Are you aiming for full drug and alcohol addiction recovery? Have you however swayed towards localised recovery attempts via a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aberdeen

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Local recovery attempts are doable. Many recovering addicts will advance through residential rehab in their local area. However, for some, those with chronic physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol, this can be very difficult.

Difficulties are commonly down to familiarity, to ongoing exposure to drug and alcohol influences. As addiction is materialised in the mind, that psychological exposure can be testing, taking the shine off drug and alcohol rehabilitation and its benefits.

To overcome those tests, looking further afield from Aberdeen will be recommended, via our specialist clinic here at Asana Lodge. Focusing on scientific research, we can understand your physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol, offering feasible recovery likelihoods.

Visit our holistic alcohol and drug rehab here in Towcester, soon returning to Aberdeen with a newfound perspective on substance abuse and its detrimental power.


Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Aberdeen

This far, you may have looked to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen. If so, it is understandable why, as many individuals hope to remain local.

Localised recovery offers many benefits through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. From great comfort and convenience, to easier transitions to and from rehab, if it’s suitable for you, there’s a great value from selecting an Aberdeen based treatment centre.

However, it is important to note that localised recovery is only appropriate for a proportion of clients. Although residential rehab can be selected, for some, this locality can be challenging, carrying many disruptions and influences.

If you’re struggling with physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol, there’s a likelihood that you’ll encounter either social or environmental triggers.

Remaining in Aberdeen can resurface those triggers, can disrupt your mindset to recover, and can provide too much comfort and reliance.

For those who lack psychological associations, for those who can control triggers to an extent, for those who can cope through familiar settings, opting for an Aberdeen rehab clinic may be a strong contender.

However, if your experience with drugs and alcohol deviates from this, selecting our specialist approach here at Asana Lodge will be encouraged.


Opting for a specialist approach to addiction recovery

At Asana Lodge, we do things differently. We go above and beyond when considering addiction recovery, by focusing on causations, rather than side effects.

Although treating side effects is important, there is a chance that a drug and alcohol addiction will remain, down to initial causations.

Yet, by working through causations, greater understanding will be made, reducing future reliance on drugs and alcohol.

By overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen, by investing yourself into our specialist facility, your recovery rates can increase, and your rehabilitation time-frame can decrease.

Reach out to our team today to discuss our residential rehab programmes here in Towcester.


Scientific research here at Asana Lodge

Via our holistic alcohol and drug rehab, we favour scientific research. We understand underlying motives, fuelling addictive behaviours, we gauge causations, and we also look for any pre-existing weaknesses.

To make the most of this approach, we complete thorough assessments. These cognitive assessments look at mental response rates to drug and alcohol exposure, along with searching for any pre-existing weaknesses, linked to addiction susceptibility

This approach allows our team to form-fitting and safe rehab programmes, catered on a per-client basis. This is very important to ensure that the intentions of rehab can be experienced, that the unique makeup of addiction can be worked through.

Many general rehab clinics, unfortunately, follow a standardised approach to addiction recovery. Here a detox programme and general therapy will be recommended, disregarding personal needs. Through this approach, full recovery is very unlikely, failing to work through both physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol.

With this in mind, at Asana Lodge, we can offer greater recovery rates while comparing with a generalist drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen. Ultimately the goal is to motivate cognitive repair, soon resulting in physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

This is achievable by following the science, by completing idyllic addiction treatments, and by tackling initial causations.


Personalised rehab programmes

By completing assessment pre-rehab, we are positioned well to form personalised rehab programmes for all clients. As touched on above, suitability is mandatory when looking to work through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Through understanding your cognitive responses to drugs and alcohol, through gauging any personal weaknesses, we can soon mix appropriate addiction treatments, resulting in a personalised rehab programme.

Commonly, standard addiction treatment options will be recommended, such as a drug and alcohol detox and therapy sessions. However, alongside familiar addiction treatments, we also utilise new and innovative treatment options, such as exposure therapy and virtual reality therapy.

Our new addiction treatment concepts ensure that you are prepared to lead a future without drugs and alcohol. For example, exposure therapy will showcase your readiness to return to Aberdeen, post-rehab.

Art therapy is a commonly utilised treatment option for those who struggle to open up and share experiences with drugs and alcohol. NAD+ therapy is also vastly used, helping to restore optimal functionality levels, on a physical and psychological basis.

As every client is different and will experience diverse needs and experiences, our range of new and old addiction treatment options are highly beneficial.

Understandably, you may hope to remain local for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This can be achievable for some clients. Yet, through experience, at Asana Lodge, we’ve seen how invaluable a short move can be for clients, influencing greater rehabilitation and long-term recovery probabilities.

For the best chance to fully recover, overlook a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen by selecting our specialist and unique approach to addiction recovery.

We are readily available to support you, with the prospect of completing your personal assessment.

Here we can highlight the most fitting drug and alcohol rehabilitation route for you, whether that’s localised recovery in Aberdeen or residential rehab here in Towcester.