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Have you been living with a drug and alcohol addiction for some time? Have you attempted to reduce or stop your consumption? Have you struggled to overcome your addiction independently?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stevenage

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To overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, professional support is the answer. Through a personalised rehabilitation programme, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage, you will increase your chances of revival.

Yet, through our specialist rehab centre, here at Asana Lodge, closely located, you’ll have the ability to recover psychologically, mutually healing your physical side effects.  

Although very disheartening to hear, independent recovery attempts will not result in rehabilitation. Self-detox efforts may influence short-term physical recovery, providing a glimmer of hope.

However, addiction is a brain illness, where vast cognitive changes and damages are experienced. Cognitive impairment is likely down to the hazardous chemicals found in excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol.  

In order to revert and overcome these cognitive changes, leading therapeutic addiction treatment is required, commonly inaccessible from home. With this in mind, full addiction recovery cannot be achieved autonomously, soon reverting to substance abuse.  


Why is Rehab the answer for Addiction Recovery? 

When living with substance abuse, physical side effects are commonly standalone. Through a cold turkey approach, drug and alcohol consumption can be reduced, slowly becoming non-existent. However, when living with a drug and alcohol addiction, detoxification and realignment is complex.  

Down to the cognitive changes, mentioned above, the brain will soon depend on drugs and alcohol to function. A routine, a habit, a lifestyle will form, subconsciously affecting the mind. In order to revert these habits, psychological support and cognitive restoration is a must.  

In tandem with this, a comprehensive rehab programme must be present to influence holistic recovery. Without insider knowledge on how to truly disconnect from drugs and alcohol, safely and proactively, instant temptations to continue consumption are likely.

In the long-term, rehab also provides a lifeline, promoting relapse prevention planning. Without this degree of organisation and value, psychological and even physical relapse can happen, taking recovering addicts back to square one.  

With this in mind, considering drug and alcohol rehabs in Stevenage will offer a structure, a tested approach, a treatment programme which organically motivates addiction recovery.

Pair this with future post-rehab planning, and long-term recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction can be realistically aimed for. Without this consistent and personalised route, a future of drug and alcohol abuse and all it carries is unfortunately on the cards.  


Your options through a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stevenage  

If you’re hoping to recover locally, you have a number of options. However, the suitability of those options will influence your ability to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. With this in mind, before making any decisions, speaking to addiction specialists will benefit you greatly.  

Factors to consider when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage include: 

  • Your budget 
  • The severity and length of your drug and alcohol addiction 
  • Your mental health 
  • Your readiness to recovery for the long-term  
  • Your residing environment 
  • Your ability to control temptations 

By considering the above factors, you’ll have the ability to decide between free NHS addiction treatment services, outpatient rehab via a Stevenage based rehab facility, or residential rehab from our Towcester treatment centre.  

It is important to note that residential rehab will work best for individuals living with a drug and alcohol addiction. Recovering through outpatient rehab, while surrounded by familiar triggers and influences in Stevenage itself can be challenging, along with disrupting recovery efforts.

By moving yourself away from triggers, to complete residential treatment, you’ll progress quicker, while building strong rehabilitation foundations.  


Residential Treatment here at Asana Lodge  

If you’re keen to recover with sustainability as a goal, where you’ll be able to maintain a life without drugs and alcohol post-rehab, residential rehab will be encouraged.

Through our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge you will be provided with a personalised rehab programme, created and formed by assessing your personal needs.

You will progress through our residential treatment programme with the support of our specialist addiction counsellors, mentors and medical professionals.  

To improve your rehab experience, you will reside within our deluxe facility, promoting comfort, convenience and support.

Not only this, you’ll have instant access to a range of resources to improve your physical and mental health, lifestyle, habits and wellbeing, all contributing to a happier and healthier future; without drugs and alcohol may we add.  

However, to increase your confidence in independent recovery post-rehab, you will be provided with a relapse prevention plan and free aftercare services. From an accessible drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage, you will complete support groups while activating personal coping strategies to uphold your long-term recovery efforts.  

All of this is available by looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage for a time of true rehabilitation.  


Our approach to Addiction Treatment  

Through our treatment centre, we follow a unique approach when recommending rehab programmes. As touched on above, personalised treatment programmes will be provided by assessing your needs. Your personal requirements on the surface will be gauged.

However, we understand the impacts drug and alcohol abuse have on the internal activity, which will also require attention when rehabilitating.  

We will assess whether spiritual, biological, social and psychological factors may be driving your drug and alcohol addiction. Mental health weaknesses will be gauged, along with a greater understanding of your internal recovery requirements.  

From here, we will form the most suitable treatment programme to inspire physical and psychological recovery. Likely traditional addiction treatment options include family therapy, group therapy and a drug and alcohol detox programme.

Non-traditional methods can include art therapy, virtual reality therapy and NAD+ therapy. Based on your requirements and the scientific data, a range will be recommended to complete throughout rehab.  

Through our approach to addiction treatment, a great opportunity is present to tackle the underlying causation. This can be anything from stress to biological cognitive weaknesses. Once psychological recovery begins, this will likely transition into physical recovery.  

For your best chance to heal, complete our approach to addiction treatment, followed by ongoing care through a drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage.

For more information on residential treatment, reach out today.