Are you feeling nervous about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic? If so, please be reassured that this is a normal response, commonly influenced by the fear of the unknown, or the longingness for change, detaching yourself from drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wrexham

While anxieties are normal, it is however important that you do not allow your worries to outweigh the benefits that rehab can offer you.

It can be easy to allow your worries to consume you, especially surrounding something weighty such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

However, while therefore easier said than done, it’s recommended that you do your best to familiarise yourself with what’s ahead, while also working to overcome your personal emotional obstacles, linked to addiction recovery.

We at Asana Lodge are here to help you through this step, along with offering a comprehensive recovery programme to complete on a residential basis.

While visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham may be more appealing for convenience, the close proximity of such services may in fact be driving your worries.

Provide yourself with the best chance to recover from addiction by firstly allowing yourself to accept support, and secondly, to accept suitable support for your addiction type. Feel secure and reassured here at Asana Lodge, a specialist drug and alcohol treatment centre.


Why am I so worried about rehab?

There’s a high chance that you’ll be worried about rehab as it is a new experience. New experiences do commonly motivate nervous energy, as a natural response. With this in mind, the thought processes that you’re following are normal, showcasing your vulnerabilities and desires to recover.

There could however be other reasons why you’re anxious about rehab, from potential judgment, to your personal recovery capabilities, to the worth of rehab, and to the level of privacy you’ll experience.

Worries are in fact personal, and can materialise down to previous experiences, misconceptions and mental health issues. With this in mind, you have a right to question rehab and share your concerns.

However, we encourage you to work to overcome them as soon as possible, as ongoing worries can hinder your ability to accept care, embrace rehab, and fulfil long-term recovery goals.


Can I select a drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham?

You can select to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham. You have the flexibility and independence to select from a wide option of rehabilitation centres, across the UK.

However, if you’re hoping to experience our care at Asana Lodge, leaving Wrexham will be necessary, for residential rehab here at our Towcester rehab clinic.

The idea of residential rehab may feel daunting. After all, you’re already worried about rehab, never mind leaving your current reality behind in Wrexham. However, it is important to consider your current reality, and how this may be impacting your drug and alcohol addiction.

Do you feel like you’re anxious about recovering locally, down to judgement? Maybe your environment is toxic, which may hinder your recovery capabilities? Or maybe your lifestyle is consumed by drugs and alcohol, to such a significant degree, that any degree of exposure could trigger cravings?

If your reality is making it hard for you to recover, we encourage you to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham. Through this move, you’ll have the chance to rise above your current behaviours, actions and choices, by truly focusing on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

At Asana lodge, we can offer the privacy, the care and the structure you need to recover from addiction, and then some.


What role will relapse prevention play?

Relapse prevention is a very important part of the rehab process. It focuses on offering preventive steps to reduce the risk of relapse on a post-rehab basis.

At Asana Lodge, we promote relapse prevention planning, usually once detoxing has been successful, to ensure that our clients feel secure and prepared for what’s ahead.

Relapse prevention offers positive coping strategies, it provides motivation to remain sober, it offers guidance in the event of a crisis, and it provides personal affirmations to work through physical and psychological cravings.

Through our treatment services, we ensure that a personal take on relapse prevention is experienced, fitting into our aftercare services ideal for use once you return to Wrexham.


Will I need to complete both detoxification and therapy?

If you’re suffering from an addiction, there’s a high chance that you will need to complete physical and psychological forms of addiction treatment. Detoxification and therapy will be recommended to you on a personal basis, based on your needs and the makeup of your addiction.

Detoxification is a common starting point, to motivate withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Therapy will soon follow, which can position itself in many different ways, from group settings, to family-driven sessions and to cognitive behavioural therapy. All depending on your psychological attachments to drugs and alcohol, a range of therapy services will be recommended.

In tandem with traditional addiction treatment services, you’ll also complete some innovative forms, to truly secure and stabilise sober living.


How much will rehab cost?

All rehab offerings are different. With this in mind, we cannot provide the cost for a drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham. However, by contacting our team and sharing your needs, we can offer insight into the investment of rehab.

While private rehabilitation is our standard, we do work to a range of budgets to ensure that our clients can access high-quality care within addiction recovery processes.

All depending on your needs, the length of rehab and the degree of treatment you require, we can form a worthwhile rehab programme for you, carrying a cost with value for money in mind.

It’s important to remember that rehab can help to change your life. With this in mind, we encourage you to invest yourself as much as you can to benefit from the positive return of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

It’s understandable if you’re still feeling unsure or worried about rehab. Ideally, to overcome such worry, you’ll need to reach out and experience professional reassurance.

Do so with our team at Asana Lodge, here to ease and enhance your drug and alcohol rehab experience.