Unfortunately, through excessive and/or long-term drug and alcohol abuse, many individuals do experience mental health issues. Known as a dual diagnosis, here’s where both addiction and mental health side effects are experienced, together, making life that much harder.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bewdley

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A dual diagnosis will not be experienced by every single individual who consumes or misuses drugs and alcohol.

Yet, there is a strong correlation between both conditions, down to the impacts that drugs and alcohol have on the brain. Risks do also increase the longer that substance abuse is enabled for, backing the recommendation of urgent care and support.

Are you suffering from your mental health in conjunction with your consumption? Symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia and further mood disorders are highly associated with addiction diagnoses, making their presence very normal. Yet we mustn’t normalise the prospect of a dual diagnosis, as this is a serious position to be in, requiring great intervention.

By visiting a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Bewdley, or a treatment centre within the surrounding area, dual diagnosis treatment will be available to help you through both standalone yet highly compatible conditions.

If you’re struggling, reaching out as soon as possible is recommended, helping to reduce the severity of your struggles.

Reach out to our team at Asana Lodge for both drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and support with your mental health. Both can be worked through and managed for your future life in Bewdley.


The Risk of a Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnoses are in fact very common. It’s easy to see why, as drug and alcohol abuse, alone, cause significant mood issues. One second a high can produce artificial endorphins, yet once withdrawal kicks in, they are soon followed by extreme lows. This in fact mirrors the cycle of common mental health issues, showcasing their similarities.

Through excessive drug and alcohol abuse, it’s therefore common for individuals to experience a degree of mental health symptoms, even if a full diagnosis isn’t present.

Through both conditions, it can be very difficult to get the right balance, as drugs and alcohol will likely be used to work through emotional distress, which will soon motivate further use, to combat the vicious circle.

Down to the risks of a dual diagnosis, reducing drug and alcohol intake is recommended. This will slow down the process, which will set up greater opportunities to heal on physical and psychological levels. To reach this point, the professional intervention will be necessary, in place to fulfil restoration.

However, there are some steps you can take, prior to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bewdley which will focus on your mental health.

Considering your triggers, doing things that you enjoy and that provide natural releases of endorphins, speaking out to loved ones, and working on a healthier lifestyle are a few to consider.

Finding a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Bewdley

Whether you’re suffering through a standalone addiction, mental health issues or a dual diagnosis, selecting suitable professional support is very important. Down to the complexity of diagnoses, and the wealth of rehabilitation options out there, finding the right level, form and offering of rehab is therefore recommended.

At face value, this may be via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bewdley. This is understandable, as localised recovery oozes comfort and convenience which are highly sought after through the process of rehab.

However, we at Asana Lodge consider suitability on a different scale, by meeting recovery needs with tailored rehab programmes.

This is the type of suitability you should consider, which may mean looking beyond your local area of Bewdley. Yet by doing so, you’ll have the knowledge that your impending rehab journey will be safe, sustainable and will provide real recovery opportunities.

Our rehab clinic, based in Towcester will provide you with a residential rehab programme, worked round your needs, your physical health, your psychological responses to drugs and alcohol, your budget and your expectations of rehab.

Reasonably, our rehab clinic may not be for everyone. Which if this is the case, we encourage you to follow this definition of suitability when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Bewdley itself.


Mental health and addiction treatments

Selecting a rehab clinic which offers both mental health and addiction treatments is very important. Without both streams of treatment, full recovery will be very unlikely, as both conditions, triggers and causations can influence the other.

Through our assessments on a pre-admission timescale, we understand both your addiction and mental health issues, with the intention to provide personalised treatment recommendations. Those recommendations will stand as your personal rehab programme, acting as a structure for your stay.

For your mental health issues, a range of talking therapies and exposure therapy sessions will likely be worked through. For your addiction, a whole wealth of treatment options is available, focusing on physical withdrawal and psychological restoration.

The most important result is that the brain can restore to its optimal state without the pressures caused by drugs and alcohol, and pre-existing mental health symptoms. We can help you work towards this at Asana Lodge, making both forms of recovery, sustainable for your return back to Bewdley.


Start your admission at Asana Lodge

Understandably, down to our location, you may prefer to remain closer to home. However, if you’re open to rehabilitation options, those of which, where greater recovery experiences and results can be achieved, you can start your admission with our team today.

The admission process will begin with an assessment of your drug and alcohol addiction, and potential mental health issues, which will help guide the way when forming your personal rehab programme. All information will remain confidential and will only be used with your best interests in mind.

Moving forward, we can offer reliable recommendations around drug and alcohol rehabilitation, make arrangements to transport you from Bewdley and set your admission date.

All of this can be arranged quickly, with the intention to soon begin your rehab journey, once you’re ready on physical and psychological levels.

Give yourself the best opportunity possible by accepting professional support throughout addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis recovery.