If you’re living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you’ll likely have noticed that it’s impacted your life physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glenrothes

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Addiction presents many challenges, it’s a highly complex condition which requires expert addiction treatment from a professional rehabilitation centre. Whilst the process of acknowledging that you need support for your addiction can seem daunting, our rehab in Glenrothes makes it as smooth and as discrete as possible.

We’re very experienced in treating people from all walks of life with varying severities of addiction to alcohol or drugs. We’ve streamlined our admissions process and perfected our drug and alcohol treatment methods to ensure each clients treatment is as effective as it can be for their unique needs.

This is why it’s so important to receive an addiction treatment programme which is personalised to your specific condition. No two addictions are the same so it’s unrealistic to expect a ‘one fits all’ approach to work when it comes to rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction.

This high level of personalisation combined with our evidence-based psychological and well-being therapies, makes our drug and alcohol rehab Glenrothes the ideal choice to achieve your long-term recovery.


Finding the right Rehabilitation Centre for you

Many people don’t realise just how many drug and alcohol services are available to you, the search for a ‘rehab near me’ can be overwhelming. It’s possible to receive free addiction treatment with the NHS, however you’ll likely be added to a long waiting list which can be detrimental to your long-term recovery.

Another downside of free drug and alcohol treatment is that there’s no personalisation to your treatment at all. You’ll receive a generic treatment programme to follow which is unlikely to target your unique physical and psychological connection to addiction, leaving you disheartened with an ineffective rehabilitation.

Another option is to join a drug and alcohol rehab as an outpatient. This means you’ll return home each night after receiving your addiction treatment. Again, whilst this may seem appealing, returning to the comfort of your own home can actually limit or even damage your opportunity to succeed in your long-term recovery.

The reason for this is that homelife presents many daily stresses and distractions for all of us, it’s extremely difficult to put the necessary 100% into your recovery from addiction when you’re distracted by friends, family, work, and any potential negative influences that could lead to a drug or alcohol relapse.

Home certainly isn’t the best environment to achieve a successful recovery from addiction.

The most recommended method of drug and alcohol rehab is to visit a residential rehabilitation centre where you stay overnight for the duration of your addiction treatment. Our rehab in Glenrothes offers this service with our personalised treatment programmes; our residential programme typically lasts 28 days.

It’s long been proven that having expert support available to you 24/7 along with evidence-based addiction therapies delivered in a recovery focused environment will help you to produce the best results. We strongly advise that you don’t waste your time and efforts with another method of rehabilitation.

It can be extremely difficult to pick yourself back up after going through an unsuccessful treatment programme. Now is the time to invest in yourself and make the right decision by joining our drug and alcohol rehab.


What kind of Addiction Treatment do we offer?

By joining our rehab in Glenrothes, you’ll be provided with a tailored drug and alcohol treatment programme which caters to your specific needs and expectations. We will carefully select the most appropriate therapies which we believe will benefit you most.

Whilst we offer this high level of personalisation, there are a number of therapies which we regularly recommend due to their high success rates. Typically, you’ll begin your stay with a visit to our detox clinic where you’ll undergo a controlled drug or alcohol detox to remove the toxins from your system.

This provides you with a much-needed cleanse so that you can go into your psychological and well-being therapies with a much clearer mind and stronger body.

We appreciate that a drug or alcohol detox can be an uncomfortable process, but we wouldn’t suggest it if we didn’t believe in its effectiveness. Our team of medical experts are on hand throughout the entire process to manage any withdrawal symptoms, administering prescribed medication if needed.

You must only ever undergo a drug or alcohol detox under the supervision of medical professionals. If you were to attempt a detox at home alone, you’re putting yourself at great risk of causing life-changing damage to your body and mind.

Following your visit to our detox clinic, you will then begin your therapy sessions which range across those which focus on your psychological connection to alcohol or drugs and those which focus on improving your general well-being to aid your long-term recovery.

Our psychological therapies are likely to include stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), drug or alcohol relapse prevention, individual, group, or family counselling, and dual diagnosis treatment if necessary.

We combine the above with our well-being therapies to ensure you receive a holistic approach to your addiction treatment. These could include art therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, yoga, nutritional supplement therapy, relaxation and sleep management, fitness therapy, and meditation.

Whilst these may sound unusual, we’ve seen these therapies help so many people achieve their long-term recovery goals as a result.


What happens post Drug and Alcohol rehab?

Once you’ve successfully completed your 28-day residential addiction treatment, we will provide you with a personalised aftercare programme to follow at home. This aftercare programme is crucial to continuing your recovery journey once you’ve left our rehab in Glenrothes.

It will particularly focus on drug or alcohol relapse prevention which is most likely to occur within the first year after completing your addiction treatment programme.

Call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com to begin your road to recovery.