If you’re looking to recover, to truly overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, it’s time to look beyond convenience.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barnsley

Unfortunately, many individuals, aiming for recovery will select the easiest option. This is foreseeable, down to the struggles associated with prolonged drug and alcohol consumption.

However, now isn’t the time to settle for average or for general drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes.

Having the inclination to recover is a pinnacle moment. You must utilize this passion and readiness to act and benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, to elevate the potential of rehab, it’s important that you select the most fitting and effective rehab programme, over convenience.

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley may bring initial comfort. However, through generalist approaches, future struggles are likely to continue in association with drugs and alcohol.

Yet, by taking a leap and stepping out of your comfort zone here at Asana Lodge, you’ll soon be experiencing the benefits of sober living, of long-term recovery.


Look beyond a generalist Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Barnsley

As we’ve mentioned above, many individuals will select a generalist rehab clinic in their local area. It is easy to see why, as convenience is a key selling point.

However, through vast scientific research, a generalist approach will only tackle the surface layer of a drug and alcohol addiction.

Addictions are highly complex. They are a chronic brain illness, sometimes requiring varying forms and length of addiction treatment.

Down to the variety of causations, of side effects, of withdrawal symptoms, of rehabilitation experiences, a generalist approach will only tackle common signs of an addiction. For most this will only motivate short-term recovery.

As a result of this, if you are only looking for respite, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley will be a convenient option.

However, if you’re aiming for long-term recovery, looking beyond your local area will be encouraged, with the intention to visit a specialist rehab clinic.

Understandably, this step may currently feel impossible. Yet, you can leave Barnsley for a period of drug and alcohol rehabilitation through residential rehab.

Offered here at Asana Lodge, we advocate residential rehab, providing you with everything you need to withdraw and rehabilitate, comfortably.

Although selecting a Barnsley based drug and alcohol treatment centre may feel like the easiest option, challenges will likely follow.

Yet, by taking a bigger step now, via our holistic alcohol and drug rehab, recovery will become easier, as will sober living.


The value of science here at Asana Lodge

Alongside the value we offer through residential rehab, our specialist and unique approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation truly provides worthwhile recovery experiences.

Standing differently to a generalist drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley, at Asana Lodge, we prioritise personal causations.

We understand the requirement for unique treatment programmes and recommendations, helping to tackle deeply ingrained habits. To stand strongly in this position, we also value scientific research on addiction recovery.

As scientific research identifies the multifaceted makeup of addiction, we aim to understand causations and motivates on a per client basis. This understanding is formed by completing a cognitive assessment, evaluating how the brain responds to drug and alcohol exposure.

We also assess further influential factors, such as social influences and environments. Through this assessment, we can pinpoint causations, we can reach a diagnosis, guiding the way with addiction treatment recommendations.

Although this may feel like a long process, it is an imperative step, helping to reach deeper layers of addiction recovery.

This alongside our passion and commitment helps promote high success rates with sustainable forecasts.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley, you may withdraw and learn to cope without addictive substances.

Yet at Asana Lodge, you’ll firstly understand your addiction greater, its causation and how to avoid future relapse.


Our processes, promoting withdrawal and restoration

Via our specialist rehab clinic, we follow a range of invaluable processes. Although all rehab programmes will be personal, it’s vital that we follow these processes to increase long-term recovery probabilities.

The first step is your assessment phase. Here is where we will understand the makeup of your addiction, along with physical and psychological associations you have to drugs and alcohol.

As outlined above, this assessment is very important, highlighting the exact formation and depth of your habit.

Next up, we will create a fitting rehab programme with suitable and safe addiction treatment recommendations. Detoxification is highly likely, followed by psychotherapy.

Both addiction treatment options are customarily used, helping to promote withdrawal on physical and psychological basis.

Once initial withdrawal has been achieved from drugs and alcohol, unique addiction treatment recommendations will come into play.

This can be anything from cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure therapy, to art therapy and brain restoration.

The aim here is to change the brain’s response to drugs and alcohol, ultimately changing outlooks and emotional connections.

In addition, increasing the normalisation of sober living is intended throughout this stage of rehab, helping to boost the acceptance of this reality back in Barnsley.

Lastly, once you’re showing positive recovery signs, an aftercare programme will be activated via a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley.

Here you will complete additional addiction treatment options; you’ll develop a relapse prevention plan and you’ll continue your long-term recovery journey.

Through our rehab clinic, you can advance through this intense yet worthwhile rehabilitation process, helping you reach a drug and alcohol-free status.

Unfortunately, this will not be possible through a generalist drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley, as surface level recovery is normally the only result.

To reach your recovery goals, a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation process must be completed. This is on offer here at Asana Lodge, providing a sustainable way to overcome a hard to treat habit.

Reach out today for further information on our process, only with starting your personal residential rehab programme. We can make all arrangements for you, ensuring that convenience can still be experienced, even away from Barnsley.

Select the easiest process in the long-term, known as a progressive and worthwhile process of holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation.