Seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Barnsley is the first step of the recovery journey. Learn more about your rehab treatment options here or call on 01908 489 421.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barnsley

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Different Rehab Options in Barnsley

The first thing to consider when searching for rehab treatment is whether you want to choose inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment.

If you are looking for local treatment, there are numerous local outpatient services available in Barnsley, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Another option for drug or alcohol addiction treatment is private rehab, which is what we offer at Asana Lodge. Located a short drive away from Barnsley, we offer state-of-the-art addiction treatment programmes to help you overcome your addiction long term.

If you are from the Darton, Penistone, Darfield, Wombwell, Royston, Dodworth or Cudworth region, we can help you quit drug and alcohol addiction at Asana Lodge.

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Addictions We Treat

There are numerous types of addiction that we treat at Asana Lodge. Some of these include:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Cannabis addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction, such as codeine
  • Mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression or anxiety alongside substance addiction


How Addiction is Treated

From alcohol addiction to prescription drug addictions, detox is the first phase of rehab treatment. Drug and alcohol detox can be a very challenging time, which is why you are monitored and provided with prescription medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms if necessary.

Once the detox process is completed, you will then receive a number of therapy treatments to tackle the psychological element of addiction.

Therapies offered at Asana Lodge can include:

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Satori chair


Seek Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Barnsley

If you feel that you may have an addiction but are not sure if you need treatment, the first step to take is to seek professional advice from your GP. They can offer you guidance and suggest resources to help you if you need them.

If you are aware that you have a serious alcohol or drug addiction in Barnsley, you can also call our team for help.

Our admissions process is easy and offers you treatment options at our inpatient rehab as soon as possible for you. You can speak to our team and start your treatment programme by calling on 01908 489 421.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Outpatient Treatment Barnsley

If you decide to receive outpatient treatment for your addiction in Barnsley, there are multiple services to help you.

Alcoholics Anonymous hosts weekly support group sessions across Barnsley and have their meeting timetable on the AA website.

Barnsley Council also provides informational resources on their website about alcohol abuse and healthy living if you are looking for local help in Barnsley.

If you would like to learn more about your addiction treatment options, contact us today.


Start Recovery Today at Asana Lodge

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is a hard process which can be helped with the help of professionals. Our team of addiction recovery workers and medical professionals are experienced and understanding of your needs throughout treatment.

Our facility offers a Satori Chair, stunning views of the Yardley Gibbon countryside and gym equipment to help you recover with dignity and comfort.

Recently refurbished, our residential rehab centre is modern and provides you with a beautiful environment to overcome your substance abuse.

Not only is your treatment programme made with you in mind, but you also receive one year of virtual free aftercare in Barnsley to help you during your first year of sobriety.

To learn more about your rehab options or our treatment centre, fill out our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I should attend Rehab?

If you struggle to cope without drugs or alcohol, have tried and failed to quit or cut down or continue to drink and use drugs despite knowing there might be negative consequences, it might be time to seek help. We know that people struggling with addiction are often in denial about the extent of their problem, so we also offer services such as family intervention and family referrals to help get the ball rolling.

What happens during the admission process?

During the admissions process we will carry out an assessment to find out more about your addiction and general health. This will help us to draw up an appropriate addiction treatment plan tailored to your own circumstances. We also offer family referrals if you need to start the ball rolling on a loved one’s behalf.

How much does inpatient rehab cost?

It’s impossible to predict exactly how much rehab treatment will cost as prices vary. However, you can expect a 28-day treatment plan to cost around £12,000 - £18,000.