your own neighbourhood, and this is why many outpatients struggle to recover at home.

By removing yourself from your current environment as an inpatient, you will not have access to drugs or alcohol.

You will be removed from the daily stresses you encounter and will be free to focus on your recovery out of your neighbourhood.


What Will Happen At Rehab?

We are a CQC-registered rehab centre with all the latest facilities in place to treat any form of addiction for the people of Coventry.

Our drug and alcohol treatment centre offers a personalised and unique approach to rehab.

We can ensure you benefit from an effective rehab programme. That is tailored to your addiction and any mental health problems that you may have.


Our Approach to Recovery Here at Asana Lodge

  • Clinical assessment

On your admission to rehab, we will complete a clinical and psychological assessment.

This assessment is very important, ensuring that the most effective forms of treatment are integrated within your rehab programme.

  • Detoxification

You will then undergo a detoxification period, commonly referred to as “Cold Turkey”. This is a challenging part of rehab as you may experience withdrawal symptoms as your body craves alcohol or another substance you are addicted to, such as heroin or cocaine.

In people who are dependent on a substance, withdrawal symptoms can be very difficult, and it is not a pleasant experience. For some people, the withdrawal stage can also be dangerous.

At rehab, you are put through a medical detox and prescribed medicines to help you through withdrawal. You are also monitored by mental health nurses and drug addiction specialists 24/7 through the detoxification period.

  • Individual counselling

You will go through individual counselling at every step of your rehab programme. Many people are unaware that mental health conditions can facilitate your addiction.

We will identify any mental issues you have and look to also treat these alongside your physical addiction.

  • Group Therapy

You will undertake group therapy and learn more about addictions and how we can reduce our chance of relapse.

Group therapy can help to build your confidence to communicate your feelings and also share experiences with others to who you can relate to. Group therapy can often be an inspiring, memorable and rewarding part of any rehab.

  • Nutrition management programme

The nutrients you put into your body can impact your recovery. At rehab, you will eat healthy food prepared by our onsite chef and get healthy nutrients back into your body.

Your meal programme will be specially designed for you, and we will cater for any vitamin or iron deficiencies.

  • Aftercare services

You will have access to free aftercare services in the community. We will put together a package for you to follow and regular catch up’s to check on your progress post-rehab.

You will access local support groups such as alcoholics anonymous sessions and other drug and alcohol addiction services. With our relapse prevention plan, you will have the tools to maintain independent recovery in the outside world.


A Personalised Rehab Programme

Living with a drug and alcohol addiction is a personal matter. We understand the challenges you face not only in daily life, but overcoming an addiction.

Treatment programmes work best when they are based on your own story and situation.

Each person has a different story, but also these stories often follow a familiar pattern.

You could have started having a few drinks at home, which became more and more regular over time. Or you may have fallen in with the wrong crowd of people and started using drugs recreationally before becoming fully addicted to a substance.

Once addicted to a drug, it can affect your brain and cause mental health issues. You may feel the need to take a drug to help with these issues and spiral deeper into dependence.

From the moment you step into Asana Lodge, we will work on repairing not only the physical issues your addiction may have caused but also the mental issues your addiction may have caused.

You can not treat one without the other, as they work in tandem.

Our addiction team here at Asana Lodge will draw up a treatment plan that will work best for you as we progress and unpick your addiction for your long-term benefit.