If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Yorkshire and the Humber, then look no further. Our treatment centre focuses on providing evidence-based, personalised treatment programmes to help you achieve long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire and the Humber

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The road to recovery will always be a challenge, but with the help of our dedicated team, we’re confident we can help you turn your life around and become sober again.

Get your life back on track and call our team today on 01908 489 421.


What is it like at Our Rehab Centre?

When searching for rehab centres you’re likely to come across a wide variety of treatment options, ranging from free local health services to private residential rehab centres like ours.

Whilst other treatment centres who offer free services or specialise in outpatient treatment may be set in quite a clinical environment, our rehab in Yorkshire and the Humber couldn’t be further from this. We know how important it is to promote a positive, relaxed environment, and that’s just what we do.

We welcome in all of our clients with open arms, making you feel at ease and as comfortable as possible as you undergo your addiction treatment.

Not only do our highly experienced team deliver the latest techniques in addiction treatments, they also take care of every home comfort you could wish for during your stay.

From ensuring a comfortable, private room to providing you with a housekeeping and laundry service, we also give you daily nutritious meals to enjoy; your stay with us is more like a 5* hotel than a hospital.

We have no waiting lists, so are ready to welcome you into our rehab centre immediately.

We encourage all of our clients to make the most of our fantastic rehab facilities featuring serene gardens for relaxing walks, yoga, fitness classes and more.


How to identify the Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An addiction to alcohol or drugs can have a detrimental affect on your physical and psychological well-being. Excessive alcohol or drug consumption will dramatically deteriorate your physical health, which can also lead to ongoing mental health conditions.

Your relationships with family and friends are likely to take a hit as your addiction becomes your main focus. You’re also likely to deliver a poor performance in work as the effects of your addiction impact on your career. There really aren’t any circumstances where addiction is accepted or useful, it only causes devastation to anyone effected.

If you’re concerned that yourself or a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

These include feeling depressed, anxious, nauseous, shaky, dizzy, experiencing fluctuating temperatures, redness of the face, skin sores, sweats, difficult sleeping, and significant weight gain or loss.

If you’re still unsure whether you need to visit a drug or alcohol rehabilitation, then it may help to answer the following questions; if you answer yes to any, then you should be contacting our rehab in Yorkshire and the Humber immediately.

  • If you’re feeling stressed, does drinking, or taking drugs excessively have a calming effect?
  • Is your next drink or drug constantly at the forefront of your mind?
  • Do you feel as though alcohol or drugs are the most important thing in your life?
  • Have you ever been physically sick as result of heavy drinking or drug taking?
  • Are you worried about living a sober life because of a lack of control?

Many people who are suffering with an addiction to alcohol or drugs struggle to accept that they have a problem or don’t know who to turn to for help. If you continue to fuel your addiction, you could cause severe harm to your well-being.

From damaging your organs, to increasing the likelihood of having a stroke, heart disease or diabetes, your mental health will also be affected, making you more susceptible to risk of suicide, clinical depression, and anxiety. Don’t let your addiction ruin your life, get in touch with our dedicated team today to take the first step towards achieving long-term recovery.


Do we offer a Variety of Addiction Treatments at Our Centre?

It’s been proven that the most successful method of treating drug or alcohol addiction is by combining psychological therapies with well-being therapies. This is our chosen approach as we aim to give all of our clients the most efficient and effective recovery journey.

The most common psychological therapies we offer include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychosis, stress management, relapse prevention classes, clinical detoxification and individual, group or family counselling.

Combine these with our well-being therapies such as sleep and relaxation management, mindfulness, acupuncture and acu-detox, low level laser therapy, and art, drama, and music therapies, and you’ve got an effective treatment programme to follow.

Medically assisted detoxification is a likely process that most of our clients to go through in the early stages of their treatment programme.

During drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you need to address both the physical and psychological elements of addiction; our detox clinic focuses on the physical side.

By removing all of the harmful toxins from your body, detoxification helps you to cleanse and prepare for the subsequent psychological therapies.

Detoxing isn’t an easy process, it can be quite uncomfortable, even dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to present themselves as you reduce your alcohol or drug consumption.

These can vary from mild nausea to life-changing illnesses such as delirium tremens (DT’s) which need to be met with emergency medical attention.

This is why it’s so vital that you undergo your detox in a professional environment where you’re supervised around the clock by a team of medical experts.

If you’re prepared to make a change and lead a happier, healthier life free from addiction, then we’re ready to help you.

Call our team today on 01908 489 421 and take the first steps towards achieving your recovery goals.