Alone, a drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely unmanageable. With professional help, it can instead be treated and managed.

The most effective type of help that you can look towards will be professional rehabilitation support. Accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking, a range of treatments, therapies and services will be offered to help you through addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dorking

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Rehab is designed to support addicts through the initial steps of withdrawal. It’s also offered to provide the tools and techniques to cope through psychological change and healing.

From leading treatments, consistent emotional support and post-rehab guidance, professional help has many valuable qualities. Feel supported here at Asana Lodge through our specialist services, addiction treatments and programmes of rehabilitation.

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Importance of accessing help?

As addiction is a strong, controlling condition, it can be tough to break its cycle. Realistically, getting clean and cutting off all drug and alcohol exposure will help. Visiting local support groups and participating in appropriate forums will also disrupt the cycle. Yet, as addiction is a reoccurring condition, which can relapse, more significant efforts are essential.

Professional help is recommended as it guides the way through a range of recovery steps. It offers a plan of action to follow to regain control and sustainably overcome addiction.

It’s also important to remember that addiction recovery will be a different experience for every recovering addict. The professional insight will help offer a personal path, full of practical steps and treatments, to overcome personal struggles, sensitivities, and symptoms.

Addiction recovery is about breaking the cycle, getting better and reaching a point of sobriety. Yet, it’s also about continuing on a sober journey, reducing relapse risks, and once again enjoying life. Professional help can assist with every milestone of addiction recovery, from initial withdrawal to long-term plans.

Through an effective process, addiction is treatable and is manageable for the long term. Professional help will offer the tools and motivations to change your current outlooks and habits of substance abuse.


How to find professional help?

Professional help will be offered in your local area. You’ll have access to customised recovery programmes through a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking with total professional input.

To experience addiction help, it’s essential to find a private rehab clinic, CQC registered, a specialist within drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and that can meet your personal needs. Your needs will be outlined as your budget, location, free time, and wellbeing, all influencing the type of help you’ll require through rehab.

Through research, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking that can cater to your needs and deliver the key recovery steps will be possible. With confidence in your selection, an admission can take place, ready to benefit from professional help.

Different types and levels of help will benefit your addiction recovery journey. Here at Asana Lodge, we will assess your needs and get to know you as a person to create a tailored programme of help, treatment, and action.


Detoxification process

The detoxification process is an initial step of recovery, essential to complete to get clean. A medically assisted detox helps to withdraw the body from drugs, alcohol, and their effects.

Without a detox process, a build-up of drugs and alcohol will remain, risking further cravings and consumption. By removing all toxins, there will be a chance for the body to readjust and thrive through sobriety.

A detox will unfold by stopping all consumption and exposure whilst using safe detoxification medications. For some clients, replacement drugs are essential to detox slowly. In some instances, a build-up can be so severe that a steady process must be completed to avoid inducing extreme shock on the body and mind.

As withdrawal progresses, withdrawal symptoms are expected. Symptoms can be both physical and psychological and can last for days post-detox. They are also found to range in form and degree, best managed through the safe and professional drug and alcohol rehab setting.

Post-detox, balance can be restored. Yet to manage addiction for the long-term, rehabilitation efforts must also be completed.


Rehabilitation treatment services

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking, treatments and therapies are expected to directly follow the detox process. At this moment, your needs will differentiate your programme from others by merging the most effective addiction treatment services.

All services will focus on rehabilitation, around psychotherapy, one-to-one sessions, and group activities. Rehabilitation aims to understand and digest emotions, along with responses to drugs and alcohol. It also focuses on creating and strengthening coping strategies and preventive steps for future substance abuse.

A range of treatment services offer effects through addiction recovery, including cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, dual diagnosis treatments, motivational therapy, family therapy, support groups and relapse prevention planning.

Through either an outpatient or inpatient programme, recommendations will fill your schedule to treat and manage your addiction efficiently. Yet to strengthen the recovery rate, Asana Lodge also focuses on holistic healing by including some evidence-based techniques. The likes of sauna detoxification, mindfulness, meditation, NAD+ therapy and satori chair therapy can be experienced to focus on wellbeing and mental health.

With quality professional help, detoxing and rehabilitating from drug and alcohol abuse is realistic. You can also set your expectations on managing your addiction for the long term. Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking registered under the CQC will make this possible.

Contact our team at Asana Lodge for more information on the treatments and therapies we offer through addiction recovery.

Does cognitive behavioural therapy work?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective treatment service, used to understand and adapt emotional responses. It’s a very successful treatment through addiction and mental health recovery as it works to restore clarity and a healthier way of thinking.

How to help someone who is addicted to drugs?

The most beneficial help you can offer will be through support, understanding and empathy. Emotional help will be invaluable, along with motivating the idea of rehabilitation.

How does addiction affect family and friends?

An addiction can severely affect onlookers. It can be difficult to witness addiction, it can also be challenging to maintain relationships through substance abuse, and it can also be testing to offer support. Through a family and friend referral, all-round support can be offered to work through those challenges.