Are you based in Hertfordshire and battling the physical and emotional roller coaster of addiction struggles? Addiction is both a mental and behavioural illness that can be difficult to manage without the right kind of support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hertfordshire

No one likes to admit that they have a problem with addiction. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to admit to yourself. Addiction can cause a kind of mental fog which creates a strong denial of the problem. This can get in the way of your accepting your addiction problem and can be the biggest thing that gets in the way of your recovery.

Another issue is that people often still see addiction as a kind of taboo subject and don’t like to discuss it. This can also make it difficult to recognise addiction as many people who are actual addicts don’t fit into the stereotypical image of an addict. This may cause both you and others to ignore your addiction.

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What Are the Signs You’re Ready for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Since drug and alcohol addictions aren’t always easy to spot, we have created a list of some of the major signs that indicate there is an addiction present:

Health Problems
When you take substances such as drugs or alcohol, you invite harmful toxins and chemicals into your body. The physical side effects of addiction may not always be immediately noticeable. The side effects may start small and short-term, however, it is easy to develop long-term health issues as a result of substance abuse. Some examples can include liver damage or cancer.

If you have been warned about your substance abuse by your doctor, then this is a warning that you should take seriously. Doctors have experience of seeing people go down the terrible path of substance abuse and addictions.

Addictions don’t just affect your health physically; your mental health also takes a huge hit. Substance abuse can lead to many things such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, or paranoia. If substance abuse is paired together with any pre-existing mental health problems, then it can only end up making it much worse and it will be much more difficult to treat.

Career and Financial Damage
When you continue with your job while struggling with addiction, you will for sure struggle to concentrate. Even if you are able to refrain from taking drugs or drinking alcohol at work, you will still be affected in the long-term. You may feel like you’re functioning completely normally, however, your motivation and productivity can very quickly diminish.

When you find that addiction impacts your career, your finances will also take a hit. Your finances may have already been hit by addiction, however, you’ll start to notice it more and more. Maintaining an addiction is very expensive and can create a lot of financial problems for you.

Social Impact
Addictions can have a huge impact on your relationships with those around you. It can completely destroy families and friendships. Addiction can completely change your personality and result in those around you, seeing you in a different way. You won’t be able to go back to your old self unless you complete a full recovery.

Addiction can cause you to lash out at people who get in the way of your addiction in some way and this can cause your addiction problem to get even worse as you try to deal with the pressure.

Typically, your friends and family will be the ones who notice your addiction first. If they are worried about you, the worst thing you can do is push them away. It is more important for you to listen to them as they will always have your best interest at heart.


Why is Rehab Treatment the Right Choice?

Rehab may seem like a very daunting thing at first, however, it is your best option if you want to make a full recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction. Rehab offers a safe and comfortable environment for you to recover in where you are also surrounded by a number of experienced and well-trained staff.

Often the staff in a rehab centre are recovered addicts themselves and so they have all the necessary knowledge to help recovering addicts with their problems. There will also be many medically trained professionals who are able to administer medication when necessary. The staff in rehab will always look out for your physical and mental health.


What Happens in Rehab?

When you got to rehab you will go through a detox initially which flushes all of the bad toxins and chemicals out of your body that is there as a result of your addiction. This is a very important step in recovery.

You will also receive highly structured therapy sessions which are extremely helpful. You will learn a range of coping mechanisms to help deal with all of the stress and anxiety that comes as a result of substance abuse.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy can help you to identify and resolve the traumatic event that has led you to become an addict in the first place. In order to help your mental health problems, your therapist will conduct a variety of therapy sessions to help to alter your emotions and thought processes so that you don’t need to resort to substance abuse.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hertfordshire

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