Regardless of what you may have found yourself becoming addicted to, and regardless of why or how you have developed said addiction, Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Bingley will be able to provide a compassionate and intensive course of addiction treatment which will ensure that you foster a new life of healthy sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bingley

It is not easy to make a severe break from a cycle of addiction, but with appropriate medical support and therapy, it is possible.

Overcoming an addiction for the long term can take dedication and time, which is why Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol treatment options at our residential rehabilitation centres are perfect for those looking to make a serious commitment to recovery.

The initial step to overcoming a substance abuse disorder and/or an alcohol abuse disorder is asking for help.

Our helpline staff will make sure that they help you through any and all questions regarding our treatment plans and ensure that you find a place at our facility without issue — but, you still need to be the one to reach out.

You can call us today at any time on 01908 489 421 to find out how our treatments can benefit you specifically, or you can also enquire about our family and friend referral scheme if you are concerned about a loved one or friend who is exhibiting some of the hallmarks of someone struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction.


Addiction Treatment Options

If you have spent any time deliberating professional help with treating an addictive disorder then you will know that there is a wealth of options for addiction treatment, and it can be quite overwhelming when confronted with it all.

However, of all the treatment options, drug residential rehab has one of the most prolific success rates of all treatment options — our helpline staff will also be able to help advise you with a treatment option that will best suit you if you contact us.

Outpatient programmes may indeed be a somewhat cheaper option when considering addiction treatment, but due to the fact that you are returning to your home environment in between treatments, you will be at a very high risk of relapsing.

With an inpatient residential treatment programme here at Asana Lodge, our 24/7 medical support and monitoring will make the prospect of relapse incredibly minimal.

Additionally, attending a residential rehab will mean that you can take yourself, for the duration of our 28-day programmes, out of your home environment in order to focus on recovery and analysing the position that you have found yourself in.

Being away from home may seem quite unsettling, but it will prove invaluable in allowing you to make a clean break from your past while also better analysing what aspects of your day-to-day life you will need to alter going forward in order to achieve a sustainable life of sobriety.

The only thing that you will need to complete in advance of attending a course of treatment at our facility is a pre-admission interview.

The pre-admission interview, conducted via telephone, will help our addiction specialists to better understand your current condition and history of illness so as to better plan out your treatment plan before you arrive — thus meaning that you can start getting better right away once you are with us.

Accessibility requirements, personal needs, and budgetary requirements will all be sorted out in the pre-admission interview and allow you to start your treatment as soon as physically possible.

Unlike other treatment options, Asana Lodge does not present patients with long waiting periods before getting treatment, as we understand that waiting around can simply lead to a weakened resolve and even relapse.


Addiction Treatment For The Body And The Mind

All forms of addictive disorders can take a detrimental toll upon both an individual’s body and mind. No truly successful addiction treatment can help an individual overcome their addiction without treating the physical and the psychological facets of addiction.

Primarily, the physical treatment portion of your stay with us will consist of medically assisted detoxification at our alcohol detox clinic.

For individuals who are experiencing more severe withdrawal side-effects, this treatment will inform a larger part of their recovery, but everyone will experience a period of time at the detox clinic to ensure that their bodies are in the best possible condition to start the psychological intervention.

Psychological treatment will be a large part of any addiction treatment programme, and Asana Lodge’s treatment plans are no exception.

While we will put a larger weight on certain specific psychological treatments depending on what you are personally confronting and how well you are responding to certain treatments, there are a handful of psychological therapies which make up the majority of our treatment plans.

These therapies include the likes of dual-diagnosis therapy, grief and trauma counselling, one-to-one therapy, DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy), group therapy, and stress management classes.

Diving deep into your own psyche in order to better understand your own addiction and how it came to manifest will provide you with the ultimate advantage in overcoming it for the long term.

We have had countless success stories of people conquering their addiction at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, and understanding the inception of their addiction has always proven to be one of the main keys to moving past this illness.

All of these treatments, as well as the time that you will spend forming a relapse prevention plan at our facility, will mean that you are ready to live a life free from narcotics and/or alcohol when you return home.

Of course, you will also not be suddenly on your own when you leave our facility, as you’ll also be able to receive help through our complimentary one-year aftercare programme once you are back at home.

Our helplines are open now and our dedicated staff are ready to help you start getting the highest quality of addiction treatment, simply call us now on 01908 489 421.