Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023

Are you keen to regain control over your life? Do you currently feel controlled by drugs and alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol are addictive substances that thrive off enablement. While the enablement of consumption may have been involuntary for you, drugs and alcohol will have found their place, and in turn their manipulation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bannockburn

An addiction can be extremely tough to overcome down to this manipulation. You may currently feel that your relationships, your emotions, your decisions, your schedule and your livelihood are all controlled by the need to be exposed to drugs and alcohol.

This isn’t a problem with yourself, but a problem of consuming drugs and alcohol, down to the reliance they cause, down to the vulnerabilities that they pose, and down to the role they play in your life.

In order to overcome your drug and alcohol problems, and regain direction, visiting a specialist rehab clinic will be encouraged. Yet not just any drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn, but our residential treatment centre here at Asana Lodge.

Working through a personalised rehab programme, you can take control back, by disabling the presence and hold of drugs, alcohol and their addictive characteristics.


The controlling characteristics of Drugs and Alcohol

On initial use, the consumption of drugs and alcohol likely seem like a good idea. Whether that’s to relax, to escape, to gain confidence, or to fill an emotional wound, you can control your initial exposure voluntarily.

However, once consumption becomes regular, down to the positives that drugs and alcohol are offering you, control does begin to dwindle, as those feelings start to overpower your accord.

Drugs and alcohol are addictive substances, which have controlling characteristics attached to them. If their presence is enabled, their manipulative intentions will also showcase themselves, which attach to physical and psychological vulnerabilities.

This is one reason why it’s hard to get clean, alone, from drug and alcohol abuse, as their presence is extremely overpowering. If you feel like you’re lacking control, but hope for greater autonomy and freedom, there’s something you can do to disable drugs and alcohol; recommended as visiting a specialist rehab clinic.


Considering care beyond a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bannockburn

Rehab to any degree will help you regain control. Even if it’s for a short period of time, or for the long-term, steps will be completed where you can withdraw from drugs and alcohol and learn to live without them.

However, this process can be tough to complete, especially if you have a significant addiction that is controlling your life. The best way you can regain control safely and sustainably will be to consider residential rehab.

While visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn would be the ideal situation, this level of convenience can be tough to challenge while detaching from addictive substances. You may still feel controlled by them, by your trigger and by your influences, by remaining within your comfort zone.

To regain control, you’ll need to place your entire focus on the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Through our residential rehab clinic, you can do just that by experiencing physical and psychological peace, quiet and opportunities to restore.

Rehab is more than the withdrawal period, is more than getting clean, and is more than opening up. It’s about learning sustainable steps to preserve your efforts and help you gain control through long-term recovery. Reach this point by selecting Asana Lodge over a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn itself.


Taking control through addiction treatment and relapse prevention plans

Control is developed and sustained via rehab by completing a suitable programme of addiction treatment and relapse prevention steps. As you work through the milestones of addiction recovery, elements of control will resurface, which you can nurture and strengthen over the course of rehab, and throughout long-term recovery.

For example, a medically structured detox programme will help you slowly and safely regain control on a physical level. Therapeutic addiction treatment services, including cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management, will help you control your emotions and responses, to avoid the coping mechanism of drugs and alcohol.

Holistic therapies including NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy will help you regain autonomy over your health and surroundings. Relapse prevention planning will help you pave the way for long-term recovery, by mapping out your future steps back in Bannockburn.

A personalised mixture will be set for you, by assessing your needs and the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. We will also consider the psychological tie that you’re experiencing, to help you understand why your addiction has materialised, and how to manage it moving forward.

Regaining control should be completed via a steppingstone approach, which can be fulfilled via rehab, and advance further through aftercare services and ongoing recovery efforts.


Directing your reality back in Bannockburn

Whether you choose to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn or favour the opportunity that residential rehab offers when surrounding control and independence, you will need to manage your reality on a post-rehab basis.

Directing your lifestyle and routine is possible when returning back home. Through our rehab services, you’ll have ongoing support, aftercare and relapse prevention planning to help instil responsibility, confidence and independence into your recovery journey.

Reaching the mindset to regain control is part of the battle. Yet sustaining that mindset can be challenging on a post-rehab basis, where old drug and alcohol triggers can creep in. By directing your reality, you can also maintain a strong level of control, by diminishing drug and alcohol exposure and triggers.

You may currently feel like every part of your life is controlled by drug and alcohol. You may hope to change this, yet lack the mindset to do so, along with a structure to sustainably regain direction.

At Asana Lodge, we’re equipped to support you, encouraging you to step outside of what’s comfortable and normal, by overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn.

By doing so, you’ll have the platform to make changes and direct what’s ahead through reaching drug and alcohol rehabilitation milestones.