When abusing drugs and alcohol, for the long-term or on an excessive scale, it is unfortunately common to experience mental health issues in tandem. However, down to the stigma, which is attached to mental health issues, little awareness is made around this likelihood.

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Through low awareness, more and more people are misusing drugs and alcohol, either to manage through mental health symptoms, to cope through low or challenging moments, or to escape from everyday stresses and reality. Yet, by doing so, they are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, while aggravating their mental health.

Are you worried about your mental health, in conjunction with your drug and alcohol consumption? Are you concerned that symptoms of depression or anxiety may be presenting themselves? Do you lack awareness of how to work through mental health issues, without the coping strategy of substance abuse?

Our website at Asana Lodge is the best starting point to increase your awareness around drugs, alcohol and how they affect the brain.

Alongside boosting your awareness, if you are worried, it’s time to consider a degree of professional support, whether that’s via a drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield, local to you, or our specialist treatment centre.

Working out what’s best for your mental health is recommended, through the combined specialist service of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Is it normal to experience mental health issues?

Yes, it is normal to experience a degree of cognitive impairment, when abusing drugs and alcohol. However, there are a number of factors which will dictate the degree of impairment which is experienced through substance abuse.

Firstly, some individuals will have a heightened susceptibility of experiencing mental health issues. This will be down to, biological weaknesses, found in the brain. Secondly, certain drugs can cause greater psychological adaptations, which then influence the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Lastly, the response that a user provides to those negative emotions will dictate the severity of mental health issues.

With this in mind, while they are normal, a definite experience isn’t set, nor is a dual diagnosis. However, it is important to keep in mind the correlation between mental health issues and substance abuse, which can make life even harder to deal with.


Can I heal privately via a drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield?

A private drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield will likely be accessible for you. However, before setting your sights on remaining local for rehab, it’s important to consider the privacy levels you’ll experience, along with how affected you are by the stigmatisation of mental health issues.

If you’re hoping for the greatest level of privacy, in tandem with specialist dual diagnosis treatment, you can expect this here at Asana Lodge. While set away from Huddersfield, you can benefit from the distance through residential rehab, while also working through our unique take on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Can I complete treatment for my mental health problems?

Dual diagnosis treatment is a standard service in conjunction with a reputable and specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic. This is down to the commonality of mental health side effects, with a focus on mood disorders, depression, anxiety and paranoia.

Through our services, mental healing will be the first key aim, helping to alleviate both addiction and mental health issues. This is what differentiates us from the likes of a drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield, of course in tandem with our location. We follow a scientific approach to addiction recovery which backs the addiction development process, found in the brain.

In order to motivate the recovery of addiction, restoring efforts must therefore be completed in the brain, helping to work through dual diagnosis side effects.

Alongside therapeutic addiction treatment services, you will also complete physical and social forms, helping to promote holistic healing, while working through personal drug and alcohol influences.


How will my future mental health impact my relapse risks?

Your future mental health will unfortunately impact your long-term recovery journey. This is why dual diagnosis treatment is important throughout rehab, to reduce your risks and help you heal through both brain conditions.

In tandem with the progress that you make throughout rehab, you will also need to continue to work on your mental health, as you will with your addictive triggers, helping to reduce exposure, helping to work through relapse risks, and helping to maintain a healthy quality of life.

Currently, you may feel like this will be impossible. Yet by understanding your mental health issues and the initial causation of them, alongside how to manage them through lifestyle changes and zero drug and alcohol exposure, recovery can be possible.

We at Asana Lodge aim for sustainable recovery for our clients which will benefit your mental health for the long-term. Relapse risks will also be approached on a personal basis, helping you form a relapse prevention plan to take back with you to Huddersfield, focusing on your lifestyle, physical and psychological health, and your coping strategies.


Will I always suffer from mental health issues?

Sadly, similarly to an addiction diagnosis, a definite cure doesn’t exist. However, conditions such as addiction and mental health issues can be manageable through safe and positive treatment services and coping strategies.

This is our approach at Asana Lodge, ensuring that our clients can experience the greatest quality of life while normalising a life without drugs and alcohol.

Naturally, this may be disheartening to hear. You may hope for a cure, a way out from depression or low feelings, which is why you may currently abuse drugs and alcohol.

Yet, down to the complexity of a dual diagnosis, you will have a sustainable plan to manage your triggers, your exposure and your lifestyle, benefiting the normalisation of longevity.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Huddersfield, recovering from a dual diagnosis may be possible. Yet here at Asana Lodge, we make it a strong possibility through our personalised and scientific outlooks of addiction treatment and rehabilitation, along with cognitive restoration.

Mental health issues and addiction are highly stigmatised, incorrectly. Yet, help is available, genuine support is available, and care is available, which you can experience today by reaching out.