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Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you concerned that a loved one may be an addict? Do you live in Walton on Thames? If so, here at Asana Lodge we can help you.

With state of the art facilities, professional medical care and leading scientific treatments, we can provide you with the care and support required to reach those long-term recovery goals.

We provide personalised, dual-diagnosis addiction treatment options that will help heal both your mind and body and allow you to develop a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

We understand that all addictions are shrouded in denial, which makes its extremely difficult to reach out for help, as firstly you must admit to your problem.

However, if you’re ready to face your addiction and you’re fed up of with living your life under your addiction’s rule then contact our friendly and supportive team today and we’ll help you turn your life around.


When to seek help

Anyone can become an addict, and addictions can occur through various stages in life and to a number or different things or activities.

For instance, gambling, drug and alcohol addictions are the most common type of addictions we hear about, however, some addicts are addicted to shopping, work, sex, or the internet, to name a few.

Once an addiction is formed it holds a strong influence over your brain, which means that your consumption levels have to keep increasing to reach that high, and no matter the harm it causes you, you’ll still keep consuming. That’s why it’s never too early to seek help for your addiction.

You may be thinking that you could simply detox at home, but addiction is often caused by and causes mental health issues.

Due to this, you need to seek professional help so that you can treat both the physical and psychological impacts of addiction.


What is involved in Detox?

Drug or alcohol detox usually lasts for a couple of days and is the process whereby you slowly reduce your consumption levels until you’re free from the substance.

You may be thinking that detox sounds straight forward and easy, something you could simply do yourself at home. For some people, who already have strong support from home, this can be effective, but for the majority this simply isn’t an option.

Drug and alcohol detox is not as simple as slowly reducing your consumption levels, as you’ll also experience withdrawal symptoms throughout this process.

Withdrawal symptoms can range from headaches to increased anxiety, increased heart rate, vomiting and even seizures. The more severe your addiction, the more severe your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be.

That’s why we also medically supervise drug and alcohol detox at our drug and alcohol rehab in Walton on Thames.


Our Approach

Here at Asana Lodge, firstly, you will undergo a medical assessment, ran by our team of medical professional which will assess your physical and psychological well-being.

With the results from this assessment, our team will work with you to design a personalised, dual-diagnosis, treatment programme. Meaning, your treatment will consist of not only detox, but holistic therapy treatments as well.

All our addiction treatment programmes begin with drug or alcohol detox. This usually lasts for a couple of days until you have overcome the withdrawal symptoms and your body has readjusted to life without drugs or alcohol.

Since we provide leading scientific treatments at Asana Lodge, we offer treatments to help you cope with withdrawal. Our Intravenous Brain Restoration (NAD+) treatment can help with cell restoration and regeneration, which is key to recovery.

Once you’ve completed your detox you’ll begin your therapy treatment. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most common type of therapy used to treat addiction.

This is simply due to the way in which CBT works, as it helps you to identify your negative thought processes and habits to allow you to change your behaviour and develop a more positive lifestyle.

This process is completed through psychoeducation, whereby you retrain your brain to assess situations in a different way.

Combined with this retraining, you’ll also gain an understanding of the root causes of your addiction, helping you to build a stronger, healthier life.

Throughout your stay you’ll have the opportunity to partake in a variety of therapy treatments that include the following:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Satori Chair Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Mindfulness Workshops

We encourage all of our patients to engage in group activities, as peer support is the most effective form of support. This is mostly achieved through quiz nights, film nights, group activities, outings and fitness classes.


Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

You may be wondering why you can’t simply undertake all this treatment in the comfort of your own home, as an outpatient. Outpatient treatment is a possible solution, however we always recommend that you consider all options before making this decision.

Outpatient treatment, where you complete your detox and therapy by attending a clinic during the day and returning home at night, is probably the most challenging way to undertake your treatment. This is simply down to the fact that you’ll remain surrounded by the negative influences that drive your addiction.

At Asana Lodge, we offer residential, inpatient treatments, which mean you live onsite for the 28 day period of your treatment programme.

This provides distance between you and your toxic lifestyle and gives you the opportunity for reflection, growth and to heal. We always, unless there are very specific circumstances, recommend inpatient treatment, as we believe that it provides the best chance of long-term recovery.


Where to Start

If you’re ready to admit to your addiction and turn your life around, then we’re here to help you. It’s never too late to ask for help.

All you have to do is call us today and we’ll discuss with you your addiction, lifestyle and medical history to help advise you on the best treatments available to you.

Kick start your journey to long-term recovery by contacting our dedicated and friendly team today for your free and confidential initial consultation.



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