Are you battling through a never-ending challenge with drug or alcohol addiction? Maybe you’ve thought you can deal with addiction on your own?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab High Wycombe

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We can assure you, that by joining our rehab in High Wycombe, you’ll be making the best decision for your physical and psychological well-being; you won’t regret it.

Our team of committed professionals treat each individual with the utmost care and respect whilst guiding you along your journey to long-term recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol.


What’s our Rehab Centre in High Wycombe like?

Making the decision to make a change and seek professional help is extremely difficult when you’re suffering with an addiction. Many addicts feel as though they don’t have a problem at all so accepting help isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly brave.

All of our treatments are carried out in a friendly and encouraging fashion, which considerably contributes to succeeding in your battle against alcohol or drugs.

We believe in providing help to those who need it and have treatment services to reflect many budgets, we’re here to support you throughout your journey at our rehab in High Wycombe.

We’re proud to offer a positive, comfortable environment for you to experience your addiction treatment. You’ll get your own private room whilst receiving a selection of treatment options from our motivated team of addiction specialists.

Throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we assess what may have been the cause of your drug or alcohol addiction and what continues to fuel it now.

Your psychological connection to addiction is the strongest, therefore it must be understood in order to move forward and leave these negative behaviours behind.

Our counsellors and psychologists are highly skilled in delivering various forms of therapies, we’re confident they can provide with the tools you need to succeed in your recovery.


What can you expect from our Addiction Treatments?

Drug or alcohol addiction can have serious effects on your physical and psychological health, especially if you’ve been misusing substances for a while. If left untreated, these damaging effects will only get worse, leading to irreversible and potentially life-threatening symptoms.

For most clients, we recommend a visit to our detox clinic before beginning your psychological therapies. When undergoing a detox, you’re at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Delirium tremens (DTs) are a very serious withdrawal symptom which could potentially be life threatening, highlighting the important of having a professional team on hand to medically assist if needed. We’re there with you 24/7 to provide support, stop you from relapsing and help you to build a happier, healthier life free from addiction.

Although detoxification is an uncomfortable process, we wouldn’t suggest it if we didn’t feel as though it was an essential part of your recovery. A successful detox will clear your mind and allow your psychological therapies to be as effective as they can.

Many of our clients have already tried but failed to overcome their addiction; we know it’s difficult but don’t feel reluctant to try again. If you’ve tried to beat addiction at home without the help of a professional, you’re not giving yourself the best chance of succeeding.

You’re have a higher chance of succeeding if following a tailored treatment programme in a residential setting like ours. The probability of achieving long-term recovery is, however, dependent on your desire to make a significant change and commit to this new lifestyle.

You must want to change in order for our treatment programmes to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs.


How long does Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation take?

The length of your stay with us really depends on your individual circumstances and how severe your addiction to alcohol or drugs is. However, we do recommend undertaking our full rehab programme which lasts for approx. 28 days.

Throughout your time with us, you’ll spend a portion of your treatment programme detoxifying, and the rest in inpatient care undergoing psychological and well-being therapies.

Once you’ve completed your residential treatment programme, you’ll be well on your way to achieving long-term recovery. It’s important to remember that on your return home, you may be faced with negative influences, potentially leading you into a drug or alcohol relapse.

Our free 12-month aftercare programme provides you with access to ongoing support when you return home. Our plan is created to help you continue your recovery without the desire to relapse. This is achieved through local support networks, relapse prevention plans and consistent encouragement from our dedicated aftercare team.


How do you get started on your Treatment Programme?

After you have contacted us either over the phone or through our website, we’ll conduct a full assessment to determine which treatment programmes will suit you best.

Our friendly team of addiction experts will then design your treatment programme so that it’s unique to your specific needs.

We also request your medical history records as this helps us to identify any physical or psychological issues which we may need to be aware of to ensure your safety and best tailor your programme.

We welcome you to give us a call and ask us as many questions as you like; you’re also welcome to visit us and look around our facilities before committing to a full programme.

In order to achieve the best chance at long term recovery, you must be willing and open to go through the process and undergo what is expected of you.

If you are not open or prepared to commit to this process, then you won’t gain the desired results.

You must be dedicated to overhauling your behaviours and making a significant, constructive change in your life.

We can help you give up your drug or alcohol addiction for life. Our consistent guidance, unmatched support, personal experiences and expert addiction treatments make our drug and alcohol rehab in High Wycombe the best chance for you to succeed in your long-term recovery.

Contact our team today on 01908 489 421, you won’t regret it.