Feeling lost is very common when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed with all of your options, especially if you are acting on urgency. However, it is important that you make rational decisions, by selecting the most appropriate rehab programme available to you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glasgow

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Understandably, location and convenience are two important factors when visiting a rehab centre. Yet, the biggest factor is your ability to recover, highly probable through a specialist treatment centre.

Are you looking for urgent support with your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you hoping to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow, yet have little knowledge of associated benefits, recovery rates and your additional recovery options?

Here at Asana Lodge, we urge you to explore all of your available options before settling for a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow. Through our specialist approach to addiction recovery, we’ve supported clients across the country, recovering from physical and psychological behavioural illnesses.

We understand what it takes to promote recovery, by advocating low risk yet highly effective treatment options.

For your greatest recovery probabilities, opt for a programme which tackles your psychological rehabilitation, soon followed by physical, resulting in comprehensive recovery.


How quickly can I receive support?

At Asana Lodge, we understand how important timing is when hoping to rehabilitate. If you are currently in the mindset to recover, we can act with urgency, arranging a rapid admission into our rehab centre.

Although arrangements will be required to transport you from Glasgow to Towcester, we follow efficient processes here. With this in mind, a swift response to addiction support can be experienced.

If you are still struggling to reach this point of readiness, it is important that you work towards this stage, ensuring that your mental health and mind frame are in place to recover.

Please remember that withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, no matter the method, can be challenging, especially down to their highly addictive tendencies. To overcome these challenges, you must be ready to recover, you must have the urgency to complete rehab.

Through this mindset, you’ll thrive throughout drug and alcohol rehab.


Recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow

At face value, it is understandable why many clients do initially aim for localised recovery. With this in mind, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow may be at the top of your list. However, there are many downfalls of localised recovery, which can be counteracted by residential rehab.

Firstly, for individuals who are living with a drug and alcohol addiction, social, environmental or emotional triggers are very common. These triggers are the underlying causation, driving excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Attempting to recover while surrounded by those triggers, while experiencing a degree of exposure can be very hard, even for a strong headed individual. As drug abuse is high in areas such as Glasgow, this challenge will be even greater.

By selecting our residential offering, you will be provided with space, time and privacy to focus on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. Distraction free, you’ll reside in a positive, relaxing and luxury environment, in place as your home.

Secondly, within your local area, specialist drug and alcohol rehab centres may be lacking. For your best chance at addiction recovery, it is recommended that you opt for the most beneficial rehab programme.

At our Towcester base, we are renowned mental health and addiction recovery specialists. We follow both traditional and innovative forms of addiction treatment, while also offering low risk and effective routes to sober living.

Lastly, an addiction is a complex illness to treat. It’s imperative that you have access to immediate, high-quality and consistent care. With high demands for addiction recovery, in areas like Glasgow, delays can be experienced. Both delays and inconsistent care can deter recovery probabilities, failing to tackle the multifaceted condition of addiction.

To ease this time, through our support, you will have the chance to complete aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow. Yet for the best chance at initial recovery, residential rehab will be encouraged.


Holistic addiction treatment

Addiction treatment at our centre is more than a generic detox programme. We understand that an addiction is both a physical and psychological illness, where vast cognitive changes are the main concern. We also understand that underlying causations of addiction differ from person to person.

As a result of our mission, we provide personalised treatment programmes which go beyond standard plans. We additionally utilise the latest evidence in addiction recovery to promote low risk, holistic addiction treatment.

Although a large proportion of clients will complete a detox programme, this is the starting point of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. From here, holistic therapies, such as brain restoration, virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy will be encouraged, ensuring that every angle of an addiction can be diminished.

By treating the brain first, these changes will soon follow physically, helping to motivate full healing.


Our approach to addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge

Our approach here at Asana Lodge is very different to other rehab centres. We pride ourselves on the extensive research we complete, on the personal rehab programmes we offer, and the success rates we influence.

Down to this approach, we’ve helped many individuals turn their lives around from rock bottom addiction diagnosis. With this in mind, if you are struggling, no matter how mild or severe, we will have a depth of addiction treatment in place to support you.

We can help you experience this transformation, with strong probabilities of sustainable recovery, down to the mental health and cognitive support we offer.

Although visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow may sound appealing for its convenience, with the widespread issue of drug abuse in the country, opting for residential rehab will be encouraged.

Likewise, by experiencing a specialist approach to addiction recovery, you’ll have a greater probability of returning home, to a drug-fuelled country, with the potential to remain sober.

Reach out to our team today for more information on our drug and alcohol rehab centre. If you have any questions or concerns about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we are here for you.