Right now, through the abuse of drugs and alcohol, you may be feeling pretty low. Symptoms of depression, of mood disorders and of panic disorders are all heavily linked with the habit of substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Monmouthshire

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Whether you have pre-existing mental health issues, whether the toxicity of drugs and alcohol have resulted in vulnerabilities, or whether the consequences of such actions have caused a spiral of negativity, it’s important that you speak out.

You may believe that it’s normal to feel low when faced with an addiction. It in fact is. However, your feelings may be more than the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and may be a dual diagnosis.

Addictive behaviours are complex, are influencing and are concerning alone, never mind with the attachment of mental health symptoms. With this in mind, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Monmouthshire or the surrounding area will be encouraged, to help you receive the support that you deserve.

Even if you aren’t suffering psychologically, rehab will help you recover, will help you stabilise, and will help you feel positive, happy and capable once again. Do not suffer alone, do not suffer through tough times, and do not brush your feelings under the carpet, as your mental health matters. We at Asana Lodge are here for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation needs.


Why does your mental health matter throughout addiction recovery?

Your mental health matters just as much as your physical well-being. Many people overlook their mental wellbeing, by living through denial when faced with potential symptoms.

It’s understandable if you’re denying such symptoms, as you’re already faced with the tests of substance abuse. However, your mental health and its strength does matter and should be addressed, for the sake of your addiction recovery journey.

Strong mental health is essential when completing the long-term recovery process. At first, and through the tests of rehab, it’s natural to feel low or defeated. However, to have the capacity to sustain sober living, and a life that will not require drugs and alcohol as emotional support, you need to protect your mental health.

Mental health relapse, on a post-rehab basis, can motivate the resurfacing of your addiction. We at Asana Lodge do not want this for you, as sustainable recovery can be maintained by sourcing dual diagnosis treatment.

Your outlook, your emotions, your feelings and your attitude will all direct how you approach to rehab and life back in Monmouthshire. You’ll need positivity to combat the challenges of rehab. Aim for positivity by protecting your mental health in tandem with your physical health.


Recovering and restoring via a drug and alcohol rehab in Monmouthshire

To recover and restore from both addiction and mental health concerns, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Monmouthshire will be a wise move. Here you’ll have the standards of private care, the offering of dual diagnosis treatment, and the platform to restore on a comprehensive basis.

However, while such recommendations will provide you with everything you need, instead, visiting our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge will be advocated. Although we are set away from Monmouthshire, this will in fact benefit your recovery process.

Through distance, you’ll have greater clarity and respite to overcome taboo subjects of addiction and mental health issues. You’ll have the privacy, support and resources to do so via residential rehab. You’ll also have the tools to strengthen your quality of life, ready for your return back home.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Monmouthshire may be able to provide such value for you. Yet, such value, combined with our offering of drug and alcohol rehabilitation truly differentiates us, providing you with more than opportunities for recovery and restoration.


More than addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge

Addiction recovery is at the forefront of our offering. Yet, we focus heavily on your quality of life, on your influences, on your mental health and on your genetics. All can tell a lot about your addiction to drugs and alcohol, your personality, your personal tolerances, and how to treat such factors.

Through this approach, where we assess your needs and relationships with drugs and alcohol, we can also assist with your mental health recovery. Both, in fact, go hand in hand, as for many of our clients, mental health vulnerabilities will be present under the surface.

We tailor suitable, safe and effective treatment programmes for our clients which work to inspire the milestones of addiction recovery. Within this step, you can complete anything from detoxification to cognitive behavioural therapy, to art workshops, to NAD+ therapy, and to family therapy.

Yet, we go one step further by offering secure dual diagnosis treatment, wellbeing management and relapse prevention to provide you with a strong structure for dual recovery.

All have important parts in your recovery journey, where your nutrition can transform the way you feel, where exercise can transform the way you think, and where relapse prevention planning can transform the way that you cope.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Monmouthshire, comprehensive recovery efforts may be available. Yet with our pairing of residential rehab, you can expect the greatest quality of all-around recovery.


Giving yourself the best chance to detach from drugs and alcohol

Instead of living a life consumed by drugs, alcohol and negative emotions, it’s time to give yourself the best chance to detach, recover and restore. All are necessary in order to manage long-term recovery at a sustainable rate, which can be facilitated through rehab.

Standalone detox will not offer such results, standalone therapy will not offer such results, and a generic rehab programme will not offer such results. By investing in a holistic rehab programme, catered around your needs, where private, residential and specialist standards are oozed, you can experience such results. Paired with the opportunity of dual diagnosis treatment, and you can reach a point of management.

This degree of change can be experienced here at Asana Lodge, down to the offering of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Reach out for this quality of support that you deserve.