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Down to the heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol, and the normalisation of such action, it can be challenging to define a personal addiction. Your consumption may in fact resemble the norm, may be accepted by society, and may be all that you know. Yet, the side effects and consequences of such consumption will speak volume, to understand whether you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Searching online is a proactive way to gauge the symptoms of addiction. However, down to its complexity and diverging effects, aiming for a professional consultation will be advised, to offer accurate insight into your standpoint, along with how to personally move forward through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

At Asana Lodge, we can work with you to offer such insight, with the aim to help you understand your triggers, your reliance on drugs and alcohol, and how to manage such actions moving forward. While you may only expect such access into a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan, you can access our support through residential rehab.

Provide yourself with the best chance to deter the development of an addiction, or to work through your addiction with professional support. It may be daunting to face up to the reality of your drug and alcohol consumption. Yet long-term suffering will be even harder, in the event of addiction.


Am I addicted to drugs and alcohol?

How severe are your drug and alcohol consumption levels? Subsequently, what effects do you encounter through drug and alcohol exposure?

An addiction can manifest in many different ways. Yet averagely, it will follow a consistent rate, it will result in negative consequences, it will induce physical and psychological side effects, and it will make withdrawal a challenging process.

Such description will not define or diagnose your habits, as an addiction is a broad condition, where personal and complex experiences can be encountered. Down to this, if you’re at all worried about your health in relation to drugs and alcohol, if your consumption levels have increased, if you feel consumed by drugs, alcohol and their presence, or if you feel controlled by drugs and alcohol, sourcing professional support will be advised.

Accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan, or any other suitable private treatment centre, you can learn where you stand with your habits.


What type of experience can I expect via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan?

You can look towards a positive rehab experience by selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan. However, to secure your recovery expectations, it’s important that you place your needs as priority and ensure that they can be fulfilled while selecting a rehab clinic.

Some rehab clinics follow generic programmes of treatment, covering the surface of addiction recovery. Others, like our offering will delve deeper, specialising in personalised rehab programmes. It’s important to gauge which route will benefit you the most, and which will fulfil your expectations.

For example, if you’re suffering with negative feelings or symptoms of common mental health issues, opting for the offering of dual diagnosis treatment will be recommended. Here recovery can be an expected result of such commitment. However, without specialist treatment, it can be challenging to fully overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.

We encourage you to take this into consideration when looking at a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan. The right form of rehab may be available to you at a distance, like here at Asana Lodge, facilitated through the structure of residential rehab.


How treatable is a drug and alcohol addiction?

A drug and alcohol addiction can be treated. It can in fact be treated holistically through safe addiction treatment services and therapies. However, we must highlight how recovery will need to be managed, as addiction isn’t curable.

A wide range of addiction treatment services can combine to promote withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, adapt outlooks on their presence, and also promote healthy coping through stress or trigger-like stimuli.

Through our rehab clinic, you’ll be exposed to traditional and contemporary forms of treatment, to offer a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Anything from detoxification to dialectical behavioural therapy, and to art therapy can be completed to treat addiction.


How can I minimise drug and alcohol exposure after rehab?

Firstly, visiting our rehab clinic will offer the tools you need to recover and ultimately devalue the exposure of drugs and alcohol. This may be easier done here, in comparison to a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan, as you’ll have more space and peace to recover, while also working through our innovative forms of treatment.

Secondly, by following post-rehab guidance, you can minimise your exposure to drugs and alcohol. Maintaining a clean, healthy lifestyle will provide you with the foundation to avoid your triggers and influential stimuli.

Lastly, by understanding your triggers and by following a relapse prevention plan, you’ll not only reduce such risk, but you’ll also have the steps to prevent the aggravation of drug and alcohol exposure.

You will need to actively manage your choices and lifestyle to ensure that your exposure is low. Yet, through time, this will become a normalised step for you back in Glamorgan, also motivated through aftercare.


Will I always be addicted?

An addiction is a complex brain condition, which cannot be cured. With this in mind, you will need to manage your addictive behaviours and lifestyle in order to maintain sobriety.

Ultimately, no, you won’t be addicted forever if you work through rehab and continue your efforts. However, the risk of relapse will be present, meaning that your triggers can resurface, pulling you back into potential habits.

Reaching the status of a recovering addict is possible with our support here at Asana Lodge. You can happily live a sober life, like many others by completing and embracing drug and alcohol rehab.

Knowing if rehab is a necessary step for you, if visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glamorgan will be best, or whether residential rehab will be best suited is very important. Gauge this with our backing to understand your relationship and potential future with drugs and alcohol.