If you’re looking for rehab in Woking, it’s likely that you’ve identified that you or a loved one has an addiction and requires professional help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Woking

Here at Asana Lodge, we can help you receive the holistic addiction treatment you need to enable long-term recovery.

If left untreated drug and alcohol abuse will tear your life apart. Loved ones will slowly disappear, you may lose your job and see no possible way out.

Mental health issues will often develop out of addiction, such as anxiety and depression, which is why it’s always best to seek professional help and holistic treatment options.

Asana Lodge is the only private residential centre that provides treatments based purely on scientific and evidence-based methods.

With our friendly and support team on hand to support you through your drug rehab in Woking, we can help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

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How to treat drug and alcohol addiction?

Residential and outpatient addiction treatment are the two options available when looking at rehabilitation centres.

When choosing which option is best suited to you, it’s worth considering the environment in which you live; is it going to impact on your recovery chances?

Outpatient treatments will involve attending a detox clinic or rehabilitation centre near you and returning home in the evenings and at weekends.

Whilst this style of treatment may seem appealing at first, it can present more challenges as you’ll be surrounded by the negative influences in your life that drive your addiction.

For some, escaping your everyday life provides the most supportive and positive environment for drug and alcohol treatment. At Asana Lodge, our treatment programmes run for 28 days.

This may seem like a long time to spend away from home, but these intensive residential programmes are only 4 weeks long and in this time you can turn your life around.

Outpatient programmes, on the other hand, can last for months. Addiction can cause both physical and psychological issues for your mind and body, which is why  we treat both.

Without an understanding of the mental implications of addiction and how it works, the chances of long-term recovery are slim.


What to expect from rehab?

All of our addiction treatment programmes are personalised as we understand that addiction recovery is a very personal journey, so we tailor our treatments to suit you.

Upon arrival at our rehabilitation centre you’ll undergo an assessment, whereby our team of medical professionals will assess the longevity and severity of your addiction and decide, with you, a holistic treatment program for your stay.

Mental health issues are often part of the cause, or are an outcome of addiction, which is why we take a holistic approach to treatment at Asana Lodge.

Dual-diagnosis treatment options are prescribed to most of our patients to heal both mind and body.

Detox is always the first step and is always completed under medical supervision. Depending on the length and severity of your addiction, you may experience withdrawal symptoms during detox.

But rest assured our expert team of doctors and nurses are on hand 24 hours a day to help you through this stage of recovery.

Addiction can cause physical as well as psychological harm to your mind and body, which is why we always combine detox with personalised therapy.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy or stress management workshops are just some of the ways we help you understand your addiction and work towards managing your cravings in day to day life situations.


Staying at Asana Lodge

On arrival at rehab in Woking, you’ll be given a tour of the luxury facilities and grounds available to you during your stay. You’ll be able to meet the current residents and will be welcomed by our friendly staff.

With a team of experienced and qualified doctors and nurses on-site, you’ll receive the support and dedicated treatment required to help you feel comfortable and achieve your goal of sobriety.

Staying at Asana Lodge will provide you with distance from your life back home that you may need to overcome your addiction once and for all.

With this distance you’ll not be influenced by the negative triggers in your day to day life, meaning you can focus on you and your recovery.

We’ve created a calm and relaxing environment at Asana Lodge, helping you take part in the holistic treatments on offer as well as creating natural spaces for reflection.

As the only private residential centre based on scientific and evidence-based treatments, we offer a variety of therapies to accompany your detox.

Depending on your personal requirements, you may undertake Satori Chair therapy, or Intravenous Brain Restoration. Both practices work to heal both your mind and body.

With a focus on brain activity and health, the Satori Chair uses vibration therapy to rebalance your mind and body, whereas the Intravenous Brain Restoration can help with detox, minimising withdrawal symptoms and aiding your body’s cell regeneration.


Aftercare services

Once you’ve successfully completed your rehab in Woking we’ll provide you with a Relapse Prevention Plan to help you readjust to daily life.

We’ll offer 12 months of free aftercare to ensure that you have a chance to rebuild your life, work through your relationships and re-establish a routine.

We often find that establishing links with local support groups can enable you to meet people with similar life experiences who can offer support to you throughout your journey.

This support is often key when trying to maintain long-term recovery.

If you’re finding that your broken relationships are more difficult to rebuild than first thought, or that your family is not coping well with your return, as they simply don’t know how to support you, we can provide family drug support or family counselling sessions.

It’s important to remember that recovery takes a long time and not everyone will understand your experiences, so you’ll need to be patient when trying to rebuild relationships with others.

Our dedicated and supportive team will be on hand to help you every step of the way. Start rebuilding your life by contacting us today.