Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction in the Potters Bar area? You are not alone as there are so many other people all over the world who are suffering from the same kind of addictions.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Potters Bar

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Addictions are so much more common than you may think and this is something that is important to remember. It has been proven time and time again that residential rehab is your best option for making a full recovery from any type of addiction.

No matter how severe or mild your addiction may seem, there is no better time than right now to reach out for professional help so that you can make a complete recovery.

Addictions can very easily spiral out of control and the longer you leave your addiction without the treatment you need, the worse your addiction will get and the harder it will be for you to recover.

Addictions can have extremely negative effects on your physical and mental health so you need to get help as soon as you possibly can. It’s no secret that addictions can eventually lead to death.

This is not a risk you want to be taking. Get in touch with us today to find out how to get started with your recovery and go back to living without a dependency on drugs or alcohol.


Recovery is The Most Positive Step You Can Take

Imagine a new life without drugs or alcohol. Imagine waking up in the morning with a clear head, positive outlook and more money. This is a future that is possible for you.

Dealing with the fact that you have an addiction is the first and hardest step of recovery. Addiction is difficult to deal with and it is important to know there is so much help and support out there for you.

Some find it extremely difficult to their family and friends about their addiction, some find their relationships have been damaged due to their addiction, however, there is always plenty of support out there for those who want it.

Recovery is a very serious thing and can be life-changing and a positive step in getting your life back or having a new chance at a better life. It is important to always take recovery seriously and comply with whatever treatments are offered to you when you seek support.

You must really want to get better in order for your recovery to work and to prevent relapse in the future.


You Must Get Help as Soon as Possible

You may feel that choosing a path of recovery such as rehab is scary or even unnecessary, but addiction is a disease that progressively gets worse, therefore it’s much better to get the support as early as you can.

If you receive the support as quickly as you realise you might need it, your addiction will be easier to treat and the process may not take as long. If you leave your addiction to worsen, this will eventually begin to negatively impact your life on a large scale.

If you leave an addiction to worsen you are likely to develop mental health issues, physical health issues, find breakdowns in relationships and even end up in debt. Addiction can, unfortunately, lead to homelessness and even death. This situation is not something to sit with, you must seek help as soon as you can.

You may find the idea of rehab daunting, you might not know what to expect and the unexpected can often be very unnerving. However, rehab is actually a very positive place to be and many find that they enjoy most of their time there and even make friends.

You may be discussing serious subjects and you may be there to deal with a serious issue, but that doesn’t make rehab a negative place.


Can I Recover at Home?

Some people wonder if they could choose to recover at home. The answer in short is, you can try, but it is not recommended.

Some people may find they can recover at home, but that is only if their addiction is very mild and they usually tend to relapse as they suffer from the temptation of being around the same environment and have a lack of resources to cope.

With addiction, part of recovery is allowing your mental health to recover, this is where you will need therapy. At home, you will not have the same amount of therapy tailored to suit you for you to receive optimal care.


The Many Therapies of Rehab

In rehab, you will receive a treatment plan tailored to suit your specific needs and to help you recover. There are many kinds of therapies available that will all be in your plan.

Some therapies are individual and some are in group settings, both are incredibly important and extremely effective. During a 1-2-1 therapy, you may discuss your addiction, how you came to where you are now, any past traumas and mental health issues.

Some people are given a dual diagnosis, this is when you are diagnosed with a mental health condition as well as your addiction. A dual diagnosis is fairly common in rehab as many who have a mental health condition tend to deal with addiction at some point in their life.

In this therapy, loved ones may be asked to attend a few to work on rebuilding relationships, this is extremely beneficial to you and your recovery and those around you.

Group therapy is an extremely empowering place to be. You will feel a sense of togetherness as you make friends and share your story and issues with those who understand you the most, those who are going through it with you.

Here you will receive positive feedback and find a safe place to be open, this will help you learn to open up and offload.

There are lots of therapies that can be extremely fun, active and even artistic for those with an artistic mind. There are therapies that use activities such as art, music, yoga, sleep management, fitness and nutrition.