When thinking about addiction recovery, prior to starting your programme, it’s wise to ask yourself whether you want to merely cope, or whether you want to progress through drug and alcohol rehab. There are some decisions to make around your impending drug and alcohol rehab experience, which can be dictated by your expectations of rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab St Andrews

If you’re hoping to just get by and ride the waves of rehab, there’s a high chance that you’ll look at a local drug and alcohol rehab in St Andrews, to complete a general withdrawal and rebuild the programme. There’s nothing wrong with this choice if your goals are to just complete rehab.

However, if you’re longing for progression, to experience the advancement that rehab can provide, we at Asana Lodge are here to help. Residential rehab is found to provide a secure, motivating and personal structure, to help you progress through rehab and reach your recovery goals, rather than just exist through it.

This combined with our unique approach to rehab, and our aftercare plans, allow for greater understanding, greater control and greater confidence in sober living.

If you are happy to leave behind your drug and alcohol influences in St Andrews, to experience residential rehab, you can look towards a recovery driven process of addiction rehabilitation.


Coping via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in St Andrews

Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in St Andrews will understandably be a favourable option for you. With localised recovery comes comfort and reassurance, both highly beneficial through the unknown of rehab.

However, through such comfort, clients are known to cope through rehab, rather than embrace it, rather than progress, and rather than value each step of rehab.

Localised recovery can cause feelings of complacent, which initially are positive to drive acceptance. However, throughout such an intense process, where significant change is required, complacent can stunt growth and desires to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

With this in mind, it is important to consider how you may potentially react to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in St Andrews. If you’re happy with completing rehab and hoping for long-term recovery, coping through the stages of rehab will be doable.

Yet, if you’re longing for more, if you’re passionate about fulfilling long-term recovery, and if you can see rehab as a strong steppingstone, it’s time to progress through residential rehab.


Progressing via Residential Rehab

Residential rehab allows for progression down to its structure. It’s intense, it’s consistent, it’s safe, it’s personal and it’s reliable. In order to progress, you need to place constant focus on change, self-development and growth, which are promoted through addiction treatment services. 

The true intentions of rehab are to progress, to change lives, to commit to detaching from drugs and alcohol. If you’re set on fulfilling such intentions, the environment, the structure and the standards of residential rehab will best fit your needs.

At Asana Lodge, we back the recommendation of residential rehab, as it provides a strong foundation to promote such consistency and intensity.

However, we support it the most down to the capacity it provides to harness personalised rehab programmes, rather than generic. That’s what sets us apart and allows for progression, by providing our clients with everything they need to sustainably recover, rather than merely withdraw.


Finding the right Rehab process to secure your Recovery

The above alone showcases how important it is to match your needs and recovery goals with your chosen rehabilitation process. By making a rushed or irrational decision, it’s easy to see how progress can soon turn into coping, which we do not want for you.

If you are passionate about change, so are we, which highlights the need to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in St Andrews. Our residential offering does provide the common benefits of such support. However, we promote even greater structure, reliability and change through our evidence-based approach.

We make residential rehab the right process for you by assessing your addiction makeup, understanding your influences, looking into your health history and considering your recovery goals. Altogether, this information will work to format a personal rehab programme, which can fulfil your expectations of addiction recovery.

Our approach is found to offer stronger foundations to recover from, is found to provide sustainability, and is favoured for promoting progress rather than coping.

This far you may have just coped through your drug and alcohol problems. Now is the time to rise above, to change your life in St Andrews for the better.


Aftercare plans here at Asana Lodge

Our residential rehab offering is a comprehensive one. Through this approach, you can expect to achieve the common recovery goals attached to rehab.

Yet you can also look towards increasing your awareness of addiction, relapse prevention, wellbeing management and change. We offer a range of services to help you along the road of comprehensive recovery, to strengthen your new habits, outlooks and coping strategies.

While we vouch for the strength of our rehab programmes, we also see the realism of addiction recovery and how such efforts must be sustainable. Through aftercare plans, again personalised to you, we help to ease your post-rehab transition.

Returning home to St Andrews may cause the resurfacing of old wounds, may motivate you to return to old habits or may attract you towards drug and alcohol influences.

We want to avoid this at all costs, by promoting relapse prevention, by helping you pave the way for sobriety, and by creating a plan which advocates confidence and assurance.

You can progress through our approach to rehab. You may have the potential to via a drug and alcohol rehab in St Andrews. Yet through experience, we appreciate how challenging the feelings of complacency can be to overcome. Instead, avoid them by committing to residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.

For more information on our rehab programmes, to start the arrangement process or to speak to our specialists for emotional support, contact our team today. Let’s work to progress you away from the influences of drugs and alcohol.