Delaying the commitment of drug and alcohol withdrawal is very common when living through the addiction cycle. Are you delaying it?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newport

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There are many reasons why accepting professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation support is commonly shelved.

From the fear of judgment to a lack of awareness around rehab, to devaluing professional guidance, to the control of denial, and simply, to low levels of personal confidence, many reasons can hinder the acceptance of addiction support.

Rightly so, investing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport should only be an option once readiness to recover is present. As challenging as it may be, this should be met on physical and psychological scopes.

However, many individuals bypass this step, look to recover, yet soon feel engulfed by negative feelings and outlooks towards drug and alcohol rehab.

Reasonably, this is a challenging time for you, which we fully appreciate here at Asana Lodge. That being the exact reason why we are here, to relieve this overwhelming and testing time, battling against the addiction cycle.

If you’re already unsure about Newport located support, our offering will benefit you, based in Towcester, providing greater privacy, providing greater value, and providing greater confidence in your own recovery journey.

Break the resilient cycle of addiction, in tandem with delaying your recovery journey by opting for residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation support, working with addiction recovery experts.


Delaying drug and alcohol withdrawal

  • Are you living in fear of what could be ahead via drug and alcohol rehab?
  • Are you justifying your drug and alcohol consumption, living in denial?
  • Are you devaluing the offering of professional support?
  • Are you worried about what others may think or say about you?
  • Are you disappointed in yourself, or question your own capabilities to withdraw from drugs and alcohol?
  • Are you struggling to grasp the concept of rehab?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, your outlooks and actions will be delaying the drug and alcohol withdrawal process. In the moment, this may feel like a good idea to overcome the above feelings, connected to addiction recovery.

Yet, delaying the opportunity to withdraw from drugs and alcohol will send you the other way, ultimately aggravating your current consumption levels. Living through the battle of addiction is hard enough without an extra level of emotional fear or worry.

By delaying your addiction recovery journey, your denial will heighten, your anxieties will heighten and your inability to withdraw will heighten.

Avoiding any form of delay should be prioritised, for as soon as you’re ready to embark on drug and alcohol rehab, whether in your local area of Newport, or not.

Once you reach a point of readiness, you should aim to push ahead, helping you profit on physical and psychological planning and commitment towards your drug and alcohol-free future.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport

If you’re already delaying the idea of local, professional addiction support, there’s a likelihood that you may struggle to accept this level of guidance moving forward.

Many individuals do worry about localised recovery, focusing on privacy levels, judgment and the influence of existing realities surrounding drug and alcohol abuse.

Those worries can again act as fuel to delay the withdrawal stage, reducing your ability to commit to rehab. As this can be damaging, by intensifying your addiction and strengthening the cycle of dependence, considering an alternative rehab option will be recommended.

With this in mind, instead of looking to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport, to conquer denial or fear, opting for residential care, at a distance will benefit you. This is the exact service we can offer you here at Asana Lodge, in conjunction with our specialist approach to addiction recovery.


Expected benefits of residential care

Naturally, you may run away even further on an initial basis when residential rehab is mentioned. However, this form of professional support can help you overcome many reasons why delays are commonly enabled.

For example, an expected benefit of residential care is significant privacy levels, helping clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout rehab.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport, this level of confidence may be difficult for you to develop, as you’re worried about the expectations of others. However, through residential rehab, your privacy will be upheld, where you can escape from judgment.

A further benefit of selecting Asana Lodge is that you can encounter the value of physical and psychological distance, placing you in a space which can motivate the dedication of your energy and commitment.

Again, locally, this can be challenging as you may feel like recovery will be impossible, linked to your current reality. Avoiding that reality can be achieved by removing yourself from Newport.

Along with opening up your opportunities to recover, by considering our specialist rehab clinic, residential rehab can provide you with the greatest quality of care, helping to improve your outlook of professional support.

Here you’ll have every tool, support system and addiction treatment service to increase your confidence in rehab as a recovery process.

Ultimately, investing in residential rehab, away from Newport can help to change your outlook on drug and alcohol withdrawal, in place to assist you in harnessing your readiness to rehabilitate.


Experience a personalised rehab programme, following the evidence of addiction recovery

Alongside the value of residential rehab, which you can experience here at Asana Lodge, you can also expect to benefit from a personalised rehab programme, which follows the science behind addiction recovery.

We see addiction recovery differently, by firstly working on how the brain reacts to drug and alcohol abuse.

This is an important step, as drug and alcohol consumption influence cognitive adaptations, which must be restored to then change behaviours, outlooks and actions. Starting with brain restoration and talking therapies is therefore our approach.

In order to provide a personalised rehab programme, we understand how your brain responds to the presence of drugs and alcohol, along with assessing additional personal needs.

By doing so, we can then form a reliable and suitable rehab programme, full of traditional and innovative addiction treatment services.

From this point, you can expect to detox, to restore psychologically and to rebuild your future, ready for your return to Newport.

While we’re different from other rehab clinics, following the evidence provides accuracy, reliability and sustainable recovery opportunities, making drug and alcohol withdrawal, possible.

Avoid any form of delay by seeing the value of our offering, helping you overcome the fear or declining offer of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport.