A drug and alcohol addiction can cause physical, psychological, and behavioural changes. Through the internal interaction that drugs and alcohol have, with the body and mind, significant intervention is required to reverse the effects of addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Camberley

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A suitable intervention can be found through drug and alcohol rehab, laying out the necessary steps of addiction recovery. Each step will mark a milestone of recovery, such as drug and alcohol withdrawal, to combine and promote sobriety.

Rehab is the best place to not only experience those steps, safely and privately, but it’s also an encouraging process, to revert the change and elevate the sustainability of sober living.

Access professional intervention and the subsequent steps of addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley should offer a personal opportunity to fulfil each milestone. Expect such a process here at our drug rehab clinic.

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What happens during drug and alcohol addiction recovery?

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is the process of reverting the effects of addictive substances. Behavioural changes, from outlooks and attitudes to emotional responses are the most impactful effect of substance abuse, noticeable as signs and symptoms of addiction.

The addiction recovery process, facilitated through rehab, helps to promote detoxification from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Yet it also focuses on understanding and changing behavioural responses, to break the habit of addiction.

A drug and alcohol rehab clinic is the best place to encounter this process, fulfilled through an offering of addiction treatment services and steps of a safe recovery. Broken down into milestones of sobriety, the process can increase the probabilities of long-term recovery on a post-rehab basis.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley

The recovery process can be experienced through drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley. Through such services, an expectation of a personally structured programme should be made, whilst also highlighting the steps of necessary recovery.

We at Asana Lodge follow this approach when forming rehab programmes, recommended safe and holistic treatments and therapies. Working through suitable bouts of treatment and supportive resources will move individuals through the recovery process, motivating key milestones.

To withdraw from drugs and alcohol on physical and psychological levels, and to revert the changes that substance abuse causes, a comprehensive programme should be fulfilled. Through a 28-day inpatient programme, fulfilment is realistic, setting the foundations for change. Experiencing this via a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley is possible with personal commitment and professional backing here at Asana Lodge.


Medical detoxification

One of many addiction treatment services that should be expected through addiction recovery includes medical detoxification. A drug and alcohol detox programme will help to motivate physical withdrawal from the makeup of consumption, readjusting and stabilising health and sobriety.

Medical detox is advised due to the nature of detoxing, where withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, nausea, irritability, and confusion are common. With medical backing and direction, detoxing safely from drugs and alcohol will be possible, starting the addiction recovery process.


Tailored treatment options

Progressing through the addiction recovery process will be influenced by addiction treatment services. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley, tailored recommendations should be expected, to ensure that rehabilitation can be personally fulfilled.

At this point, treatment options including cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, family therapy, exposure therapy, mindfulness and dual diagnosis treatment will be appropriately recommended. Through assessing personal needs, recommendations can be made to promote advancement safely and effectively through the recovery process.

Treatments and therapies through drug and alcohol rehab will work to consider behavioural and psychological adaptations while influencing healthy change and rebuild. The aim will be to heal the mind and offer the opportunity to positively detach from drugs and alcohol, helping to translate through physical recovery.

Our approach at Asana Lodge heavily focuses on personal bouts of psychologically designed addiction treatment services. Helping to achieve key milestones of recovery, treatment not only ingrains new outlooks but also helps to communicate life-long skills of sobriety.


Planning through relapse prevention

The recovery process through drug and alcohol rehabilitation must be maintainable and preventable of relapse. An expected step of rehab is relapse prevention planning, which will be offered after treatment to strengthen those new skills.

Relapse prevention is the process of safeguarding recovery efforts and continuing them through post-rehab life. Helping to provide a confident return to a degree of normality for you in Camberley, relapse prevention will help to plan healthy coping strategies and preventive tips through drug and alcohol exposure.

The addiction recovery process is a necessary overarching step, helping to deter ongoing and future impacts from drugs and alcohol. While each process will be different for every recovering addict, due to personal needs and experiences, key steps will be required, such as detoxification and treatment.

Available through a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley, you can look to experience the process here at Asana Lodge, tailored to your needs and addiction type.

The addiction recovery process is realistic, meaning that a drug and alcohol addiction can be treated and managed. Experience your own process via a drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley with our support at Asana Lodge.  

Does rehab work?

Recognised as an effective and safe step, rehab does work, driving the addiction recovery process. It’s beneficial for those who commit themselves to the entire process, ready to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

The contents and pace of rehab help to promote safe withdrawal and rebuild, which will be impossible through other means. Experiencing such benefits will be possible via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Camberley.

How long will I have to be in rehab?

A typical rehab programme will last 28 days, moving clients through the addiction recovery process. However, depending on personal needs and responses to treatment, programmes can sometimes be longer. The delivery of treatment can also impact the timescale of rehab, supporting our offering of inpatient treatment, as an efficient step.

What support is available once I leave rehab?

Aftercare is a general offering of support, which follows straight after inpatient treatment. It’s a continuous service for 12 months post-rehab, offering access to suitable support groups and therapy sessions.

Support after rehab will be beneficial, to help with the adjustment phase of the recovery process, which is where you’ll carry forward your new skills of sobriety.