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Acknowledging personal problems with drugs and alcohol can be extremely testing. You may be aware of your problems yet admitting them can feel like an emotional whirlwind. You may feel defeated, you may feel disappointed in yourself, and you may also feel anxious about the next steps, of taking action.

Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol, as addictive substances, do carry traits which promote a false sense of security. In the moment of consumption, you may feel that your habits are normal, and that you are in control, this providing such security.

However, as consumption wears off, you begin to realise that such security is superficial, caused by denial and the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol. The addiction cycle, on a post-consumption basis will highlight how you’re lacking control. Yet, admitting this can feel like the end of the world.

If this resonates with you, please do not believe that your world will end. Your world will in fact restart, providing you with a second chance through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Pushing through the self-acknowledgment phase will be worthwhile, helping you take action, be transparent and sustainably recover from addiction.

Take action via a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey or the surrounding area, which we can help you with at Asana Lodge. Overcome the psychological barriers of drug and alcohol abuse, to recover comprehensively.


The test of self acknowledgement

There are many reasons as to why the self-acknowledgement phase can be testing. Firstly, you may be already living in denial, where you’ve used such emotion to protect yourself from the truth, that you have a drug and alcohol problem.

Secondly, you may long to keep your drug and alcohol problems as private as possible, to protect your own pride, to reduce emotional impacts and to potentially safeguard the causation of your consumption.

Thirdly, self-acknowledgement can be difficult if you’re worried about affecting those around you. You may hope to avoid that disappointed feeling, which is commonly worried about as a response from family members.

Lastly, you may feel like admitting your problems are testing, as you’re worried about what’s ahead. You’re believing that acknowledgment will induce such change that your life will be damaged forever, which won’t be the case through rehab.

While understandable, as it can be difficult to acknowledge and take action, most tests are pre-conceived and tricks that our minds play on us. By breaking down the psychological barriers of addiction, you can take action, by seeing rehab as a helpful and beneficial step.


Taking action through a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey

You can firmly take action, once you’re ready to face up to your problems, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey. This will be the most proactive form of action, as the process in between your acknowledgment and your rehab experience can occur efficiently.

Efficiency is very important when taking action, as it’s understandable that you may have struggled to reach this point. Once you’re ready for rehab, on physical and psychological scales, urgency is necessary, to ensure that you remain ready.

Action will display itself by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey to complete addiction treatment services and to work through recovery milestones, to help you actively suppress your problems.

Remaining within Surrey itself may cause you anxieties, especially if you’re already finding it hard to step forward for rehab. If this is the case, our rehab offering of residential care here at Asana Lodge will benefit you. You can still take action, you can still feel in control, and you can still access rehab efficiently, yet by dedicating yourself to residential rehab.


The benefits of opting for residential treatment

Benefits of residential treatment surround your experience of rehab and your recovery results. Looking at your experience, you can take action by leaving behind your worries, habits and pre-conceived ideas back in Surrey.

You can commit to experiencing a comfortable, personal and safe form of rehab, where you can truly dive under the surface and focus on yourself. Your experience via drug and alcohol rehab matters, as this will define your confidence and your approachability towards rehab. With a strong experience, there’s a high chance that you’ll look at rehab positively.

Considering your recovery results, residential rehab promotes advancement through the intense and personal structure that it provides. A personalised treatment programme will be provided, where consistent sessions will be recommended, to help target your addiction with urgency.

Such speed can help to unravel your addiction quickly, while also offering the motivation to continue your long-term recovery journey.

It’s also important to add how the experience that residential rehab can provide, where you’ll feel at peace and focused can ensure that your journey is targeted and concentrated. By this, you can avoid drug and alcohol influences and exposure, helping to strengthen your recovery.

Leaving your responsibilities in Surrey can feel just as daunting as the self-acknowledgment phase. However, yet again, it will be worthwhile when considering the degree of action, you can take here at Asana Lodge.


Being honest with yourself for the future

A big part of recovering from addiction is honesty. Rehab itself will provide you with the tools to progress forward. However, your mind is the driving force, to help you remain focused on long-term recovery.

Being honest with yourself and those around you will therefore benefit you. You will have ongoing treatment sessions and guidance to make use of. Lifestyle management and relapse prevention will also work to secure your mindset and mental health.

However, allowing for a transparent long-term recovery journey will help you remain on track, and take action where needed. With honesty, you’ll have full awareness of whether your habits of drug and alcohol consumption are returning, along with if further support is required.

Take action by understanding and acknowledging your drug and alcohol addiction. You can do this via a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey. Yet for greater privacy and discretion, contact Asana Lodge, here to be transparent with you through comprehensive addiction recovery. Aim for transparency to recover with the intention of long-term recovery.