Getting clean from drugs and alcohol will be possible through a detoxification process. Reducing and/or stopping all consumption will withdraw and restore the body. Yet to remain sober, additional treatment and planning must be completed.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gerrards Cross

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With specialist addiction help, completing the entire process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be possible. Working through a range of treatments and therapies, along with making some lifestyle changes, will offer the best opportunity to recover.

By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gerrards Cross, suitable levels of help will be available, tailored around your needs and addiction history. Following this approach at Asana Lodge, we can help you through physical, psychological, and holistic recovery together to strengthen sobriety.

Overcoming an addiction is a long-term commitment, a big step, and a complete lifestyle shift. Yet, it is life-changing for the better, becoming free from drugs, alcohol, and their ties.

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Specialist Addiction Help

An addiction can be tough to overcome, as both withdrawal and rehabilitation are essential steps. Detoxing alone, although discouraged, can help to motivate the prior. Yet, no amount of self-help will ultimately diminish the psychological changes caused by substance abuse instead of requiring specialist help.

Help can be found through alcohol and drug rehab services, provided by a specialist team of psychologists, coaches and medical professionals. On-call, on a 24/7 basis, through rehab help will be beneficial through either an outpatient or inpatient programme.

Addiction support will reasonably be provided on emotional and physical levels. Yet support will also be found through all-around recovery, meaning that help, treatment, and guidance will improve the quality of life.

Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction is much more than getting clean. It’s about learning how to lead a life that deters negative habits, such as drug and alcohol exposure. Reaching this milestone will be possible with specialist addiction help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Gerrards Cross.


What Happens Through Addiction Treatment?

Through drug and alcohol rehab, treatments and therapies will be brought together to create a tailored programme. Your personal needs will influence which services are recommended and at which point of the rehabilitation journey. For example, if you suffer from mental health symptoms, dual diagnosis treatment will be offered post-detox.

Addiction treatment services are designed to withdraw the body from drugs and alcohol whilst eliminating all psychological influences. They are also in place to increase knowledge of addiction and manage symptoms for the long term.

Rehab is a learning curve, providing a set of tools to take forward through sobriety. Those tools are developed through addiction treatment sessions, helping to support physical and psychological recovery. At Asana Lodge, we focus heavily on treating the mind, which will naturally restore the body from substance abuse. Yet, we’re passionate about strengthening all opportunities found through our range of treatment services.

Treatment can either be completed through weekly outpatient care sessions or completed consistently through inpatient rehab. Either programme will include a range of appropriate treatment services and therapies recommended for their benefits. The length and intensity of each will depend on your needs and progress through drug and alcohol rehab.

Standard treatment services include cognitive behavioural therapy, alcohol detox, stress management, individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy. At Asana Lodge, we also make use of scientific techniques to improve results and wellbeing. Techniques include brain restoration, HRV biofeedback therapy, exposure therapy and meditation. We combine both types of treatment to aim for holistic recovery.

Finalising initial treatment, relapse prevention planning and aftercare will be offered through a Gerrards Cross rehab clinic. Both are found to ease long-term recovery by providing ongoing support and a set of personal coping strategies to take forward. Through planning, being aware of personal triggers and how to avoid them will also be expected.


Treating A Dual Diagnosis

Via a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Gerrards Cross, dual diagnosis treatment will be available to complete. A dual diagnosis is where mental illness and addiction run alongside one another. Either can trigger the co-occurring relationship that they have, increasing the challenge of recovery.

It is very common to experience a dual diagnosis, so dedicated treatment is offered here at Asana Lodge. Taking an independent approach, we will work with you to improve your mental health alongside a separate addiction recovery programme.

Self-help is also recommended to work alongside treatment, as management is key for improved mental health. Your post-rehab lifestyle reduced intake of drugs and alcohol, and new coping strategies will help to ease the recovery process.


How To Access Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab can be accessed through a self-referral. Showing your interest to recover, an admissions process will follow to assess your addiction type. Your needs will be considered and respected whilst recommending the next best steps of rehabilitation.

We can help you make all arrangements to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Gerrards Cross by contacting our admissions team. We can also help you with your decision around treatment and whether you’d prefer an outpatient or inpatient programme.

From here, your journey through drug and alcohol rehab can begin, all tailored to your needs. Work through holistic treatment and recovery here at Asana Lodge to slowly change your life through sober living.

Does rehab work?

Rehab is a successful service for committed individuals. It offers the necessary tools, motivations, and guidance to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. It also provides the emotional support to change and to accept a sober living, highlighting its success.

How long are rehab programmes?

Rehab programmes can last between 30 days to a few months. It all depends on which treatment option that you select, along with your personal needs. Understandably, outpatient rehab will take longer to complete, as it’s a week-by-week process.

Can addicts be cured?

Curing addiction is unrealistic. There are many uncontrollable factors that reduce this opportunity. Yet control can be found through treatment and management, which is promoted through drug and alcohol rehab. By completing rehab, you can work to manage sobriety.