Are you from North Yorkshire? Are you looking for a way out of a drug and alcohol addiction? If so, Asana Lodge can help you. Please call us today on 01908 489421 to discuss your concerns in complete confidence.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab North Yorkshire

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We offer private drug and alcohol rehab in the North Yorkshire region. Because our service is private, we don’t need a GP referral or any NHS involvement with your treatment.

Asana Lodge can offer you priced, holistic drug or alcohol rehab with no waiting lists and immediate access to treatment. We assure you of discretion and confidence.

Prior to your admission to our rehab treatment centre in North Yorkshire, you’ll likely have a wide range of emotions around the concept of denial. When in the grips of a drug or alcohol addiction, admitting you have lost control of your behaviour is difficult.

This often leaves addicts feeling powerless and fuels attempts to resolve this by yourself when that is not a safe thing to do.


Defeating denial

It’s a regrettable fact that thousands of people die of a drug and alcohol addiction every year due to denial. You will need to find significant inner strength to overcome your own denial and doing so is the first stage of a long-term recovery. If accepting you are suffering from an addiction is a struggle for you, the first step is to contact Asana Lodge for guidance and help.

When you are ready to accept you have a problem, your next step towards recovery is to get professional addiction treatment. A course of residential rehab is the best way to treat a drug or alcohol addiction.

This removes you from your normal environment, which is often difficult, and places you in the safety and comfort of one of Asana Lodge’s luxury treatment centres. This allows you to remove yourself from temptation and to focus squarely on your treatment programme.


Your treatment in North Yorkshire

After an initial telephone consultation, you’ll be admitted to one of our rehab centres. Private rehab isn’t cheap but we are reasonably priced and we guarantee no hidden costs. We request a minimum commitment of 28 days from you, so that we can treat you accurately.

Many people who undergo outpatient rehab with the NHS do not have the root cause of their illness diagnosed or treated and as such, a relapse is more likely further down the line.

We will spend time getting to know you and you will be evaluated both physically and psychologically by our expert staff. We believe that diagnosing the root cause of your illness is as important as anything which is why we spend time getting to find out about you.

Many addicts have a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition alongside an addiction, and we will help you to recover from both.


Your detox and recovery

When you have been assessed and diagnosed, your treatment will begin with a period of detox. Many of our clients feel this is the hardest part of their treatment options and detox is undoubtedly a difficult time.

Most people who have a drug or alcohol addiction will need to undergo a detox and Asana Lodge are best placed to help you through this rather unpleasant spell. Every person and every addiction is different, so there’s no set length to your detox but it generally varies from 3-4 days to as much as 16 days.

By tapering away the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume, we aim to gradually remove all of the toxins that build up in your body as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. This however will be felt by both your body and mind in the form of withdrawal symptoms.

Examples of withdrawal symptoms include excessive sweating and shaking, stomach cramps and vivid nightmares. Therefore, we recommend residential rehab when a detox is required. Our staff will be on hand to help you 24 hours a day in order to maintain your safety.

They will also be able to provide prescription medication where required to alleviate any discomfort the withdrawal symptoms are causing you.

When your detox is completed, you will be free from the effects of drug and alcohol and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the next steps of your treatment.

Asana Lodge use science-based treatment programmes and our holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab complements the rest of your recovery.


Therapy and aftercare

Every aspect of your treatment programme is tailored to you as an individual and we will create a plan that is best suited to what you require. You will undergo cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in one to one sessions with a therapist to help to treat the root cause of your issue.

Many people find themselves suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as the result of a difficult childhood or significant life events and we’ll be able to explore this with you.

There are also several group therapy sessions available to attend where you can discuss and share your problems with your fellow recovering addicts. You can learn new coping mechanisms and build a network of contacts for when you return to your normal life in North Yorkshire.

When you leave our care, we’ll draw up a detailed secondary care plan which it’s vital that you follow. It’s an unfortunate fact that you will be at the most risk of suffering from a relapse in the year immediately following your discharge.

However, we will give you the tools you need to continue to abstain and you will have a fresh mindset ready for the challenge ahead. There’s no cure for recovery, it’s an ongoing process and you will have access to our 24-hour helpline to help you if you can feel yourself struggling.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you. We know making that first call will be hard, but it could potentially change your life, or that of a loved one.

Please call Asana Lodge straight away on 01908 489421 and let us show how we can help you have a future free of drugs or alcohol.