Drug and alcohol dependence is often the result of the combined effect of various environmental factors acting, including genetic and lifestyle factors. Not all people who ever consume a substance end up being dependent on it; however, tolerance to any drug can have a slow onset.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Marlow

An alcohol and drug addiction may build up for months or even years. It may be that you do not even realise you are addicted.

Although there are many telltale signs and it is best to catch addiction before it wreaks havoc in your life. Knowing if you are at a higher risk of addiction and how you can rehabilitate yourself by staying at our treatment centre in Marlow is essential.


Causes of Substance Addiction

There are many reasons a drug and alcohol addiction may occur, but there is always a trigger. This may include a specific mental disorder, personality traits, poor life choices, interpersonal conflicts, grief, and childhood traumas. This may lead someone to feel they need an escape route. The easiest and quickest solution can be to take drugs or drink alcohol to feel a temporary euphoria. To look at some of the causes a bit deeper, we can find:

Biological factors: It is known that more men are predisposed to having a mental health disorder than women. Some people are born with defects their parents have caused, such as foetal alcohol syndrome and more.

Environmental factors: This may include poor relationships with family and friends and low socioeconomic status. It may include abuse or peer pressure. You may have been bullied into taking drugs. Furthermore, if you are addicted to prescription drugs, this may have been caused by an underlying health condition.

Developmental factors:  Childhood trauma can significantly impact you in adulthood. This may be escaping the traumas of addiction, or copying those around you who have had an addiction. These factors can contribute to your addiction.


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Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab in Marlow

Both have various benefits, but inpatient alcohol and drug rehab is always the best choice for long-term success. This is due to the insensitivity of the programme, the dedication to each individual and the available treatments. Outpatient rehab is often considered more along the lines of self-help. You may have access to particular counselling, but much of the work is in your hands. This can create frustration and sometimes failure to get healthy.

Inpatient rehab allows you to temporarily step away from addiction to a new place to get healthy. Alcohol and drug detox and psychotherapies work together to create a very important route to success. Inpatient rehab is a collaborative effort and helps you build networks and gain impeccable life skills to deal with relapses. Also, inpatient rehab gives you well-earned respite. It is a time of reflection and rebuilding. This alone can be one of the cornerstones of addiction rehabilitation; therefore, all our team members are ready and waiting to assist you in this quest.


Benefits of Residential Rehab

There are multiple benefits of private drug and alcohol rehab or inpatient rehab. This is because it has a hands-on approach to your recovery. Some of the benefits to note are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy
  • Learn valuable life skills
  • Access to multiple worldwide therapies
  • Quick admissions process
  • Calming environment
  • A valuable network of support

All these benefits create a winning formula for success. Inpatient treatment programmes continue to offer a safe and secure centre for treatment. It also boasts many home comforts and excellent quality of life during your stay. It is a place to learn and grow. You can also incorporate your family and social support networks into your plan.

It is important to note that the type of addiction and the severity of the addiction will affect the duration of your stay with us. You will receive all the necessary treatment before you are discharged and reintegrated. However, following your complete programme, we will also create a dedicated aftercare plan to ensure that you are supported in the months after. This is not available in outpatient care at present.


Addiction Detox and Therapy

We encourage all our patients to learn as much as possible about available treatments. Drug and alcohol rehab is often curated in three pivotal phases. Detox, therapies and aftercare. Each phase is particularly important for numerous reasons.

An alcohol and drug detox begins upon arrival and lasts around one week. During this time, you will be weaned off the addictive substance in a secure medical environment with a team of dedicated professionals. You will have all the necessary assistance to ensure your drug and alcohol detox is comfortable during this time. Once this phase is complete, your next phase to enter will be the psychotherapy and counselling phase.

The available therapies will vary depending on your needs. However, some of the most common types of therapies are:

  • Detoxification
  • CBT Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Counselling sessions (group and individual)
  • Holistic activities

Reintegration is the last step in which you will return to your everyday life, armed with all the tools you learned in rehab. Not only will your mental and physical health be elevated, but you will also have a better knowledge of addiction, you will know your triggers, and you will have overcome multiple traumas and issues that may have previously inhibited and impacted all areas of your life.


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Make the biggest and best change to your life; there is no need to suffer in silence. Addiction can often be debilitating and can overtake many areas of your life. You may be suffering financially, and your relationships and careers may have been affected or put on hold. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, which makes rehab a respected choice for recovery. For more information, contact us today via our online services, alternatively call 01908 489 421.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rehabilitation facilities like?

Set within a secluded location, our private drug and alcohol rehab Yardley is the ideal setting to relax and remove yourself from the pressures of everyday life. When you choose inpatient rehab, you will stay overnight at our rehabilitation centre whilst you undergo your addiction treatment. We’re very proud of the homely environment we’ve created as we welcome people from all walks of life into our drug and alcohol rehab. You can enjoy our private gardens where we hold yoga, meditation, art workshops and other group sessions to promote healing and recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

What are the long-term effects of cannabis addiction?

Many people consume cannabis as they believe it helps them to relax and forget about their worries for a short period. Particularly people who are suffering with mental health problems, will turn to cannabis as a way to cope with their psychological trauma. However, once this short-term relief wears off, mental health problems will still be there and in most cases, will be more severe than before. The long-term effects of cannabis addiction can quickly take hold, these may include impaired judgement, it can alter your senses, significantly change your mood, develop respiratory problems, create a dependence on cannabis, and change your brain development.

How do I refer myself to rehab?

When it comes to referring yourself to rehab, you may believe that you will be required to complete a lengthy admissions process and wait for treatment to become available. Although this is often required when treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh-On-Sea is secured, the same cannot be said for our private rehab. To refer yourself for treatment at our rehab, all you need to do is call us. From here, we will ask you a few questions that will enable us to understand your addiction and make suitable treatment recommendations. If you are happy with our recommendations, we will ask you to pay a small deposit to secure your place. Following this, we will provide you with a suitable admissions date and welcome you to commence treatment within just a few days of making initial contact with us.