Are you struggling to acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you brushing over the severity of your withdrawal symptoms? Are you attempting to cope through the commonly experienced side effects and mental health problems?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Milton Keynes

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This approach to dealing with addiction recovery is very likely. Many individuals live in denial, for a number of different reasons. Yet, denial can be a very dangerous emotion to fuel, commonly delaying any degree of addiction recovery.

Here at Asana Lodge, we encourage all individuals delaying addiction recovery to truly consider the reality of living with long-term drug and alcohol abuse.

We ask them to think about life before addiction, or the potential future, unconsumed by drugs and alcohol, mental health conditions and the ongoing negative spiral of addiction.


How to overcome denial?

Denial is commonly used as a protector, as a coping mechanism for many different reasons when living with a drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, the common consensus is that those who are experiencing denial are ultimately reducing their current chances of recovering.

This is difficult to hear, yet without acknowledging a drug and alcohol addiction and committing to the steps of rehabilitation, rehab will be pointless.

With this in mind, overcoming denial is recommended before investing into a drug and alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes. The most effective way you can overcome denial is by opening up and reaching out for support.

Although this will initially be challenging for you, by exposing your need for specialist addiction support, this will be provided from the offset.

Support is very important when working through both denial and an addiction. Specialist support through denial will help you move beyond the roadblocks, in place, linked to admitting your habit or withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

This degree of support through a rehab facility will offer invaluable guidance, motivation, emotional stability and reassurance when progressing through addiction treatment.

To overcome denial, contact our team here at Asana Lodge. We can support you, along with offering a personalised treatment programme through our rehab centre, localised to Milton Keynes.


Visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Milton Keynes

If you’re keen to start your addiction recovery journey from a local treatment centre, here at Asana Lodge, we offer effective rehab programmes. Through our drug and alcohol rehab in the Milton Keynes area, we can provide convenience, comfort and care for all individuals impacted by addiction and/or mental health problems.

Boasting tranquil settings, relaxing environments and healing atmospheres, we’ve carefully considered the dynamics of our treatment centre.

Offering professionalism and treatment programmes to meet clinical standards, yet a private, natural and inspiring facility is our goal; which we’ve achieved through our Milton Keynes located rehab centre.

If you’re looking to leave your drug and alcohol addiction in the past, we can offer you the right environment, treatment programme and level of support you need to achieve high success rates.

Likewise, we can help you understand addiction greater, increase your own healthy coping mechanisms and promote relapse prevention, all contributing to long-term recovery.

Benefit from our treatment services and unique approach to addiction treatment by reaching out today.


Complete a Treatment Programme, offering success rates

Tried, tested and successful treatment options are a must when aiming to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction. Without following a structured guide, full of effective treatment options, complete rehabilitation is very unlikely.

With the aim to ensure high success rates can be achieved by all clients, we follow a unique approach to recommending addiction treatment. Here at Asana Lodge, we are passionate about improving mental health and cognitive functioning.

We understand the high correlation between existing brain health and addiction motivation. We appreciate how a number of different factors can combine to drive involuntary substance abuse.

As a result of our experience, we’ve ensured that a comprehensive evaluation process is completed before recommending treatment options. By analysing psychological, spiritual, biological and social impacts, we can define underlying addiction causations.

Alongside this, brain imaging will help to understand an individual’s existing susceptibility to developing mental health problems and a drug and alcohol addiction.

Once we’ve combined our findings, effective treatment options will be combined to form a personalised treatment programme, motivating high success rates. Commonly used treatment options may be recommended, helping to motivate withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. Yet, non-traditional treatment options may also be encouraged, providing natural, low risk rehab options.

To benefit from our specialist and suitable route to treatment programmes, visit our drug and alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes.


Relapse Prevention in Milton Keynes

Alongside tackling a drug and alcohol addiction, relapse prevention is a must when aiming for long-term recovery. To instil this, we will provide relapse prevention techniques throughout our rehab programmes and aftercare services.

Through our Milton Keynes based rehabilitation centre, we will help you maintain your sobriety by continuing appropriate treatment. The likes of support groups and therapy sessions will help to prevent drug and alcohol relapses.

However, the most effective step we take, throughout rehab, which contributes to relapse prevention is the recommendation of suitable addiction treatment. As an addiction is a brain illness, a large proportion of decisions and cravings are influenced from psychological influences.

Through our approach to brain health and functioning, we will help to realign the mind, with the aim to reduce future relapses. This is a very unique yet effective approach to maintaining addiction recovery, helping to overcome vulnerabilities back in everyday life.

Although rehab may seem like an overwhelming experience, it is invaluable. The tools provided to work through a drug and alcohol addiction are priceless, offering realistic opportunities to rehabilitate.

Benefit from this potential by visiting our drug and alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes. Experience personalised treatment programmes and improved mental health alongside support post-rehab, by reaching out to our team.

We can also help you overcome your denial, associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Take the first, yet challenging step by reaching out for support.

How much does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost?

The cost of a private drug and alcohol rehab treatment programme can vary depending on factors such as the duration, aftercare services and the clinic you choose. Here at Asana Lodge we understand that not everyones journey and experience with addiction is the same. That is why we offer bespoke treatment packages tailored to suit your specific needs. This way, the money you invest into rehab will be worth while and the start of your life free of addiction.

What happens after drug and alcohol rehab treatment?

Arguably the most difficult time of rehab is when you leave the centre and go back to your normal life. We realise that it is here that the everyday triggers that potentially started your addiction could pop up and cause a relapse. This is why Asana offer a FREE aftercare service to its clients to ensure they are not alone during this difficult time of recovery.

What type of addictions are treated at Rehab?

Asana Lodge has the resources and experienced staff to help you with the majority of drug and alcohol addictions. The most common addictions we treat are alcohol addiction and drug addiction such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis and prescription drugs. For information reach out to a friendly member of staff.