As drug and alcohol abuse affects both the body and mind, physical and psychological rehabilitation must be aimed for. One without the other will continue the risk of further consumption, making it difficult to overcome addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Beaconsfield

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Rehabilitation can be worked towards by completing a range of treatments and therapies. Designed to offer opportunities for withdrawal, education and change, treatments are scientifically proven to benefit recovery.

At Asana Lodge, we offer tailored programmes that include a mix of productive and effective treatment services. We provide bespoke addiction recovery experiences, ready to provide the tools and steps to rehabilitate from drugs, alcohol, and their impacts.

The best place you can experience full rehabilitation will be from a drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield. Contact our team for more information on your treatment options to not only restore but also recover from both substance abuse and addiction.

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Why drug and alcohol rehab?

To overcome addiction and maintain a sober life, both the body and mind must be recovered. Physical and psychological trauma are commonly encountered through substance abuse, which influences change and declining health.

To recover, all forms of trauma must be worked through. The only way physical and psychological stress and changes can be reduced and improved is through rehab.

Drug and alcohol rehab provides the exact tools that are necessary through addiction recovery. Treatments are highly effective, offered to bespoke levels. Even the environments are clearly thought out to benefit the overall recovery experience. The level and quality of support provided by medical and addiction specialists is reassuring and easing of the journey.

Addiction recovery is about the ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Yet, it’s also about learning to live without their effects. Rehab is the safest, most guided process which offers the tools to maintain sobriety.


How to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield?

Quality experiences of rehabilitation will be offered through both inpatient and outpatient programmes. Provided via a drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield, there will be similarities across treatment programmes. Yet, there will also be differences to consider before committing to rehab.

Along with being aware of your options, it’s also essential to find a suitable rehab clinic suited to your needs and expectations.

A quality rehab clinic will be registered under the CQC, offer both types of programmes, use evidence-based treatment services, and offer tailored recovery programmes. Alongside this, your needs must be fulfilled to make sure that you’re safe but also able to work through addiction recovery.

When looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield, you should think about how much time you can dedicate to rehab, how much money you can also invest, and how your location will impact your choices. Your health and wellbeing should also be considered, influencing the type of clinic and treatments that will serve you best.

At Asana Lodge, we’re a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic, also offering dual diagnosis treatments and support. We pride ourselves on our approach to addiction treatment, following evidential and proven techniques. Yet, we’re also reputable for our care and consideration, offering tailored and safe programmes. Contact our team to work through our admissions process to experience both specialist and appropriate care.


What happens during a rehab programme?

Once you’ve been referred to a rehab clinic and you’ve completed your pre-admission assessment, you’ll be ready to start your programme. Depending on your needs, the structure of your programme will either follow an inpatient or outpatient process. Inpatient care is where you’ll check into a Beaconsfield based centre to complete a progressive programme. Outpatient care is where you’ll visit rehab weekly to complete a personal schedule of treatment.

Inpatient rehab is arguably the most effective option, which we promote at Asana Lodge. Following a proactive timeline, a rehab programme will start with a detoxification process. During your initial stay, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol will be the aim, safely assisted by our medical professionals. You’ll work through some withdrawal symptoms as your body readjusts to sobriety.

Treatments and therapies will also be experienced during rehab, recommended for their suitability. Psychotherapy and holistic therapies are effective through psychological recovery, very important to experience and work through. Evidence-based options include cognitive behavioural therapy, NAD+ therapy, stress management, dual diagnosis treatments, group therapy, relaxation and sleep therapy, nutritional management, and relapse prevention planning.

A rehab programme will focus on educating you and on preparing you for sober living. Planning is critical, along with helping you reach the mindset which disallows future substance abuse. Physical and psychological recovery is extremely important, paired together, to allow for such rehabilitation.

Returning to Beaconsfield may be challenging to deal with due to the changes that you’ll need to embrace. Your programme will be completed with aftercare services, found to relieve the challenges of post-rehab life. Aftercare is offered for 12 months to help you adjust to your lifestyle changes, free from drug and alcohol exposure.


Length of rehab programmes

One of the most significant differences between inpatient and outpatient programmes is their length. Both can be experienced via drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield through private services. Both are also productive when suitably recommended.

Inpatient rehab carries an average timeline of 30 days. Clients can usually work through an expected rehab programme within a month, helping to target an addiction intensely. Outpatient rehab includes weekly visits, which means that the process is longer. Yet will be tailored to your circumstances.

Drug and alcohol rehab is a proactive process. No matter which programme you select, your commitment will be worth it to work towards long-term recovery. Select the right programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Beaconsfield with our support.

Does rehab work?

Rehab is a personal process. Results do fluctuate between clients down to this reason. It is however highly effective when commitment is present, offering the tools to tackle sobriety. Rehab is what you make of it, guided by our professional team here at Asana Lodge.

How long will I have to be in rehab?

The length of rehab will be influenced by your needs, by your progress and by which programme you select. The average inpatient stay lasts 30 days, helping to progress the recovery process. Outpatient rehab will instead take a few months, offering a stable recovery process.

What support is available once I leave rehab?

Aftercare support will be free for 12 months post-rehab. Through such support, you’ll have access to ongoing treatment and therapy sessions, along with suitable referrals into support groups. Relapse prevention planning will also continue, to help relieve the expected pressures of initial sober living.