Are you based in Edinburgh, struggling to find the optimal level of care and addiction treatment to motivate recovery? Down to a spike in drug and alcohol abuse, across Scotland, there is great demand for professional rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh

With this in mind, recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh is becoming harder and harder to do so. Not only this, recovery rates are plummeting, down to inconsistent and ineffective rehab programmes.

See the true experience of recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, in comparison to our specialist centre here at Asana Lodge. For immediate addiction support, reach out to our team today.

Staying close to home for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation feels like the most natural option, with a chronic drug and alcohol crisis, impacting the country, looking further afield is recommended.

From reducing your distractions, known to cause delays in withdrawal, to boosting your recovery rates, there are many benefits available through residential rehab.


Recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh

As touched on above, there is currently a widespread issue across Scotland. Areas such as Edinburgh are heavily impacted by excessive drug and alcohol abuse, where consumption is becoming normalised. With this in mind, recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh itself can carry its challenges.

Firstly, down to the local rise of addiction, there is greater demand for professional rehabilitation efforts. Down to this, long delays are experienced, hindering recovery opportunities for many individuals.

Secondly, as exposure to drugs and alcohol is higher, as accessibility is easier, attempting to withdraw around those familiarities can be testing. The withdrawal process is difficult, sometimes carrying unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

For those living with a strong drug and alcohol addiction, this level of localised addiction treatment can be tough to fully complete.

Lastly, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh may offer convenience. Yet, it’s important that you opt for the most effective route to recovery. With this in mind, selecting a specialist rehab facility further afield will carry greater chances of long-term recovery, over a localised, generic treatment centre.

As a result of these drawbacks, selecting residential rehab, here at Asana Lodge will be recommended, especially if you are aiming for sustainable, long-term recovery.


Residential rehab and its benefits

Residential rehab is commonly viewed as an overwhelming, new experience. Down to this identity, many individuals will carry anxieties when thinking about rehabilitating away from home. However, there are significant benefits attached to residential rehab.

From greater time and distance set away from current exposure or associations, to the ability to complete a structured and intense programme of addiction treatments, your recovery timeframe and capabilities can elevate; meaning a smoother and shorter drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

To ensure that you do experience the value of residential rehab, we offer a luxury, relaxing and homely environment at our Towcester rehab centre, ensuring that your transition and stay is comfortable.


Our mission here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, our mission is very different from other drug and alcohol treatment centres. We follow a unique approach to addiction recovery, helping to increase our client’s recovery rates and abilities of sustainable rehabilitation. Before opting for a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, we encourage you to gauge our specialities.

Personalised rehab programmes

Through vast experience and research, we understand how addiction will impact every single individual differently. We also recognise how drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be a different process for all clients.

Through our understanding, we offer personalised rehab programmes to all clients as a standard. This is very important to ensure that the most effective and fitting addiction treatment options are utilised throughout rehab.

Without this approach, recovery rates will likely reduce. Generic rehab programmes in Edinburgh will unfortunately only offer respite from addiction.


Evidence-based plans

Again, we follow the evidence on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Since addiction is a brain illness, we appreciate how cognitive restoration and recovery is a priority when looking to recover. Although both physical and psychological associations are common, psychological recovery is paramount.

To ensure that this can be achieved, we complete vast medical assessments, helping to understand the underlying causation of addiction. From here, we can recommend the most fitting addiction treatment options to work on your causation and side effects.


Low-risk treatments

We believe in high-quality yet low-risk addiction treatments. When rehabilitating, your physical and psychological health is very important. In order for recovery to be sustainable, you must be in a great place, ensuring that a positive quality of life and mind frame is experienced.

By utilising low-risk treatment options, we can ensure that you are fit for rehab, along with prioritising your health and safety moving forward.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Down to our differing approach, we offer a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatments. Similarly, to other rehab centres, we follow a traditional focus, including detox programmes and therapy.

Yet, to boost recovery probabilities, we also utilise new, leading addiction treatment options. Art therapy, virtual reality therapy and brain restoration are a few to mention.

This combination is highly beneficial, ensuring that a holistic approach to initial recovery can be made. New coping strategies will be formed, adaptations to outlooks will be made, and your ability to live without drugs and alcohol will be increased.

Although we are very different to other rehabs, our recovery rates showcase our ability to remain unique. Through the evidence, we have the ability to tackle the exact causation of a drug and alcohol addiction, offering a greater opportunity for rehabilitation.

Before remaining local via a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, we encourage you to consider your additional options.

Our approach is highly sought-after, offering sustainable recovery as the norm. Change your norm of drug and alcohol consumption by withdrawing safely and effectively, while also helping to reduce the crisis in Edinburgh.

With professional support and rehabilitation efforts, your drug and alcohol associations can be left in the past.