Are you considering making the all-important step of accepting professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment? Perhaps the pressure of seeing your loved ones fall away as a result of your erratic, addictive behaviour has finally grown too much?

Or, perhaps you’re simply ready to stop wreaking a terrible toll on your physical and mental health on a daily basis through the consumption of chemicals?

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No matter where you are currently at with your relationship, it is never the wrong time to reach out for professional help.

Wanting to return to a state whereby you are no longer constantly reaching for that next drink or hunting down that next fix is nothing other than a noble goal — and yet, many people feel an inherent sense of shamefulness in regards to attending drug and alcohol rehab.

There is still a lot of stigmas attached to drug and alcohol addiction, often due to fear-mongering on behalf of the press. However, addiction can strike anyone, at any time, and for any reason.

Also, it is important to remember that addiction is an illness, and it should be treated as such. You would not feel ashamed of going to the doctor if you had the flu, and as such, you should not feel ashamed in reaching out for professional drug and alcohol treatment.

Let today be the day that you finally start leaving your addiction in your past. Make the step that will change your life forever, and for the better, by calling Asana Lodge on 01908 489 421.

Our incredibly efficient drug and alcohol services are also able to provide assistance for people other than yourself if required, simply contact the above number but ask about our family and friend referrals.

A professional intervention can make or break a persons’ addiction treatment journey, as confronting someone about their addictive disorder can be a very tricky situation which, if not done correctly, can only push someone further away from committing to treatment.


Getting Treatment With Asana Lodge Is Easier Than You May Think

Becoming enrolled in a course of addiction treatment with Asana Lodge is much easier than you may think. As opposed to other addiction treatment plans, Asana Lodge will not leave you lingering on the tail-end of a waiting list for treatment, rather we’ll ensure that you get appropriate treatment before you relapse or suffer from a weakened resolve to the process of recovery.

The only thing that you will need to do in advance of attending treatment with us is complete a short interview often performed over the phone. This phone call will consist of our support staff ascertaining your commitment to recovery, understanding more about your mental and physical state at present, and working with you to sort out a budget that you can work too.

The personal information that you entrust us with will be handled in the strictest confidence, and will only be used in order for our addiction specialists to better map out your journey to recovery.

With the benefit of having a greater understanding of your physical and mental state, along with the psychological hurdles you’re facing, you will be able to get more out of your time with us as we can hit the ground running with regards to your treatment.

So much of our life is formed around what we choose to do, who we choose to spend our life with, and addiction threatens both of those things. Addiction will pull you down further and further, and while it’s a grim though it is a necessary one in order to hopefully convince you to make the leap into a recovery plan which can cut you free from this weight.


How Does Addiction Manifest In The First Place?

Many studies and countless hours of research are done each year into the causes of addiction. However, addictive disorders are amazingly complex ailments that come around due to a massive array of causes.

Bearing this in mind, Asana Lodge’s personal, medically-trained therapists will spend a large chunk of your time with us establishing where your addictive disorder emerged from.

Ascertaining the psychological seed which brought about you resorting to substance abuse or alcoholism will help us to guide you through the internalised issues which make your addiction have such a stronghold over you.

Your drug addiction and/or alcoholism may have emerged as a coping mechanism to deal with a repressed childhood memory, a traumatic event in your recent years, or it may simply be something that manifested as a result of lifestyle factors (such as frequent expose to addictive behaviours from a young age). Whatever the reason, we will help you to confront it in a healthy and positive manner.


We Will Prepare You For Life Post Rehab

A lot of treatment centres can only focus on ensuring that a client gets sober during the course of the treatment plan, only to then abandon them back into the real world once this goal has been achieved.

However, here at Asana Lodge, we want you to be able to enjoy your life once you are clean, and remain clean for the rest of your days.

In order to achieve this, following the drug or alcohol detoxification at our detox clinic, you’ll work on a relapse prevention plan — which, as the name suggests, is a course of treatment that will help you to develop mental tools to reduce your risk of relapsing.

Various behavioural and traditional psychotherapies (such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, dialectical behavioural therapy, and more) will also bolster your mental state, and the added bonus of our one-year complimentary aftercare programme will make sure that you’re mentally healthy with the resources required to stay sober once your time in our facility is completed.

Stop letting drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction consume your daily life, reach out to Asana Lodge today on 01908 489 421 or through the chat function on our webpage.