Drug and alcohol consumption is a physical action. To an addiction level, those actions are usually excessive. Although addictions are normally noticeable through behaviours, the most significant change and concern lies within the mind.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Eggborough

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As consumption is physical, a detoxification process is understandably recommended to stop both cravings and habits. Yet, a range of treatments and therapies will also need to be committed to and completed to treat addiction.

The most beneficial way to experience both will be through rehabilitation help, working through a tailored programme of addiction recovery. Offered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough, treatment will be available to start once you’re ready to withdraw and heal from addiction.

Our facility here at Asana Lodge can offer you a tailored programme focusing on physical and psychological addiction recovery. Request a call back today to see how we can support you through your long-term recovery journey.


Rehabilitation help

As an addiction impacts both the body and mind, considering professional rehabilitation help is essential. It’s understandable why many people believe that a detox process will help to promote recovery. Through such belief, you may have also considered visiting a detox clinic to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Detoxification will motivate the first steps of recovery, known as withdrawal. Yet, it alone doesn’t treat the psychological changes and impacts of drug and alcohol abuse. Instead, you will require full rehabilitation.

A range of treatments and therapies will need to be completed to focus on healing the mind. Holistic therapies are highly effective through this step, best guided by medical teams, leading therapists, and a team of wellbeing professionals.

Available to experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough, rehabilitation help will offer respite from addiction and the chance to rest, reset, and recover for the long-term.


The rehab process

The rehabilitation process is entirely bespoke. At Asana Lodge, our programmes are tailored to the needs of our clients whilst making use of scientifically proven treatments and therapies. We guide our clients through key phases of the process. Yet each will be tailored to nurture individual progress and safety.

The process begins with admission into rehab, a universal phase, helping to make sure that rehab is currently suitable for you. A clinical assessment will help understand your needs and whether they can be catered to through drug and alcohol rehab. An assessment will also highlight possible treatment options, including outpatient and inpatient forms.

Post-assessment, arrangements will be made to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough, following the right treatment option for your needs. Here’s where the detoxification process will be completed, followed by a nutritional management programme.

Psychological recovery will then be worked towards as the next phase, offering one-to-one treatments, psychotherapy, and restoration techniques.

Finishing with a tailored aftercare programme, rehab will work to treat every aspect of life, including post-rehab routines and habits. Offered over one year, aftercare will work alongside relapse prevention planning to reduce the risks of future consumption.

Filtered through the process will be a range of social and wellbeing services, possible mental health support and education, to offer the chance to understand and change from addiction.


How to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough?

It’s vital to complete the rehab process via the most suitable rehab clinic and programme. There will be many factors to consider when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough to experience rehabilitation help.

Personal factors to think about include:

  • Location, and whether you’re hoping to recover in Eggborough
  • Budget to make sure that rehab is affordable in the long-term
  • Physical and mental health, to make sure that the proper treatment services and support can be experienced
  • Available time, usually impacting the decision between outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Addiction type and its severity, to find a specialist rehab clinic

Being aware of your needs will ensure that a suitable experience can be arranged for you through drug and alcohol rehab. Prioritise them, whilst also finding a CQC registered facility, to feel confident and comfortable with the expected quality of care.

We assess your needs through our admissions process to make sure that rehabilitation help is suitable and can be tailored through a personal and progressive approach.


Detoxification treatment and mental health support

An effective rehab process will be full of leading yet suitable treatments and therapies. Working through each phase, particular services and forms of support will be recommended, creating a bespoke programme for each client.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol is essential to healing the body, along with improving wellbeing. Detoxification is one of the most completed treatment services found to influence withdrawal.

Experienced best through a professional and medical setting, detoxing is found to result in withdrawal symptoms. Managed through rehab, withdrawal can, however, be pain-free and comfortable.

Our therapies here at Asana Lodge set us apart from other rehab clinics, as we use traditional and scientifically proven services. Standard therapy services, psychotherapy, one-to-one sessions, group formats and relapse prevention planning will be expected. Yet, we also recommend therapies such as Satori chair therapy and brain restoration to treat addiction holistically.

Through addictive behaviours, it’s common to encounter mental health symptoms. This is known as a dual diagnosis, also requiring attention through rehab. A dual diagnosis is where substance abuse and mental illness symptoms develop alongside one another, found to speed up and worsen initial symptoms. As they are found to be co-occurring, mental health support is also an essential offering through rehab.

Expecting to complete appropriate yet highly effective treatments is the case here at Asana Lodge, chosen to benefit physical and psychological recovery.


The length of rehab

The average rehab length for an inpatient process lasts 30 days. Working through each phase will be possible within this timeframe, as care and treatment will be consistent. Selecting an outpatient programme will be longer, as treatment is offered weekly to fit into everyday life.

The ideal length of rehab will again be tailored to your needs, making sure that each phase can be completed. Essential to complete the rehabilitation process, it is crucial to dedicate time and focus on addiction recovery.

Contact our team at Asana Lodge to work through the admissions process, offering guidance and a plan of action for your rehab journey.

How do I access drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough?

Accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Eggborough will be possible through a self-referral, followed by the admissions process. Preparing for both steps will be important, which we can help you with at Asana Lodge.

What happens after drug and alcohol rehab?

After completing a rehab programme, life will change, where you’ll need to maintain a drug and alcohol-free routine and lifestyle. Tools and services such as aftercare and relapse prevention planning will help you do so. Professional support is available for 1-year after rehab, to ease this period for you.

Can I refer a family member to drug and alcohol rehab?

Most definitely. Through our services, a family and friend referral can take place, to motivate the idea of rehabilitation. Interventive services are also available if a referral is unwelcomed.