Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023

Those who suffer through addiction are usually categorised into the same box, where stereotypical consequences are likely, and where mutual side effects will be experienced. Onlookers believe that all addicts are the same, that they have the same intentions, and that they all have the same personalities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Angus

We at Asana Lodge however know the truth behind what an addiction diagnosis means. In fact, an addiction is a highly unpredictable illness to live with. It’s uncontrollable, it causes varying impacts and side effects, and it targets people randomly.

Down to such fluctuations, meaning that experiences and needs are all very different, it’s easy to see why suitability is key through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

There is now a mixture of recovery routes to consider, where a wealth of rehab services is now available, where self-help tips are highly promoted, and where approaches to drug and alcohol withdrawal and holistic healing fall at different ends of the spectrum.

Down to this mixture, and down to the fact that rehab clinics now understand the need for suitability, there will be a suitable rehab clinic and programme out there for you.

Now are the harder steps, of learning which route will benefit you and securing your experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To ease this decision, we’ve provided a transparent view into selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus, into residential rehab set at a distance, and into our personalisation at Asana Lodge.

Decide on the most suitable addiction recovery route, for your needs, your experiences, your health, your budget, your addiction history and your recovery goals.


Why suitability is key through rehab?

Comfort and convenience are of course major selling points when embarking on the challenging process of drug and alcohol rehab. It’s understandable why recovering addicts lean towards recovery options that are private, which are comforting, and which are perceived as easy.

However, suitability is in fact even more important, as recovery goals are personal expectations, as the overarching goal of rehab is to recover, and as health and wellbeing are very important when considering long-term recovery.

With this in mind, it is recommended that the most fitting form of rehab is secured, to meet your expectations, facilitate your recovery programme and uphold your physical and psychological health.

If our rehab offering cannot meet those goals for you, we urge you to look elsewhere, maybe via a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus. Yet, through experience and our advocacy of personalisation, we vouch for our capabilities to help you through your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus

Remaining local and selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus may be your first option. As we’ve shared above, this will provide the longed-for assets of comfort and convenience. Both of these assets can do wonders for your motivation, your acceptance of rehab, and your initial drug and alcohol withdrawal process.

With this in mind, for some individuals, there are many benefits linked to remaining local for rehab. It is however important to work out whether such a familiar rehab process is for you.

Many of our clients overlook localised recovery as they prefer greater levels of privacy, as they support our approach to addiction recovery, as they hope to avoid any form of judgment, and as they understand that their drug and alcohol cravings are strong.

Yet, again, this will all be down to personal preferences, down to end recovery goals, down to addiction treatment susceptibility, down to personal causations, and down to individual expectations of rehab.

As we’re sure you will not want to just take the risk, without understanding the suitability of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus, we encourage you to do your research and be vigilant when considering the facilitation of your needs.


Committing to residential rehab

Residential rehab again isn’t for everyone. However, there are significant benefits linked to removing oneself from routine and normality which helps to promote the advancement of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Instead of remaining in Angus for addiction treatment, you can select to reside from our homely, specialist centre, where you’ll expect full privacy and personal discretionary, where comfort will be key, and where your environment will be recovery driven.

Committing to residential rehab is all about completing a comprehensive experience of rehab, which combines together to improve your recovery rates. For example, the environment that you reside in can influence your mindset, your motivation and your mental health. Our positive environment can help you keep on track.

Now combine this with our range of addiction treatment services, that you can complete intensively, and you can expect even greater advancement from drugs and alcohol. Now add on the wellbeing support you’ll have access to, and you can see how your physical health, while detoxing from drugs and alcohol can improve.

The commitment of comprehensive recovery can therefore be fulfilled through residential rehab, as you’ll have the space, the focus, the time and the direction to complete the milestones of rehab.

We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a 28-day residential programme away from home. If you are struggling, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus will provide you with recovery opportunities.

However, if you can invest in yourself and take some time away from your routine to benefit your future, our fit for purpose rehab clinic will be awaiting.


Offering personalisation here at Asana Lodge

Through our passion to help as many people as possible through addiction recovery, we secure our suitability as a rehab clinic, by offering personalisation. You can expect a personal admission, a personal treatment programme, a personal relapse prevention plan, a personal recovery forecast, and a personal aftercare programme.

We fully gauge and respect your needs, by evaluating, by listening and by offering specialist guidance which will reflect your expectations of rehab. Through our approach, we can secure safety, we can ensure that treatment service recommendations are appropriate, and we can ensure that time is used wisely through rehab.

Secure suitability by contacting our team, to gauge whether our approach will fit your needs of drug and alcohol rehab.