Knowing whether you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, or whether you have a standalone physical problem can be tough.

Through such excessive consumption, there’s a chance that you may be living in denial, there’s a chance that you may have a clouded outlook on reality, and there’s a chance that you may consistently consume drugs and alcohol, without the opportunity to withdraw.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Farnham

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While currently, you may feel like you’re coping, you may feel the positives of drugs and alcohol, and you may not worry excessively over your consumption, it is in fact important to know where you stand with such addictive substances.

Through denial or ignorance, you may be enabling a chronic drug and alcohol addiction, possible causing significant dangers, on both physical and psychological levels.

This is exactly why it’s important to ask yourself ‘am I addicted to drugs and alcohol?’, along with considering professional evaluations and recommendations.

We at Asana Lodge can provide insight for you, we can assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, and we can facilitate your rehabilitation programme to best fit your needs.

Overlook the offering of a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham by familiarising yourself with the standard of specialist care you can encounter here.


Am I addicted to drugs and alcohol?

The word addiction is heavily thrown around, as soon as excessive consumption is experienced/witnessed. Reasonably, any degree of drug and alcohol misuse will be dangerous and should be managed. However, there is a difference between being addicted to drugs and alcohol and abusing them.

Substance abuse will usually surround standalone physical associations. By this, we mean that cravings and side effects will commonly be physical. An addiction is where both physical and psychological associations are experienced, where chemical changes in the brain are experienced, where the development of mental health issues are likely, and where outlooks and behaviours are affected by drugs and alcohol.

Do you feel like your life is consumed by drugs and alcohol? Have you experienced significant change, in relation to your consumption? Are you finding it hard to stop consuming drugs and alcohol? I

f you’ve answered yes, you could be addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, it is recommended that you always aim for a medical evaluation to fully and reliably understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol.


Who will residential rehab benefit?

Residential rehab will most definitely benefit those who are experiencing addictive behaviours and/or mental health issues. The service of residential rehab is recommended as it offers an intensive, consistent and personalised programme, which can motivate the key recovery milestones at an efficient rate.

With this in mind, those who have deeply ingrained habits, those who are struggling mentally, those who cannot just stop consumption, and those who have experienced damages through substance abuse will benefit from residential rehab.

Outpatient rehab is a favoured idea, as flexibility is present, where you’ll reside from your home in Farnham while completing treatment service sessions.

While this is ideal, it unfortunately is an unrealistic process for those who cannot control their consumption. Instead, residential rehab will provide respite from all influences, to ensure that you can remain focused and in control.


Should I pick a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham?

You can select a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham. However, our rehab clinic is located outside of your area, which may benefit you greater.

As we’ve shared above residential rehab is a significant and valuable service to invest in. However, you can expect even greater results by providing yourself with distance from your current lifestyle.

This recommendation is especially wise if you are struggling with an addiction, as your consumption will likely be fuelled by familiarity, from your routine, to your daily stresses, to your environment.

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab outside of Farnham, you’ll have the time and focus to remove yourself from your comfort zone, in tandem with detaching yourself from drugs and alcohol.


How will I know if I’m suffering from a dual diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is where mental health issues are also experienced in tandem with drug and alcohol abuse. While standing as a taboo subject, mental health issues are common when excessively consuming drugs and alcohol, down to their toxicity and the changes that they cause to the brain.

You may personally overlook your feelings and emotions, blaming drugs and alcohol for their cause. While in the grand scheme of things, they are. However, it is also important to seek professional support surrounding your mental health, as you may be struggling with depression or anxiety.

In the event of a dual diagnosis, dedicated treatment services will be recommended to help you heal on a mutual basis. At Asana lodge, we place great emphasis on cognitive recovery, which can benefit both diagnoses.


What type of treatments will I need to complete via rehab?

The types of treatments you complete will depend on the severity and makeup of your addiction. Addiction history is different for every client, meaning that differing addiction treatment recommendations.

To cater to your needs, we will personalise your treatment programme, ensuring that safe and effective services are recommended.

Our recommendations will take your health into consideration, your mental health, your side effects, your withdrawal symptoms, your genes, and your recovery goals. All are very important and must be prioritised to ensure that you can recover safely but sustainably.

You’ll most definitely detox from drugs and alcohol, you’ll most definitely complete therapy, and you’ll most definitely plan for relapse prevention. Yet, exact recommendations will be personally communicated and will remain confidential.

Our approach may be different to one of a drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham. Yet through experience, we understand the importance of personalisation, especially through addiction recovery.

Contact our team to understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol, along with moving forward with our comprehensive rehab programmes. Through our approach, you can expect a transparent, reliable and personal experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, catered around your needs and history with addictive substances.