Accessing professional support is the best step to take when experiencing or witnessing the signs of addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Radlett

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Support through drug and alcohol rehab will be the most effective, providing practical advice and services of detoxification, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Through a number of referral services, accessing the right form of support will be doable, offered here at Asana Lodge, presenting a range of inpatient recovery programmes.

Understandably, accessing rehab can take some time, based on acceptance and demand. However, through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Radlett, an efficient self-referral is expected, allowing for readiness to be acted upon.

Contact our team for further information on our referral services, along with our private admissions process into rehab. Promoting the pace, approach and commitment that’s required to recover, experience drug and alcohol rehabilitation from our inpatient facilities.

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Accessing Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Accessing support can be both a daunting and pinnacle step. Through recognising the signs of addiction personally, or witnessing the condition take over a loved one’s life, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

Support is however available for this moment, providing access to confidential guidance and the opportunity of rehabilitation. Available through a self-referral service, and a family and friend referral service, suitable advice can be provided on the next best steps.

For personal diagnoses, our team at Asana Lodge can help through a self-referral, advancing towards the rehab admissions process. Completed efficiently yet thoroughly, assessments will be made to recognise the most appropriate steps moving forward through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

For onlookers, a family and friend referral can be implemented, offering advice on approaching the topic of addiction and rehabilitation, whilst providing emotional support through this time.

Through inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, access can be efficient, confidential, and tailored to personal needs, unfortunately unavailable through outpatient treatment options. Avoid the long waiting lists and generic advice of NHS treatment services, by accessing support and treatment through rehab.


Experiencing a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Radlett

Access to local, quality support can be found through a drug and alcohol rehab in Radlett. Experiencing the offering of inpatient care will be the most effective route to addiction recovery.

From the range of addiction treatment services that are promoted, through physical, psychological, and holistic means to the settings of inpatient care, a progressive experience can be expected.

At Asana Lodge, we approach rehab with a comprehensive method. Yet we also consider evidence surrounding addiction recovery, to ensure that the process can be safe and impactful.

Carrying the benefits of reliability and personalisation, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Radlett will be a positive choice.


Available Treatment Options

Treatment options are of high quality through our rehab clinic. Focusing on a wide range of services, treatment is found to advance clients through the pinnacle steps of addiction recovery, following a holistic view.

Deviating significantly from the generic programmes on the NHS, a bespoke programme of addiction treatment can be expected, working through personal symptoms, causes, triggers and goals.

Detoxification, talking therapies, stress management, relapse prevention and group therapy are all useful services to work through. They will indefinitely be promoted through drug and alcohol rehabilitation to progress through withdrawal and restoration.

Yet, through our innovative standpoint, treatments including NAD+ therapy, virtual reality therapy and satori chair therapy will be advocated, to treat addiction through holistic means.

Both physical and psychological restoration are aims of rehab, helping to deliver addiction recovery. However, through evidence-based treatment, brain health is very important, also helping to promote physical recovery.

Expect to complete the most suitable and effective treatment options available at Asana Lodge, offering suitable exposure to effective recovery steps.


Continued Aftercare

As recovery efforts must maintain post inpatient rehab, in order to reduce the risks of relapse, aftercare is a continued service here at Asana Lodge.

Designed to offer support through the first year of sobriety, aftercare includes weekly therapy and support group sessions, to offer motivation, perspective, and an opportunity to work through any challenges.

Adjusting to post-rehab life is very important, no matter how fulfilling inpatient rehab is when considering recovery goals. Addiction recovery will require ongoing focus and energy in order to work towards long-term recovery.

Again, offered through a drug and alcohol rehab in Radlett, aftercare will be a free helping hand through the adjustment period, helping to reduce relapse and increase quality of life.

Accessing a recovery process like the above will be highly beneficial when considering immediate and long-term addiction recovery. Contact our team at Asana Lodge to encounter a personal programme, reflecting such comprehensiveness.

Does Rehab work?

Rehab is a recommended service which helps to treat addictive behaviours. Its success rates can depend on a number of factors, from the suitability of rehab to the level of commitment that’s present. It’s also important to remember that rehab is a short phase of addiction recovery, where efforts must continue to sustain sobriety. Through a committed and suitable process, rehab does work. Yet such approaches must continue to prolong and strengthen recovery results.

How long are Rehab Programmes?

Usually, inpatient rehab programmes last over a 28-day period, followed by a year of aftercare. Through an outpatient programme, this timescale will significantly change, ranging between 6-12 months of treatment. Active rehab will vary in pace, contents, and length for each client, depending on personal needs. Yet the average recovery process is doable through a suitable rehab programme.

Can Addicts be cured?

A cure is unrealistic due to the multidimensional makeup of addiction. However, addicts can be treated, following opportunities of recovery and management, to sustain sobriety. Although relapse prevention and lifestyle changes will be required, overcoming addiction is realistic. Access professional support that’s suited to your needs and addiction type here at Asana Lodge. Reach out to begin an appropriate referral process, associated with drug and alcohol rehab.