With a rehab admission comes a wealth of questions surrounding recovery rates and forecasts. Understandably, before investing time, money and effort, it’s important to gauge the feasibility of drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lothian

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Different rehab routes can churn different recovery rates. Such a decision is a personal one, where a certain degree of rehab will benefit one person, but not the next. That’s why essentially, asking questions will provide assurance and a foundation to work from when deciding on drug and alcohol rehab.

At Asana Lodge, we receive many questions around the lasting effects of rehab, around the recommended post-rehab routine, and around the curability of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you’re wondering how beneficial our approach to alcohol and drug rehab could be for you, we encourage you to keep reading, consider such information with an open mind, and place your needs as a benchmark.

Doing this same exercise against the forecasts of a drug and alcohol rehab in Lothian will also be beneficial. That way, you’ll have expectations of both forms of rehab, those which are popular routes, to guide the way for a suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

To address your personal questions surrounding addiction recovery and residential rehab, contact our team with confidence today.


How long will Rehab results last?

Rehab stands as the baseline of recovery. By completing the correct form of rehab, you can withdraw from drugs and alcohol, you can change your outlook, you can adapt your lifestyle, and you can reach a point where drugs and alcohol have little value to you.

Those results will return back home with you to Lothian, where you’ll have new skills and relapse prevention techniques to assist with your transition.

Yet, in order for your rehab results to sustain, you must also follow the choices, routine and recommendations of rehab, to help you manoeuvre through drug and alcohol exposure.

Such results can last for the future if maintained and normalised with realistic expectations, and through sustainable steps. It is however important to remember that relapse is normal, that ongoing treatment is a common step, and that recovery from addiction is a long-term commitment for you.

As results aren’t guaranteed, you may see rehab as a pointless step. Yet without strong drug and alcohol rehabilitation stepping stones, recovery will always be an impossible goal. Make it possible, take each day as it comes and change your life for the better through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Will I benefit most via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lothian?

In order to fully understand which form of rehab will suit you best, you’ll need to do your research. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lothian may benefit you the most on a personal level, when considering your addiction type and how you respond to professional intervention.

Through experience here at Asana Lodge we’ve however witnessed two commonalities. Firstly, we’ve seen how tough local rehab efforts can be for those with physical and psychological addictions.

Secondly, we’ve observed how beneficial residential rehab, with distance in mind is for those with addiction diagnoses. By combining such findings together, there’s a strong chance that residential rehab here in Towcester may serve you best when focusing on long-term recovery capacities.

Localised recovery is found difficult for the complacency and familiarity that it oozes. Many find such obstacles difficult to face up while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

Residential rehab offers the opposite, by pushing change, providing space and motivating progression. This is something to think about when comparing our offering with a drug and alcohol rehab in Lothian, as treatments may be similar, as budgets may be similar, yet approaches may be indefinitely different.


Is Detoxing the most important part?

Detoxing helps to promote the physical withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol. While this is an important step to stop consumption, here at Asana Lodge, we focus on psychological repair.

Physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol will help to stop the action of substance abuse. Yet alone, this effort will not unravel the behaviours and motivators which are attached to such action. Psychological repair and restoration must therefore be prioritised through a range of addiction treatment services.

We focus on understanding how your brain and mind react to drugs and alcohol, which will provide insight into effective and safe treatment options.

Through a range of therapeutic treatment services, we then work with you to strengthen your understanding of addiction, change your outlooks on drugs and alcohol, and overcome cognitive trauma and mental health issues.

By completing rehab through this approach, behaviours, attitudes and emotions can adapt which will naturally reduce the action of drug and alcohol consumption. Working together, detoxification will therefore support the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, rather than drive it.


Can’t I Detox alone?

No, detoxing alone shouldn’t be encouraged. It can be an invasive process to complete, where your health and safety can be placed under great stress and pressure.

Withdrawal symptoms are a common response to detoxing. Such symptoms can be experienced on physical and psychological levels and can be difficult to work through. Your health can be placed at risk, while also reducing your confidence and investments within long-term addiction recovery.

Down to this, visiting our rehab clinic, or if suitable, a drug and alcohol rehab in Lothian should be prioritised, from the start of your recovery journey to detox safely.


How will I reach long-term recovery?

As we’ve shared above, rehab provides the platform to work towards long-term recovery. However, once you return to life in Lothian, you will need to maintain some steps, to help you strengthen your results.

This is possible, by making changes to your lifestyle which will benefit your recovery, by utilising your relapse prevention plan, and by accepting aftercare services.

Through this commitment, you’ll need to reduce your drug and alcohol exposure, your stress levels and your unhealthy routines. All of these steps will help to improve your wellbeing, your outlooks and your ability to live without drugs and alcohol.

It is essential to remember that relapse can happen, that greater commitments may be required, and that this ongoing journey is for the long-term. A quick fix will be challenging to come by down to the intensity of addiction.

Yet to reach a strong foundation, select Asana Lodge for residential rehab, and if appropriate, followed by ongoing support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lothian.