Many individuals believe that substance abuse is a choice. In fact, initial drug and alcohol consumption is commonly an active choice. A user will go from being sober, to consuming drugs and alcohol for any given reason, from celebrating, to unwinding after a busy week in work.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab York

Yet, when it concerns an addiction diagnosis, that level of control, of choice is commonly lacking. There are many causations of addiction. Causations will in fact differ for each individual. Environments, pre-existing biological weaknesses, social pressures and mental health issues are a few influential causations, turning innocent consumption into a need.

Emotions, feelings, stress and even previous experiences can also act as causation for addiction.

Down to this, down to the variation of causations, it is very important that firstly professional support with drug and alcohol rehabilitation is sourced, and secondly, that personal causations are overcome through rehab.

While set away from your local area, at Asana Lodge, we encourage the selection of residential rehab, helping to firmly move you away from your causation.

Overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in York will benefit you in many ways, which you can soon experience by visiting our Towcester based rehab clinic.


Overcoming the causation of addiction

Some clients will understand their causation. They may have used drugs and alcohol to block our mental health side effects. While others may lack knowledge, where the materialisation of addiction has come as a shock.

Although awareness may or may not be present, it is very important that professional addiction support is sourced to overcome that causation.

Causation is the exact trigger or reason, fuelling initial drug and alcohol consumption. Once this process begins, it will then be the addictive characteristics and the physical and psychological adaptations which drugs and alcohol cause, driving the development of addiction.

However, in order to overcome an addiction, the initial causation must also be recognised and diminished.

Without this step, that causation can once again influence substance abuse, posing risks of an addiction diagnosis, into the future.

For some clients, causations can be depression, where drugs and alcohol act as a coping strategy. For others, it can be a pre-existing weakness, in the brain, naturally increasing the risk of addiction. In both cases, working through causations, treating it as a dual diagnosis is imperative.

This will ensure that physical and psychological long-term recovery can be aimed for.

While you may believe that this level of recovery can be achieved via a generic drug and alcohol rehab in York, unfortunately, it cannot; increasing the need to visit Asana Lodge.


Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in York

In some situations, localised recovery can offer rehabilitation opportunities. However, this can be very difficult when concerning an addiction, down to physical and psychological causations. With this in mind, looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in York will benefit you and your recovery rates, greatly.

This is down to the fact that causations are usually linked to emotions, to places, to people, to experiences, to stress and to memories, which in turn show themselves in different, uncontrolled forms. Great focus and concentration must be present when treating drug and alcohol addiction.

By remaining in York, risks of deterring that concentration will be present, ultimately pausing addiction treatment, or worse yet, stopping it completely.

With this in mind, it is encouraged that you actively remove yourself from the risk of this, by visiting a residential rehab, specialising in addiction and mental health recovery.


Mental health recovery at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we specialise in both addiction and mental health recovery programmes. Yet, we focus greatly on the psychological diagnosis of each.

While physical side effects may show themselves, while physical causations may drive drug and alcohol abuse, psychological associations will continue to motivate addictive behaviours.

With this in mind, we aim to tackle those psychological associations, soon followed by the treatment of physical associations. This is completed by assessing brain functionality and response rates when considering drug and alcohol consumption.

We also look into mental health issues, which correlate highly with addiction. Those weaknesses or adaptations will then be looked into, to truly understand the necessary steps, provided by addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment.

Through the likes of art therapy, detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, virtual reality therapy and brain restoration, addiction can be worked through. Exact addiction treatment options will be endorsed post-assessment.

Yet, to tackle mental health recovery, dual-diagnosis treatment will be required, standing as an independent treatment programme.

To offer reassurance, if you are therefore suffering from mental health issues, or understand that psychological triggers are fuelling your consumption, this can be worked through here at Asana Lodge, proving you with greater recovery opportunities in York.

Our approach to rehab sets us apart from other rehabilitation clinics, ensuring that your mind is firstly healed, followed by the rest of your persona.


Begin the rehab admission process today

You can benefit from our approach while working towards tackling your causation by beginning your rehab admission process. This can be arranged by simply contacting our team, ready to complete your pre-admission assessment.

Our assessment will then work to understand your needs via rehab, along with your cognitive responses to drug and alcohol consumption, and external stimulus. From here, we can use this data to offer realistic and safe addiction treatment endorsements, ensuring that long-term recovery can be achieved post-rehab.

Once your personal rehab programme has been formed, your admission date will be set, welcoming you from York.

Remove yourself from existing influences and triggers, by looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in York. Initially, it may feel strange to leave home for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, it will be the best step you take, helping you overcome your addiction, subsequently your causation.

This is a very important step, which many individuals lack awareness of. Yet, with our support at Asana Lodge, we can help you understand your triggers and how to avoid them moving forward, avoiding drug and alcohol relapse risks.