Here at Asana Lodge, our team at drug and alcohol rehab Fife understand just how difficult it can be to open up and acknowledge that you need professional support for your addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Fife

If you truly want to overcome your addiction once and for all, you must learn to accept and welcome the support of our addiction treatment specialists. There’s no time to waste when it comes to rehabilitating from addiction.

Now is the time to take the brave step of contacting our friendly admissions team and begin your road to long-term recovery; we’ll be with you every step of the way. Call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at


Why should you join our Rehabilitation Centre?

It’s important to remember that you can’t overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs using medication alone. It’s an extremely complex condition which requires expert advice and guidance should you wish to achieve an effective recovery.

In addition to our fantastic evidence-based therapies, we also offer emotional support, a safe and secure place to solely focus on your rehabilitation, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise alongside many other benefits

Our sole aim is to help you understand what may have caused your addiction to alcohol or drugs and show you a way to overcome this addiction so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

Joining a residential addiction treatment programme has many more benefits than joining a drug and alcohol rehab as an outpatient or with free local health services like the NHS.

Unfortunately, due to limited funding and resources, the NHS are unable to offer any additional time to personalise each individual treatment, resulting in a generic treatment programme being offered to everyone.

This is ultimately not going to help you achieve a full and long-term recovery from addiction, it’s essential that you receive a treatment programme which is personalised to your unique needs. Each person’s journey into addiction is so different, we can’t generalise it with one solution to addiction treatment.

Every individual should benefit from a tailored addiction treatment to give them the best chances of succeeding; this is exactly what we do at our rehab in Fife.

Not only are our therapies, our team, and our facilities of much higher quality, just being within a recovery focused environment where you can stay for the duration of your drug and alcohol treatment offers many advantages when compared with staying at home during your addiction treatment.

Everyone has a home life which can be stressful, it’s full of distractions whether that’s family, friends, or work, it’s extremely difficult to put the time aside that’s needed to dedicate yourself to your rehabilitation when you’re at home.

It’s much more effective to remove yourself from this setting and put in the time and efforts where you know they’ll be rewarded. We take away all of the distractions allowing you to solely focus on achieving your long-term recovery goals.


What kind of Treatments do we offer at our Rehab in Fife?

Our rehabilitation centre delivers state-of-the-art addiction treatment programmes which are both evidence-based and holistic in their approach, featuring physical, psychological, and well-being therapies.

Our expert team utilise a variety of addiction treatment techniques such as drug or alcohol detox, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, and well-being focused therapies which include relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, low level laser therapy, yoga, art therapy, fitness therapy, and nutritional supplement therapy.

This blend of therapies provides you with a well-balanced approach to your rehabilitation, giving you the best chance to break your physical and psychological connections to substance abuse.

Before beginning your addiction treatment, you must take the first and very courageous step of contacting our admissions team. We can talk you through the various drug and alcohol services available and arrange a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health.

We may liaise with a variety of agencies such as your GP, Primary Care Trust, Social Services, and the Courts to ensure you receive the most effective addiction treatment which is tailored to your needs.

At our rehab in Fife, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of our clients to feel comfortable in. You will be welcomed into our drug and alcohol rehab with open arms as you go through an induction process with a member of our recovery team to help you become familiarised with your surroundings and settled in your private room.

Once you’re ready, we can begin your addiction treatment programme which typically starts with a visit to our detox clinic.


What happens during a Drug or Alcohol Detox?

A drug or alcohol detox is an integral aspect of many people’s rehabilitation from alcohol or drug addiction. It’s the process of gradually reducing your consumption of drugs or alcohol in a safe and controlled setting.

It’s important that you undergo a drug or alcohol detox under the supervision of a medical team, if not, you’re leaving yourself at high risk of going through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, seizures, insomnia, and even delirium tremens (the DT’s) without the security of medical assistance on hand.

If you were to attempt a drug or alcohol detox alone, you could potentially cause yourself some serious physical and psychological damage, potentially leading to a fatality.

We really do appreciate how uncomfortable a visit to our detox clinic can be, but we wouldn’t suggest it if it weren’t so highly regarded as the most effective method to cleanse your body and mind of the harmful toxins caused by addiction to alcohol or drugs.

This is why we include it within the majority of our bespoke addiction treatments to ensure you have the greatest chances of succeeding in your long-term recovery.

Are you ready to embark on this life-changing yet highly rewarding experience? If you are then call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at