Addiction is regularly branded as a voluntary habit. For example, many onlookers believe that initial consumption of drugs and alcohol is a choice and that getting clean is just as much of a controllable action.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dumfries

However, the realism of living with an addiction results in limited control, where the addictive characteristics of drugs and alcohol take over.

Initially, yes, drug and alcohol consumption may be an active choice. They may be used to relax, to fit in, to combat pain or mental health issues, or to escape from reality. Yet the intentions to develop addictive attachments to such drugs will be insignificant.

Once drugs and alcohol enter the body, especially on a consistent and excessive level, the traits, the toxicity, and the addictive tendencies of such substances will trigger physical and psychological adaptations. The degree of, or the type of change incurred by substance abuse cannot be controlled, and in fact, initially will be invisible.

At this point, control will be limited for users, making it very difficult to break away from drugs, alcohol and the positives they offer, showcasing the involuntary side of addiction.

The only way that control can be regained is by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic to unravel those adaptations and remove all traces of drugs and alcohol. Yet, again, getting clean is an ‘easier said than done’ type of commitment.

Increase your opportunities to get clean if you’re suffering from addiction by looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries, to experience our private, professional and specialist clinic at Asana Lodge.


Addiction and the lack of control it induces

The average human, to a degree, can control how their body functions, how they feel, and their outlooks based on mindset, based on nutrition, based on their lifestyle and exposure to certain stimuli, and based on active decisions.

However, once an addictive substance, such as drugs or alcohol, enters the body, organic control will begin to suppress.

Current decision-making processes will dwindle, outlooks will begin to change, and behaviours will begin to mimic such psychological changes.

A person can drastically change through ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, down to the power that they call upon. Personalities will change, feelings will change, priorities will change, perceptions will change, and overall actions will change.

Such change will be uncontrollable, as drugs and alcohol can be unpredictable substances. Yet, what is set in stone is their addictive ratings, where both the body and brain will continue to crave their presence, even throughout the consequence of change.

Down to the uncontrollable influence of addiction, it is important for onlookers to remember that an addiction is an illness, it isn’t a desired habit, and it cannot be switched off as easily as it can materialise. However, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries or a similar offering, regaining some control is possible.


Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries

As we’ve shared above, visiting an alcohol and drug rehab in Dumfries can positively influence the rehabilitation process.

However, through experience, we at Asana Lodge have seen how many individuals do struggle through localised recovery, down to a number of factors.

From stigmatisation, to excessive pressure, to privacy concerns and to the inability to control surrounding influences, you may also see remaining in Dumfries as a challenge.

If this is the case, do not worry, as our rehab clinic will provide the distance for you, on physical and psychological levels, to help you also distance yourself from your influences.

This is the best way to regain control over your life by removing yourself from your reality for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Regain control by understanding your causation

Many addictions develop unknowingly, where causation cannot be fully acknowledged. Down to the unknown, it can therefore be difficult to understand the causation of your drug and alcohol consumption and, subsequently, how to regain control over your influential stimuli.

A significant asset of our service is that we can help you understand your causation and how to overpower it to prevent further drug and alcohol exposure.

Through psychological assessments and evaluations of addictive influences, we can understand the emotional, environmental, social or biological influences driving your addiction.

This step is very important, as once you’re aware of your addictive triggers, you can then work to suppress their presence and impact on your return to Dumfries.


Treat and diminish your side effects

A further invaluable asset here at Asana Lodge focuses on our addiction treatment recommendations. We make use of your personal needs and insight into your causes to provide bespoke treatment recommendations. Those recommendations will focus on detoxing your body from drugs and alcohol while detaching psychological associations.

By understanding your causation, we will have the ability to promote safe and suitable addiction treatment services from our range of traditional and innovative options. This approach provides reassurance, reliability and a clear roadmap through addiction recovery known to motivate full commitment.

While visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries may feel like a good option, through our offering, you can secure an invaluable option of rehab, by investing in our bespoke approach.

Regaining control over your habits is possible by understanding your triggers, completing suitable treatment, suppressing their presence, and learning to control sobriety.

Through lifestyle changes, through relapse prevention planning, and through a clear understanding, you can pave the way for a drug and alcohol-free future.

Of course, regaining control will not be an overnight goal to aim for. An addiction can develop very quickly, yet the rehabilitation process can take double the amount of time, down to the requirement of unravelling ingrained habits.

Yet with perseverance, guidance and the right support, you can control how you see drugs and alcohol, changing your outlooks, actions, goals and behaviours.

Contact our team here at Asana Lodge for more information on our residential, private drug and alcohol rehab clinic, offering respite from your current reality.