While an average rehab programme lasts 28-days, addiction recovery is in fact a longer process. Many recovering addicts unfortunately place their hopes on an imminent recovery process through drug and alcohol rehab, by failing to see the long-term commitment of recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Strathclyde

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Although great progress can be experienced through rehab, which can offer the stepping stones to excel through sobriety, we must remind you that your efforts to remain drug and alcohol-free, must sustain.

At Asana Lodge, we appreciate that digesting such information will be easier said than done. You may be someone who has relied upon the idea of rehab to recover. Yet, you’re still doing the right thing, as rehab is a necessary step to help you reach addiction recovery.

We encourage you to see addiction recovery as a goal with longevity in mind, we advise you to see the necessity of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and we advocate the need to complete a suitable rehab programme.

Compare the experiences of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde, with our residential offering, to see which will benefit your sustainable recovery journey best.

If you’re open to residential rehab, we’re here to guide you through the life-changing, self-development journey of rehab.


Seeing Addiction Recovery as a long term effort

It’s understandable why rehab gives off the idea of efficient recovery efforts. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol and completing intensive forms of addiction treatment should influence progress. This is true, as completing a suitable rehab programme can motivate significant change and advancement.

However, addiction is a brain condition, which should be treated like any other illness, where aftercare and ongoing attention will be required. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend every waking moment of your life planning out your lifestyle to avoid drugs and alcohol.

Completing rehab will naturally embed some new coping strategies, habits and outlooks for you.

Yet, whether you recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde, here at Asana Lodge, or the most reputable clinic in the world, you will need to be mindful of your post-rehab steps.

Seeing addiction recovery as a long-term effort is therefore recommended, to help you reach the mindset of longevity, commitment and growth.

Of course, the quality of your rehab experience will influence your post-rehab experience, meaning that the most suitable and sustainable option will be encouraged.

However, you must build up accountability, ready to direct your long-term recovery journey.


Recovering from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Strathclyde

To reach a point of independent recovery, you can visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde. This may in fact rank as suitable for you, all depending on the makeup and strength of your addiction.

Remaining local for rehab is a common option. It provides convenience, it offers an easier image of recovery, and it makes the unknown of rehab feel more personal.

While there are benefits, you should however consider how sustainable your rehab programme will be based on your capacity to recover locally. Some will thrive through familiarity and the idea that their life is within touching distance.

Yet others, who favour residential rehab, find it tough to combat acquainted drug and alcohol influences, feel under greater pressure, or worry about privacy risks.

If you are worried about any disruption, this can impact your mindset, and in turn, the strength of your initial recovery journey, never mind your long-term recovery efforts. In the midst of concern, looking further afield, beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde will be recommended.


Recovering from Asana Lodge

On the other end of the rehab experience spectrum lies residential rehab, which we offer here at Asana Lodge. Again, it won’t be for everyone, where some will prefer to be close to loved ones and feel a sense of belonging.

However, if you are someone who’s passionate about making the most out of rehab, and the proactive step that it is, residential rehab will be the best option.

From our Towcester based treatment centre, you can advance through your own rehab programme, with privacy, confidentiality, personalisation and safety in mind.

You can complete a high-quality rehab programme that paves the way for sustainability, offering a 360 targeted approach to addiction recovery.

We focus heavily on psychological restoration, through addiction treatment services, in tandem with educational steps to promote self-development from addiction.

This, alongside the support, the motivating environments, the aftercare resources and the overall positivity you can experience can improve the strength and feasibility of your initial recovery efforts.

Of course, you will need to pause all responsibility to delve into residential rehab. Yet, this will also be the case if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde, to provide yourself with a focused rehabilitation experience.

With this in mind, it all depends on how you’ll respond to your surroundings, support network and your recovery forecasts when selecting rehab with suitability in mind.


Steps that promote sustainable Recovery

Addiction treatment services, via drug and alcohol rehab, motivate and secure a number of milestones, including withdrawal, realignment, restoration, forgiveness and change. However, in order to sustain recovery, further steps must be offered, to secure such milestones.

Here’s where holistic recovery efforts shine, which we offer through our rehab clinic, focusing on health, self-development, lifestyle management and relapse prevention.

Addiction recovery is learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. Long-term recovery is sustaining those steps on a feasible basis to maintain sobriety.

Rehab helps to activate the first goal, while the skills you develop, and your post-rehab steps help to secure the latter. Our services focus on both goals, to help you excel through the longevity of recovery.

It can be testing to look this far ahead, especially if you’re just starting your recovery journey. Yet it’s also wise to ensure that you select the right rehab experience for you, whether via a drug and alcohol rehab in Strathclyde, or here in Towcester.

Your next decisions will help to secure your addiction recovery expectations. Ensure that they are informed and following your needs to profit for the long-term from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.