An innumerable amount of people from the UK each year fall victim to the ravaging effects of drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction, and see it not only tear their own life apart but the lives of their close family members and community as a whole.

However, if you are looking for a professional and effective drug and alcohol rehab in Buckingham then Asana Lodge’s state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment centres will be able to not only help you get clean, but keep you clean.

Sadly, the chances of achieving a well-rounded and long-term recovery from substance abuse or alcohol abuse on your own are slim. Asana Lodge, however, have a team of addiction treatment specialists who are ready and waiting to help you overcome your addiction disorder for the long term.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Buckingham

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The very fact that you have found yourself on this webpage suggests that you have already acknowledged that you have a problem with drug and alcohol abuse and need professional, residential help in defeating it.

If you’re unsure about needing drug and alcohol rehab in Buckingham, here we can show you what signs you should be looking out for and how to determine what kind of drug and alcohol rehab is relevant for you and your circumstances.

Why you Should Consider Drug and alcohol Rehab, Buckingham

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Every time that you find another excuse to defer starting rehab, you are allowing your addiction to win.

The desire to delay getting treatment until you’ve had one last drink or one last hit will be there, but some people can spend years chasing that “final hit,” only to end up further damaging their life in the process.

Drug and alcohol addiction can not only take a horrific toll on a person physically, but it can also massively damage your mental health as well, which is why private rehab centres have treatment like group and individual therapy to help combat this.

Not only that, but substance misuse can cost you the relationships that you hold most dear to you, as well as your employment prospects, your financial stability, and, in turn, your living situation.

In short, drug and alcohol addiction creeps into and destroys every aspect of your life, so seizing the opportunity to get professional help as soon as possible can stop the leak of addiction into all parts of your life.

What is the Process of Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Buckingham?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Buckingham begins with an Initial Assessment

The admissions process when you decide to opt for addiction treatment programmes at Asana Lodge begins with an initial assessment.

Our staff will start by performing a brief pre-admission interview, this will enable us to assess your current medical condition, medical history, financial requirements, commitment to recovery, and any current accessibility requirements that we may need to be aware of before admitting you to one of our alcohol and drug rehab facility.

This information will also help our teams of addiction specialists to craft a personalised recovery plan, which will best target the obstacles that you will be facing on the road to recovery.

Just as addiction can affect everyone differently, the process of recovery can be different for everyone — but identifying the best way for you to achieve a long-term recovery is one of our specialities and this begins from the pre-admission interview.

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Next on the Addiction Treatment Plan is a Physical Assessment

Drug or alcohol addiction can vary in severity massively, this means that you will require a face to face assessment that will help our medical staff and addiction specialists to better understand how progressed your alcohol or drug addiction is.

This will be the process in which we will get to know you some more and understand the health implications your addiction may have caused over time.

Addiction Treatments then Continue with a Detox Programme

If you have a severe alcohol or drug addiction, it is important that you receive a medically assisted detox, it is one of the most important parts of drug rehab that will rid the body of all substance abuse.

The withdrawal symptoms that come along with a detox in general can be extremely difficult, which is why an inpatient rehab facility is the best option in terms of safety and overall success from relapse.

The Rehab Programme Goes on to Combat the Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Once you have overcome the withdrawal symptoms and there is no longer any drug or alcohol use, the work on your inner self and relapse prevention is the next step.

This will include treatment options such as group therapy and individual therapy and various talking therapies to address psychological issues in order to go on to live a healthier lifestyle after your recovery programme.

While you have done the difficult part of attending in Buckingham, there is still hard work to do after rehab treatment. So, once you’re discharged and have taken the time away within a tranquil environment, the recovery process continues with aftercare.

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The Process of Aftercare Rehab Treatment

If drugs or alcohol were so easily accessible once before, there is no reason as to why they wouldn’t be once again. So, starting the journey of avoiding alcohol or drug use and working with the free services and treatment plans post rehab is imperative.

Rehab centres such as Asana Lodge will provide this aftercare once you leave, so you won’t be left alone to return to alcohol or drug abuse.

So while you have moved away from medical supervision, your mental health will have improved and you can still take advantage of comforting rehab facilities like free support groups in your area.

Don’t forget that you can also always visit your GP and the NHS services too should you be in a crisis.

Some thing else to remember is that you can always re-admission into Asana Lodge should this be necessary. Like we said, all addictions vary in severity and some people may need more intense addiction treatment to address mental health issues further as well as the physical detox.

If that is the case, you can access a rehab in Buckingham for the first, second, third time or more until you are back on your feet. Recovery isn’t a straight line, so don’t be discouraged, be proud that you’re taking the right steps forward.

What Can You Expect From Asana Lodge’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Buckingham

They are having a group therapy session regarding their addiction to recreational drugs

Our facilities are a far cry from the drab, clinical, unsettling depictions of drug and alcohol rehab centres that you may find in Hollywood movies.

Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is designed to be luxurious, warm, and boast welcoming facilities that breed an atmosphere of positivity and wellness.

Our highly-trained, caring staff will also be on hand to help you at every step of the way on your personal road to sobriety.

While staying at one of our centres, you will have access to a private en-suite room, home-cooked meals, housekeeping services provided, as well as access to our spacious grounds and recreation rooms.

At our Rehab in Buckingham, we want you to feel cared for at all times, which will also allow you to spend your days focussing solely on your recovery and your treatments.

Our facilities’ detox clinic will also likely be somewhere that you spend time initially.

Our drug or alcohol detox clinics are designed to take the worry and danger out of detoxification — be it alcohol withdrawal or substance abuse withdrawal.

Detox is a process that no addict enjoys, due to the side-effects that can present in an individual; however, our detox clinic’s staff will manage any and all symptoms that present as they guide you through a medically assessed detox program in the most comfortable way possible.

Our Rehab programmes are Designed to Keep you Sober for Good, but How?

On your journey to a happy, successful, and clean life, at our facility, you will benefit from amazing, life-changing therapies and treatments, such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Family drug support
  • Stress management
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment/therapy
  • Relapse prevention

Not only will our treatments help you to unearth and conquer the deep-rooted issues which first caused you to develop your drug and/or alcohol addiction; but, our relapse prevention training and complimentary aftercare program will make sure that you do not slip back into old negative habits or thought patterns once you have returned to your daily life.

So, please call us today on 01908 489 421 in order to allow Asana Lodge to start helping you to become your very best self.