Are you struggling to admit your problems with drugs or alcohol? Are you hiding your addictive habits from others? Are you living through a lie, masking your drug and alcohol addiction?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Living through denial is very common when suffering from an addiction or mental health issue. In some cases, denial will be voluntary, used as a coping strategy or a disguise. Yet, unfortunately for some individuals, denial shows itself down to an unclear judgment reality, very common when excessive drugs and alcohol have been abused.

No matter how denial fits into your life, it is important that you can slowly accept your problems with drugs and alcohol. It’s also important that you consider your next steps of drug and alcohol rehab Cardiff, how to go about it, who to reach out to, and the process you can complete to overcome substance abuse.

Understandably, once you’re in the mindset to recover, once you can acknowledge your addiction, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff may be your first step.

Here at Asana Lodge, we however encourage you to think outside the box, to prioritise your long-term recovery opportunities over location. Through this approach, you will have the chance to fully diminish your denial and addiction.

Enabling a drug and alcohol addiction for the long-term can be very dangerous. It’s time to reach out for professional support and addiction treatment, helping you lead a life without drugs and alcohol.


Are you living in denial?

Before even considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you must be ready, in the mindset to recover. In a large proportion of cases, denial is hindering the ability to do so. With this in mind, it is important that you overcome denial, no matter which drug and alcohol treatment centre you visit; whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff or our facility.

To measure your current mind frame, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I downplay my side effects from drugs and alcohol?
  • Do I hide my consumption from others?
  • Do I believe that my consumption is normal, yet others have shared their concerns?
  • Do I justify my drug and alcohol consumption?
  • Do I believe that self-withdrawal is easy, where professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation is unnecessary?

If you’ve honestly answered yes to the above, both denial and a drug and alcohol addiction could be present, controlling your life. Overcoming this mindset is very important before you withdraw from addictive substances.

It is necessary to acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol to prepare on a physical and psychological level. Once you’re prepared, once you know what to expect from rehab, once you appreciate the necessity of professional addiction treatment, you will increase your susceptibility to greater benefits.

Open up your opportunities of sober living by overcoming your addiction associated denial.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff

Once you’re ready to recover, it’s likely that you will reach for localised support, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff. This rehab route, in fact, can offer significant results for some individuals.

With this in mind, before investing, we do recommend that research of each rehab programme is completed, within your budget and needs. By doing so, you will ensure that the correct level and form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and the delivery of those treatments are available to you.

If you’re living with mild symptoms of substance abuse, localised recovery can be beneficial, helping you maintain your current reality.

Yet, if your symptoms are stronger, if you’re experiencing social or environmental triggers, or reside in a drug enabled environment, rehabilitating further afield, away from Cardiff will be recommended.

By completing research on residential rehab, what we offer here at Asana Lodge, you’ll see the value in a short relocation, in aid of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


Benefit from residential rehab here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we fully back residential rehab. This is down to a large number of benefits available to all clients from the offset.

The biggest differentiation between visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff and our facility is that you will be provided with distance and time to focus on your rehab journey. Triggers, exposures and distractions will be controlled, ensuring that you experience a smooth withdrawal and rehabilitation process.

A further benefit is the access you will have to a structured and highly intense form of addiction treatment. This is very important when aiming to suppress a drug and alcohol addiction, and the side effects it carries. By residing from a comforting yet professional rehab centre, you’ll be in safe hands to complete medically recommended addiction treatments.

In addition, through a private residential rehab programme, you will experience personalisation. This is imperative when considering long-term recovery, as an addiction will impact all clients differently. Likewise, drug and alcohol rehabilitation experiences will vary, avoiding a generic rehab approach.

Through our residential rehab, you can experience these benefits, helping you reach initial recovery, in a strong position to continue sobriety back in Cardiff.


Evidence-based addiction treatment

One factor which helps us stand out to other drug and alcohol treatment centres is our approach to addiction treatment. We offer personalised treatment programmes, yet to elevate recovery further, we follow the evidence and science on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Down to high correlations between cognitive changes and addiction, we understand that assessments must be made. These assessments will showcase existing weaknesses towards addiction and mental health issues, along with highlighting the most fitting treatments to restore these changes.

Although this is likely a new approach to you, it has offered significant recovery rates, usually linked with sustainable long-term recovery. This is down to the necessity of both physical and psychological recovery, achieved through our rehab centre.

Commonly utilised addiction treatments do include a detox programme, therapy, NAD+ therapy, art therapy and brain restoration. Some are conventional while others are innovative, truly embracing recovery driven methods.

By looking beyond convenience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Cardiff, you can benefit from our rehab offering, along with our realistic recovery rates.

Yet, before doing so, overcoming denial should be your next step. We can help you with pre-rehab preparations today by reaching out.